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Laško Retirement Home

Located in a pleasant environment in the immediate vicinity of the company Thermana, d. d. the modern retirement home is surrounded by walking pathsleading up to the Health Spa Resort Park and on to the city center. Good road connections lead to the retirement home, the railway station is also nearby, lead to by the marked trails of the Health Spa Resort Park.

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About the Retirement Home

The Laško Retirement Home is operational since 2001 and it is located in a pleasant environment in the immediate vicinity of the company Thermana, d. d. The retirement home is surrounded by walking paths leading up to the Health Spa Resort Park, residents are near to the city center, good road and rail connections lead to the retirement home.

In the care of residents our primary consideration is individual service planning for each resident, thus we try to satisfy their wishes and needs to the fullest. Our goal is to introduce household units to the home, which provide more familiarity for the residents and the possibility of the freedom of choice in the course of the day and their stay in the retirement home. Staying in smaller groups allows for intensive daily contacts between the residents and the employees and helps to establish trust in our employees and the institution.

Accommodation Capacities

The retirement home has 78 rooms with 165 beds. Consisting of 13 single rooms, 43 double rooms and 22 triple rooms. Each room is equipped with a call system and has a direct telephone line, private bathroom, connection for CATV and air-conditioning.

Household Unit for Residents with Dementia

One of the already functioning household units is intended for residents suffering from dementia and are therefore in need of a special individual approach, guidance and personal coaching. The household unit features a common kitchen area, where various activities take place on a daily basis. The household unit is located on the ground floor, the residents have an exit to a pleasant orderly and safe fenced lawn. We provide a psycho-social concept of treatment, based on the acceptance of the facts of the person with dementia, for the occupants of the unit. Our employees use the principles of validation in their work, giving the suffering person validation and companionship on its way. Residents household units are daily involved in organized activities, such as walking, exercises, activities for training of memory, household activities, activities with puppies and other activities. They are provided with treatment by a general practitioner and regular inspection monitoring by a psychology specialist.

Admission to the Home:

The Laško Retirement Home admits citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, who have a permanent residence in Slovenia, as well as foreigners who have a permit for permanent residence in Slovenia and are aged over 65 years. The admission is decided by the Commission for admission and discharge. Information on admission are given by the retirement’s home social worker on the telephone number +386 (0)3 734 53 22.

Prior to the admission the applicants must submit:

  • a written application for admission,
  • medical certificate on the prescribed form,
  • statement of payment or additional payment by a third party.

At the time of admission the residents must ensure the folowing:

  • health card,
  • medical records,
  • prescribed medicine,
  • personal clothing.

Waiting Period:

The waiting lists for accommodation in the Laško Retirement Home is dependent on the health status of future residents and their individual wishes. Preference is given to applicants from the local municipality.

Sheltered Housing

Sheltered housing is a form of living for elderly people, which often replaces or prolongs the time for the need to depart to a retirement home. It is also intended for those elderly people who are no longer able to live independently and need organized nutrition and care. Users retain all of the most important advantages of staying in one’s own home, in particular the autonomy and privacy.

Architectural and locational the housing units are barrier-free and fully adapted to the needs of the elderly people, also allowing the stay of persons in wheelchairs. The company Thermana provides the residents with assistance and care in case of an emergency and the possibility of ordering additional services according to their own preferences, so they feel comfortable, pleasant and above all safe.

The apartments vary in surfaces from 26.40 m2 to 30.40 m2. Each sheltered housing unit has a hallway, bathroom and living room, some also feature a kitchen. The equipment can be used by paying a fee or you can equip the apartment using your own furniture.

Conditions for Accommodation:

In accordance with the law, sheltered housing is intended for people who meet the following conditions:

  • age over 65 years,
  • due to age or phenomena that accompany old age, are unable to live independently without the assistance of another person,
  • their mental and psychophysical abilities allow them to maintain satisfactory mental and physical well-being and autonomy in the living environment, with organized help by another person and with guaranteed healthcare, and therefore do not need full institutional care in an institution.

The tenant may occupy the sheltered housing unit when a three-month rent is paid. Residents of sheltered housing units are granted a 20 % discount when using the medical services and swimming pools of the company Thermana. The discount applies to the existing price list of the company Thermana.

Health Care

Nursing services are guaranteed to the users of sheltered housing units in the form of home visits.

