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VR Experience Room

We have opened a new VR Experience Room at the Hotel Thermana Park Lasko.  

You can enter a world of virtual reality in a special VR game, that takes place in colourful medieval times. It represents to you the era of the mighty Counts of Celje, which were the most important noble dynasty of all times at the territory of nowadays Slovenia. The tragic love story between Friderik, count of Celje, and his beloved Veronica  is introduced to you. You have the power to change the path of history and make their love story happen for the first time ... Your first challenge is to escape from prison. Do you dare to become Friderik? 

The idea entitled "Change the course of history" was rewarded by the Slovenian Tourist Board at the Days of Slovenian Tourism and represents one of the most innovative tourist products of this year, giving the user the power to influence the course of history with his own actions.

Experience is available (check for the scheduled appointment). The price of an experience (duration up to 25 minutes) is 9 euros (adults) / 6 euros (children and students). 

Information and reservation of the game is possible at the hotel reception of hotel Thermana Park Lasko or on the phone +386 3 423 2003!

friderik vr dozivetje - thermana lasko-min.png
vr dozivetje stari grad celje - thermana lasko-min.png
orozje v stolpu - vr dozivetje lasko-min.png
odpri skrinjo in spoznaj skrivnostno pot tvoje veronike - vr dozivetje lasko-min.png