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Accessible tourism in Laško

There is a growing global need for tourism that is accessible to all people. Accessibility means that all services, products, infrastructure and the destination as a whole are adapted for the most vulnerable groups of people, such as wheelchair users, the blind and visually impaired, people with intellectual and mental disabilities. We also need to take into account people with asthma, allergies, the elderly, families with small children and people for whom tourism is less accessible for other health reasons.

Accessibility measures in tourism are essential to create equality between people, increase the comfort of guests and improve their safety. There are many locations in Slovenia that are partially or fully adapted for people with disabilities. Destination Laško is one of the latter, having earned the title of European Destination of Excellence through the planned development of accessible tourism, as well as the status of a municipality tailored to the needs of people with disabilities. These guidelines are also followed in Thermana Laško, where we have adapted infrastructure for people with reduced mobility. The blind, visually impaired and other disabled groups are also catered for.

Dostopni turizem v Laškem

Accessible tourist location and disabled-friendly hotel

Destination Laško was awarded the European Destination of Excellence - EDEN by the European Commission in 2013, giving people with different physical and mental disabilities and special needs the same opportunities to participate, experience and enjoy tourism, culture and sport.

Together with the destination, we have developed a number of experiences for disabled groups. We have offered all disabled groups unique opportunities for exploring and discovering the natural and cultural heritage of Laško, health rehabilitation opportunities, numerous local experiences, wellness opportunities, sports tourism adapted to the needs of disabled people who play sport, and excellent cuisine with locally produced food tailored to the specific needs of individuals.

At Thermana Laško we are proud that our Hotel Zdravilišče Laško**** is fully adapted for people with reduced mobility, blind and partially sighted people, as well as people with hearing and mental disabilities. The hotel has been awarded the Disabled Friendly Gold Certificate because it is designed without architectural barriers and is fully adapted to the different needs of guests, while offering a pleasant and relaxed ambience with the possibility of professional assistance from medical staff. The staff, their knowledge and their attitude towards guests were also included in the evaluation criteria used to receive the certificate.

Infrastructure adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility

For people with physical disabilities, the biggest problem is the barriers they face in both the external and internal environment. In the indoor environment, there may be architectural barriers such as too narrow corridors, toilets and too heavy doors. For example, the infrastructure of the Hotel Zdravilišče Laško is fully adapted to the needs of guests with reduced mobility, such as wheelchair users or those who use various aids, such as crutches and walkers, to help them move around. All guests from this target group have unhindered access to the rooms, café, restaurant, swimming pools, wellness, medical centre and physiotherapy. Those who need help with daily activities and nursing care are also catered for, as part of the Hotel Zdravilišče Laško has been transformed into a nursing ward with 24-hour medical care.

The hotel offers 55 wheelchair-accessible rooms, which are large enough for a wheelchair user to move around the room without difficulty. The height of the beds, the width of the doors, the height of the switches and the bathrooms, which have handrails by the toilet and shower, have also been adapted. There are no architectural barriers to entering the hotel itself, the doors are automatic and the reception desks are of an appropriate size. Access to the restaurant and café is also easy, as they are on the ground floor and have adapted tables, accessible buffet islands and staff happy to help any guest. The swimming pool has a special lift to help people with disabilities get into the pool, and the Health and Wellness Centre at the Zdravilišče has a therapeutic pool with a platform lift.

Rooms for disabled guests are also available at the modern Thermana Park Hotel****superior. There are 10 rooms, located on the first or second floor of the hotel and easily connected to one of the most modern Thermal Centres, with a unique glass dome.

Dvižni bazen za gibalno ovirane osebe

Adapted for people with sensory disabilities

Thermana Laško is the perfect destination for blind, partially-sighted, deaf and hearing-impaired guests, as Zdravilišče Laško Hotel can accommodate them perfectly. Deaf and hearing-impaired guests can have mobile induction loops installed in their rooms if needed, and special sound amplifiers at reception make it easier for them to communicate. For better visibility, blind and partially-sighted guests can use magnifiers and adapted direction signs.

All blind and partially sighted people can stay in rooms with their guide dogs, who can take them for a walk in the Zdravilišče Park, where they can learn new things in the garden of nectar plants at the edge of the park, with the help of Braille, which is added to the signs next to the plants.

Care for guests with dietary restrictions and specific dietary nutrition

We can adapt menus as needed for guests with different allergies, dietary restrictions and specific diets, such as vegan and vegetarian. We always offer seasonal and locally produced food on our plates, as awareness of the quality of our food is growing year by year. Many dishes or ingredients are the proud carriers of the collective brand Taste Laško, which connects local providers and provides top-quality culinary experiences.

Adapted for people with different health problems

In modern times, health is one of the most important values. More and more people are suffering from allergies, asthma and other health problems. We take care of everything. Even those who are allergic to house dust. We offer rooms with wooden floors instead of tapestry for those with allergies. The health and well-being of our guests is always our first priority.

Easy accessibility of infrastructure

The external environment or surroundings of the hotel must also be fully accessible to people with reduced mobility, blind and partially sighted people and other disabled groups if the destination is to be accessible to all. At Thermana Laško, we have made sure that disabled people have specially marked disabled parking spaces, and the asphalted walking paths in the preserved natural surroundings of the Zdravilišče Park. Next to the Savinja River we offer those in wheelchairs greater mobility and easier access to the hotel complex.

Dostopna arhitektura za gibalno ovirane osebe

Sports tourism for people with disabilities

Laško is an ideal location for all athletes with disabilities, as the Tri Lilije sports hall is next to the disabled-friendly hotel and has disabled access. The hall is located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel complex and is quickly and easily accessible even with wheelchairs.

Every year, we organise a number of competitions and training sessions for disabled athletes, the most famous of which is the Thermana Open Table Tennis Tournament, which is attended by disabled people from all over the world.

We know that tourism without borders is the tourism of the future, as the number of people with disabilities is increasing all over the world. That's why at Thermana we will continue to make our services accessible to all and tailored to the needs of the individual.

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