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Kindly welcomed all, who are looking for peace, all who want to restore their health, relax and relieve stress.

We want to offer you an exclusive experience, therefore when designing our packages we draw from the wealth of the local environment and years of tradition. We respect the environment, which surrounds us, and we value the local offer. Find out what distinguishes us.

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We want to share with you our unique wellness programs, upgraded with a high-quality and skin-friendly line of cosmetic products. As everywhere, even in our wellness offer, we are going back to the roots. The environment from which we draw, serves as an inspiration to many of our wellness stories. In our programs for relaxation and pampering, we listen to the individual and help him find harmony.

Take time for yourself. Enter into our world and experience your own wellness!


Medical center

As part of the Medical Centre, we perform a variety of methods of physiotherapy and occupational therapy, through which we try to achieve a quick restoration of the individual’s lost bodily functions due to injury, illness or surgery. For all patients in need of our constant help during their recovery, we provide continuous 24-hour nursing care with a customized accommodation. In addition, we have developed high-quality preventive programmes and programmes for the preservation of health. The Centre also features self-funding specialist clinics and counselling services.

Our tradition of preserving health counts more than 165 years. We are here to help you!


11.01.2017 Renovation will last aproximately till 3. 5. 2017.

29.09.2016 for the Hotel Thermana Park Laško.

29.09.2016 For the Congress Centre ThermanaPark Laško.


09.01.2017 Conference package of services from € 19 onwards.

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