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Wellness pampering for two Spend some quality time together and enjoy our saunas, massages and baths. Offers for two
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Welcome to the world of charming experience

Chose a romantic holiday for two, a themed vacation for your family or just a wellness getaway from the daily stress and routine.



Water experiences for all generations

Plenty of water fun, water experiences for the whole family and swimming under the largest opening glass dome in Europe, where fun is guaranteed, regardless of the weather forecast. Relaxation in the beneficial Laško thermal water and in themed saunas that tell the stories of Laško - the best for your regeneration and revitalization.



Allow yourself to take time for yourself

Time to calm the body, relax the mind and regenerate in the soothing and pleasant ambience of the Thermana Laško wellness center. Unique massages, wellness rituals and unique wellness indulgences that carry a touch of beekeeping and brewing will lead you to complete relaxation. Take time for yourself or give your loved ones time to relax in the form of our gift vouchers.



Put your health first

Health is the most important value. That's why at Thermana Laško - a company of well-being, we place great emphasis on maintaining and strengthening health. The key to success are comprehensive and individually designed health programs and physiotherapy treatments together with the beneficial effects of a unique natural factor - our thermal water.



Sustainability at every step

Numerous certificates prove that we take care of sustainable tourism in various areas, both from the point of view of environmental, economic and socio-cultural development of tourism. We are proud to operate in the destination of Laško, which is the recipient of the Slovenia Green platinum award, and we are committed to operating sustainably in the future as well. We also invite our guests to participate in this.



27.01.2023 It takes a lot of understanding, patience, love, acceptance, and a lot of time spent in two to be able to talk about a good partnership or marriage. What do you do when you feel that daily commitments are tiring your relationship?

19.12.2022 Family holidays are a time to connect, relax, have fun and create memories. At Thermana Laško, we have ideas and possibilities on how to combine these different sensations into one family experience.

08.12.2022 Back pain is one of the most common problems that almost every adult faces sooner or later. Pain makes it difficult for us to move normally and deteriorates the quality of life, and at the same time it is one of the main reasons for seeking help from a doctor and being absent from work.