Business events and congresses

Thermana Laško is the perfect choice for organizing congresses, business and social gatherings, meetings and seminars. It offers a vacation interspersed with modern accommodation, top congress facilities, exceptional cuisine and many possibilities for relaxation. The event is organized by an experienced team that prepares a unique offer based on your wishes and needs, and our main goal is the well-being of all participants.


  • events up to 1100 participants 
  • accessible location with excellent transport links 
  • congress hotel certificate 
  • 7 modernly equipped congress halls and 3 meeting rooms 
  • state-of-the-art audio/video equipment 
  • reliable free Wi-Fi connection 
  • accommodation in a modern hotel with a wide range of offers  
Congresses and meetings

What do we offer? 

  • 3,700 m2 modernly equipped rooms 
  • Various congress halls (from 20 to 490 persons) 
  • Meeting rooms
  • 170 parking spaces in outdoor parking lots and 277 in the underground parking garage 
  • Connection of the Congress Center with a modern hotel, Thermal and Wellness Spa Center 
  • State-of-the-art audio/video equipment 
  • Daylight and full dimming options 
  • Reliable free Wi-Fi connection 
  • The possibility of culinary indulgence in the hotel's A La carte restaurant 
  • The possibility of a rich buffet in the Great Hall 
  • Coffee break 
  • The large lobby is ideal for entertaining during breaks 
  • Day-night bar 
Large meeting room


  • presentation equipment 
  • professional sound system 
  • video conferencing system 
  • digital audio conference system with digital recording 
  • the possibility of direct TV broadcasts 
  • translation booths 
  • recording of the event and record on electronic media 
  • inductive loop system 
  • control system for managing the entire multimedia equipment 
  • info system with information about what is happening 
  • wired and wireless microphones 
  • a computer for showing presentations with an Internet connection  
  • live coverage of the event from Velika to the Gala and Blue Hall. 
Conference room

Congress center in the hotel Thermana Park Laško****superior 

Great hall min 1

Great hall

It is a multipurpose hall intended for plenary sessions, gala dinners and dance events. It can accommodate up to 500 participants in the cinema setting, and 280 in the school setting. It can be divided into two parts (290 + 210 people), as a whole it has two large screens on which the projection is played synchronously. The hall also enables video conferences. It is located on the ground floor of the congress center. As a whole or as a smaller half, it has daylight. The hall is 6.8 m high, has two ramps on the ceiling with the possibility of installing lighting effects, decorations and flags. 

Gala hall min

Gala Hall

It is located on the ground floor and can accommodate 120 people in the cinema setting and 64 people in the school setting. One wall is made of glass and has an exit to the terrace and a pleasant view of Savinja and nature.

Blue hall min 2

Blue Hall

It is a seminar hall intended for plenary lectures, seminars and training. It can accommodate 180-200 people in the cinema setting, and 120 in the school setting. It has two screens, daylight and can be partitioned into two parts. It is possible to broadcast a live broadcast of events from the Great Hall to the Blue Hall. The Blue Hall is located on the upper floor of the congress center.

Green hall min 1

Green Hall

It is a seminar hall intended for seminars and training. It can accommodate 65 people in the cinema setting, and 40 in the school setting. It has one screen and daylight. It is located on the upper floor of the convention center.

Capture min

Orange and Red Hall

Both halls are intended for seminars and training. The cinema layout can accommodate 55 people each, and the school layout 32. They each have one screen and daylight. It is located on the upper floor of the convention center. 

Golden Hall

Golden Hall

The Golden Hall is a seminar hall intended for lectures, seminars, trainings. It can accommodate 66 people in the cinema setting, up to 32 in the school setting. It has one screen, projector, daylight. It is located on the ground floor of the Hotel Zdravilišče Laško.

Capture min

Large meeting room

The large meeting room is intended for meetings and has a fixed desk in the I layout. The large meeting room has indirect daylight. It is located on the first floor of the Hotel Thermana Park Laško. It is equipped with a projector, screen, sound system, wireless and cable internet.

Purple Hall is a seminar hall intended for seminars, trainings... It allows a cinema setup for 20 people or a school setup for 14 people. It has one canvas, daylight. It is located on the upper floor of the convention center.

Both floors of the congress center have a large lobby, each of which can accommodate up to 20 exhibitors and is also intended for registration of participants and refreshments during breaks.

Small meeting room  it is also intended for meetings, courses... It accepts up to 18 people. It is located on the first floor of the Hotel Thermana Park Laško.

Yellow meeting room it is also intended for meetings, courses... It accepts up to 12 people. It is located on the mezzanine of the Congress Center. They are located on the first floor of Thermana Park Hotel.

