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Sustainable tourism at Thermana Laško
Slovenia is a green country, dotted with rich green forests, large meadows, fertile vineyards, and green hills, from which clean water sources flow.

Practice ayurveda and yoga every day on your way to health
As modern man is increasingly under stress and has more and more health problems, he more often resorts to ancient traditional methods of understanding the body and well-being.

Modern holidays with a motorhome with a view of the magnificent Savinja
Near the Thermana Laško hotel complex, there are two parking lots for motorhomes, which, in addition to all the facilities, also have one of the most beautiful views, a view of the calm stream of the Savinja.

Where to go on a trip: A relaxing break in Thermana Laško
Every once in a while, each of us needs a day to disconnect from the daily hustle, to calm the confusion in our heads, and to recharge our batteries for new life challenges.

Diverse family vacation in Slovenia and Thermana Laško
Family holidays are a time to connect, relax, have fun and create memories. At Thermana Laško, we have ideas and possibilities on how to combine these different sensations into one family experience.

Pampering for two
It takes a lot of understanding, patience, love, acceptance, and a lot of time spent in two to be able to talk about a good partnership or marriage. What do you do when you feel that daily commitments are tiring your relationship?

Let's go get fresh air and explore the nearby surroundings ...
Do you want to conquer the nearby peaks, to which lead managed and well-arranged, not too demanding routes? We recommend some popular excursion points.