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NEW: House of well-being in Ljubljana's Minicity

We celebrated World Tourism Day a little differently this year. With the opening of a "new unit" of the well-being company Thermana Laško, which will from now on be available in Ljubljana's Minicity.

We handed over our well-being house of Thermana Laško for use by our youngest, in which children will learn about professions in tourism in an informative, didactic and interesting way and spread understanding about why well-being is very important and how it can be achieved in different ways.

We are happy to join the Minicity family and look forward to the children's bustle in Thermana's well-being house. In the design and furnishing of the house, we collaborated with the companies Studio List and Arhisana, who were guided in the design of the house by the presentation of key elements and the most recognizable activities of Thermana. In the house of well-being, children are guided through the various areas of Thermana, such as the reception, wardrobe, swimming pool complex with a large glass dome and areas for wellness pampering. Children's mascots Vodomec and Vodomka help children to become familiar with the professions of receptionist, lifeguard, masseur and therapist. The central component of the house of well-being is the dome, one of the most recognizable visual or architectural elements of the Thermana company. The dome in the house of well-being is made of wood, in the distinctive shape of a real glass dome and placed at the entrance, where it immediately attracts the attention of visitors in Minicity.

House of well-being Thermana Laško is one step closer to further strengthening the brand Thermana d. d. and greater recognition of the well-being society also from the point of view of children, who get to know the variety of our services in the most friendly and insightful way - through play.

Welcome to Thermana Laško - a company of well-being. And from now on, welcome to the house of well-being, which is available for children and parents in Minicity in Ljubljana's BTC.

BTC City, Hall A
Ameriška ulica 13
1000 Ljubljana
+386 41 377 366

We would like to thank Studio List and Arhisana for their help with the conceptual design and design of the well-being house.

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