Social Care

Residents in sheltered housing units can also be offered the implementation of social care in a range of up to 7 hours per week.


The food is served in the dining room of the Laško Retirement Home or the tenants prepare their own meals.

Professional Services

Social Services

The decision to go into institutional care represents a significant milestone in the life of an elderly person and his family. One of the important tasks of social services is to prepare the resident for admission in the home. The task of the social worker is not only the collection of necessary documents, but also conducting the first interviews with applicants, their relatives, guardians or others. Forwarding them with accurate information on life in the retirement home, of the possibilities offered by the home, with the price of care. The social worker also play a big role in the integration of the newly adopted resident in institutional life. Furthermore, providing the residents and their relatives with assistance in the organization of social care rights.

Health Care Services

The residents are taken care for by a professionally trained health-care team consisting of a general practitioner, qualified nurses, secondary school nurses and medical technicians, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, paramedics and hospital attendants. The health-care service carries out care appropriate to the heath and age of the residents 24 hours a day every day of the year. Employees have plenty of experience and additional expertise. The home is also regularly visited by a psychology specialist, physical specialist and when needed a dentist. In accordance with their needs we provide the residents and their relatives with check-ups with specialists at the Celje General Hospital.


With a variety of methods and techniques of physical therapy we want to maintain, improve, sett up or slow down the decline in mental and physical capabilities of our residents. We encourage the preservation of functional abilities of the residents, as we want to enable them with maximum independence of movement in daily activities, with the possibility of integration in the various activities in the home and beyond. Activities of the physiotherapy are aimed at maintaining bodily functions through group and individual exercises, active rehabilitation after acute neurological diseases, surgery and injuries, relieving pain by physical methods - pain relief electrotherapy (TENS, IF, ultrasound, magnetic therapy, laser, Bioptron) and implementing relaxation techniques through yoga and meditation. Participation in other residential activities promotes active leisure time. We also organize trainings, workshops and lectures for our staff and the relatives of our residents.

Occupational Therapy

The main purpose of the occupational therapy is to enable our residents with the maximum and the longest possible independence in performing activities of daily living and leisure activities through meaningful and industrial activities to allow the maximum and the longest possible independence in dedicated activities. Occupational therapy in the retirement home includes:

  • self-care - comprises learning, conservation and restoration of daily activities, functional mobility, management of the immediate and wider environment, application, use of a variety of devices and adaptations. Through dedicated activities we try to improve and maintain a variety of physical abilities and functions,
  • work / productivity and leisure - the residents are included voluntarily in these activities according to their preferences and interests. Caring for the broader living environment, home landscaping, gardening, household assistance, helping their co-residents. Spending their free time actively with involvement in various activities.

Additional Offer

Culinary Services

For our residents we prepare nutrition, which is adapted to elderly people, we also provide diet food. The residents have the option to participate in the composition of the menus with their suggestions. We also provide daily meals and lunches for outside guests.

Daily fresh desserts, ice cream and drinks can also be served on the pleasantly furnished terrace of the retirement home.

Laundry Room

At the time of admission to the Laško Retirement Home the resident receives its registration laundry number. In the retirement home we take care of washing, ironing and small tailor repairs of the personal laundry for our residents. It is desirable for residents to bring clothes made from washing and tumble drying suitable materials. We also offer the laundry services to external users. We provide washing of large pieces of linen, quilts, pillows, curtains, etc.

Hairdresser, Pedicure

The hairdresser is available twice a week, pedicure, every Tuesday from 9.00 to 11.00 a.m. Residents must order both services in advance at the department’s nurses or at the reception.

Cashier's Desk

At cashier's desk of the the Laško Retirement Home the residents or their relatives settle their financial obligations to the retirement home, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 11:30 and 14:30.

Contact Persons

, univ. dipl. soc. del.
Head of Retirement Home
T: +386 3 734 53 20
F: +386 3 734 52 47

, univ. dipl. soc. del.
Social Worker
T: +386 3 734 53 22
F: +386 3 734 52 47

, dipl. nurse
Head of Nursing
T: +386 3 734 53 30
F: +386 3 734 52 47

T: +386 3 734 89 16
F: +386 3 423 24 00

T: +386 3 734 52 46
F: +386 3 734 52 47


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