All halls have daylight and the possibility of complete dimming. They are equipped with projectors, screens, sound system, wireless and cable internet.

360° tour of the premises

Great hall

Gala Hall

Blue Hall

Orange Hall

Large meeting room

Congress lobby

Our halls 

Hall Area m2 Width  Length HallHall 2Hall 3Hall 4Hall 5Hall 6
Great hall 538,2 27.6 m 19.5 m 490  280   280
Great hall I 302,25 15.5 m 19.5 m 280  160    160
Great hall II 234 12 m 19.5 m 210  120    120
Gala Hall 138,3 9 m 15.37 m 120 32 64 40 48 80 
Blue Hall 206,2 15 m 13.67 m 200 96 116 36 56  
Blue Hall I 105,4 7.71 m 13.67 m 96 24 56 28 32  
Blue Hall II 100,8 7.36 m 13.70 m 105 28 60 30 36  
Green Hall 78 7.41 m 10.53 m 66 20 40 18 24  
Red Hall 72,6 7.63 m 9.52 m 55 16 32 18 24  
Orange Hall 72,4 7.59 m 9.54 m 55 16 32 18 24  
Ground floor plan of the congress center

Floor plan of the convention center


  1. Large hall for up to 490 people
  2. Gala Hall
  3. Performers
  4. Service area
  5. Black&White Bar
  6. Wardrobe
  7. Catering
  8. Reception
  9. Staircase and elevator: - garage, - 2nd floor
  10. Terrace
Floor plan of the congress center, 1st floor

Floor plan of the convention center


  1. Green Hall
  2. Blue Hall
  3. Staircase and elevator: -garage house, -1. floor
  4. Purple Hall
  5. Red Hall
  6. Orange Hall
  7. Terrace
  8. Terrace
  9. Yellow room


Congress star Meetingstar
Safe and sound to the events


It has been ten years since the naturalists of the Institute of Education of the Republic of Slovenia have been cooperating very well with the conference center Laško. In it, we have already held 5 biennial, two-day conferences for NAK science subject teachers (starting in 2011), which have already become traditional and have already had 600 participants. Our experience and cooperation with the management and organizational team of the conference center Laško are excellent. They are characterized by high professionalism and great flexibility in the preparation of conferences and other events and in taking into account the wishes and needs of contractors. At the same time, the very good, large and diverse spatial and accommodation capacities of Laško are also important. It is hard to imagine NAK conferences anywhere else than in Laško. 

M.Sc. Andreja Bacnik
Institute of Education of the Republic of Slovenia 

We are organizing conference RISK for 15 years and after each year, we have a bigger challenge about what to prepare next that would be fresh, new and crazy enough, so RISK would not be "just another conference." Luckily, we have a lot of creative minds in our team, so ideas keep running. However, many of those ideas are so crazy that at first we don't dare to think about really doing them, especially, as they need to be accepted and allowed by the event venue. Next year, in 2020, it would be the 7th year since we are holding this event in Thermana Laško and each and every year we are repeatedly surprised not only that they are willing to accept our crazy ideas, but they are really happy to take the challenge and help us carry them out in the best possible way. But, the most magical part of this is, that they, with this meaning each and every member of their staff, does this with a big smile on their face! Priceless experience!

David Ivačič, Sales Director
REAL security doo 

KGZS once again organized an international consultation of the Public Agricultural Advisory Service in Thermana Laško. More than three hundred participants took part in the consultation, who were able to successfully follow the prepared professional program. The premises, staff and equipment available for the organization of such large-scale conferences with the possibility of organizing workshops suit us and we would love to return. The participants are also satisfied with the variety of food and innovative forms of the rest of the offer. 

Anton Jagodic, Head of the Department for Agricultural Consulting at KGZS
Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia

It is with great pleasure that we turn to you to express our sincere thanks for the exceptional hospitality and professionalism you showed during our event in Thermana Laško, the NLB 2024 Business Network Academy. Your dedication and effort were one of the keys to the success of our meeting. Special thanks go to Metka, the head of the congress area, for her leadership and organizational skills, which enabled everything to run flawlessly. We would like to thank Gregor for his constant technical support and professionalism, which exceeded our expectations and satisfied our complex wishes. We would also like to thank the entire catering team, who made us feel welcome and appreciated with their attention and excellent service. Special praise goes to the catering managers, Kristjan and Martin, for their outstanding work. Your environment is truly excellent for work and socializing, and we are sure that our cooperation will continue to be fruitful and successful.

Zorica Fele, Business Development Associate

NLB dd

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