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Activities in the Hotel

The animation program offers guests entertainment with educational content, which is further enriched during the time of holidays and vacations. In the evenings, guests can enjoy dance music, various concerts, health and travel lectures, socializing with different games or be creative in different workshops.

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Activities in the Hotel

Activities in the Hotel Thermana Park Laško:
  • musical evenings at the Café Thermana Park Laško (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 20:00),
  • birthday celebrations,
  • hotel animation in Mini Club with children's creative workshops and dancing in the Mini Disco,
  • Fun & Games with Vodomček,
  • free lectures,
  • free of charge children's theatre plays, animation at the children's playground.
Activities in the Hotel Zdravilišče Laško:
  • Pilates (personalised exercises and group training),
  • exercises in the Senior Outdoor Gym (personalised exercises and group training),
  • workout in the Fitness Centre.
Activities in the Thermal Centre:
  • animation at the swimming pools with water aerobics, creative workshops for children and water games,
  • Fun & Games with Vodomček,
  • birthday celebrations,
  • day care during vacations in the Thermal Centre,
  • swimming courses.
Activities in the Wellness Spa Centre:
  • guided group exercise in the gym,
  • workout in the Fitness Centre (including personal training),
  • wellness birthdays.

Weekly Animation Program

Would you like to enrich your stay in our hotels with different activities? Then kindly invited to attend the events, which our Animation team prepared especially for you.


The Harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit

Do you suffer from back pain, are you without energy and unhappy because you do not have more time for yourself? Then it's the right time to join us at our professionally guided exercises, where you will improve your mood and lift your life energy.


Pilates or Contrology, as Joseph Hubertus Pilates called his method, is the science and art of coordinated development of body, mind and spirit. The exercise is based on a complete coordination of body, where you strengthen and stretch each of the smallest muscle fibre in your body with the support of "Pilates" breathing at the same time. The training is suitable for all age groups.

In Thermana Laško we conduct the following exercises:

  • Pilates for Beginners,
  • Advanced Pilates,
  • Pilatesmix (with fitness accessories),
  • Yogalates (yoga combined with Pilates).

HOT is a hot and medium to high-intensity group exercise for achieving a nice body shape. Alternately and under the supervision exercises for flexibility, strength and stability as well as aerobic, dance and functional training are carried out. This exercise is suitable for those who want to melt fat, transform their bodies, improve their fitness and will consequently find it easier to overcome the everyday stress.

Fit over 50

It's never too late and you can always make sure that your body serves you well also in mature years. Everybody has specific needs in each period of their lives and exercise is vital at any age. With this exercise you can enjoy your vitality even at a mature age, without pain and major medical hardship. The aim of Fit over 50 is to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, regain balance, reduce the possibility of injury, relax and have fun.

The schedule for the season 2016/2017 is in progress. The training sessions begin again in September, in the summer time YOGA is available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 20:00.


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