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The unique Laško thermal water was known even to the ancient Romans. Today, on the foundations of a 170-year tradition, we present a modern center of medical rehabilitation and wellness tourism with a variety of programs and services to strengthen health and well-being.

Discovery of thermal water springs 

Our beginnings go all the way back to 1845, when the Viennese planners of the Vienna-Trieste railroad planned a railway through Laško and discovered hot water springs. 

Laško is put on the map (1854) 

Austrian engineer Leopold Rödel, who was in charge of the construction of the Celje-Laško railway line, recognised the power of the thermal springs, so much so that he concluded a purchase agreement in 1852. In the contract, he undertook to build a bathing resort on the site. The bathing pool, which was the largest of the bathing pools in the Styrian region at that time, in the German and Slovenian parts, officially opened its doors on 1 May 1854. It was called Kaiser Franz Josephs - Bad.  

Viennese high society holidays in Laško (1856 – 1857) 

Dr. Lorenz von Stein bought the baths in 1856/57 in order to attract the high society elite to the spa. He planted exotic and indigenous trees in the baths' park and, following the example of the Viennese parks, created shady and sunny gardens, which he filled with numerous statues. He built a three-storey bathing building and created the Bidermajer Salon in an annex. Viennese gentlemen began to come to Laško for holidays. 

The first water-powered electric power station (1879 – 1882) 

In 1879, the Viennese mountaineer and enthusiastic athlete Teodor Gunkel bought the spa. During this time, the bathing facilities were modernized and in 1882, the first water-powered power station was built on Slovenian soil. The first light bulb in Laško, and according to some sources even in Slovenia, shone in Laško. The spa was increasingly visited by guests from Vienna. 

Gunkel was very keen to have Emperor Franz Joseph visit the baths, so he built an imperial bathing cabin with the Austro-Hungarian coat of arms painted on the ceiling, but unfortunately he never got to see the high-ranking guest. Today, the bathing cabin can be seen under a glass cover in the café of the Hotel Zdravilišče Laško. 

The spa turns into a military hospital (1914-1918) 

Wartime changed the image of the spa. During the First World War, the spa was turned into a military hospital, and the park became a military camp.  

An important milestone in medical rehabilitation (1921) 

In 1921, the new owners – Karlovšek, Smrtnik and Roblek completed the post-war reconstruction and reopened the spa under the new name Radio-Therma Laško on July 1, 1923. The spa accepted insured patients as well as self-paying patients, and at the same time it got a new goal, as they bought medical devices for hydrotherapy, medical baths and radiation. 

More and more patients with various problems (1936) 

In 1936, the existing springs were fully covered and improved. Digging as deep as five metres, they found that the water came from a depth of at least 700 metres, and that the four thermal springs pumped out an average of 1 000 litres of water per minute. The number of patients using the thermal water of Laško to alleviate various problems increased sharply.  

The spa turns into a military hospital again (1939 – 1945) 

During the Second World War, the spa treated partisan wounded and exhausted returnees from German camps.  

The spa is registered as an institution for medical rehabilitation (1953) 

The year 1953 represents an important milestone in the development of the spa, as it was recognized as an Institute for Medical Rehabilitation.   

The spa takes off (from 1956 onwards) 

In 1956, Dr. Marjan Barle, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, was appointed chief physician and director, and under his leadership the spa began to take off.  

Opening of a new spa center (1975) 

A new spa center was opened in 1975, and the Laške spa soon became the most advanced spa facility in Slovenia. In addition to the rehabilitation orientation, the spa became more and more open to external guests as well.  

Comprehensive renovation of the Laško health resort (1997 - 1999) 

Hotel Vrelec was completely renovated in 1997. In 1999, new rooms were acquired by upgrading the Hotel Vrelec by one floor, and at the same time the old physiotherapy ward was converted into rooms. The pool complex and saunas of Zdravilišče Laško also underwent a comprehensive renovation this year. The Health and Beauty Center was also opened. The idea of expansion (1999 – 2008)

The desire to expand the offer inspired the creation of the idea of a new complex that would bring together both tourist, wellness and congress guests under its roof. 

Opening of Thermana Park complex (2008 - 2012) 

In February 2008, a modern swimming pool was opened in the new Thermana Park facility, whose distinguishing symbol is one of the largest glass domes in Europe. In 2010, the superior hotel Thermana Park****superior opened its doors with 188 rooms, a restaurant, a cafe and a Wellness Spa Center. In 2012, a congress center was opened in the hotel Thermana Park Laško with the widest spectrum of congress services, which also includes accommodation facilities, catering for the needs of congress events and a technical team.  

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we inform you that s on Monday 20 May 2024 we are starting to replace the gates at the entrance to the Zdravilišče Laško facility. The works will probably last until June.

Due to the construction works, it will go through the lock towards the Laško Spa facility IMPORTATION DISABLED FROM THE MAIN ROAD SIDE. There will be access ENABLED AT THE THERMANA PARK LAŠKO HOTEL parallel to the main road. The route will be marked.

Access to the Zdraviliški Park parking lot remains uninterrupted.

Thank you for your understanding.

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