Take time for just the two of you. Enter the relaxing thermal world. Let this be a time just for the two of you, to celebrate your love. Let yourself be pampered in our oasis of peace and relaxation, under a magical glass dome. They embark on an exploration of exquisite flavors. Lose yourself in moments of carelessness, where time stops and your love takes on a new meaning.  

Packages & offers for couples

One-day pampering for two

A free day or a few free hours for your complete relaxation. Enjoy a bubble bath, selected massages for two and exceptional culinary delights.

Baths and massages offers

Massage for two

Chocolate dream bath and chocolate body massage

The bath is enriched with the etherealness of chocolate, and the pampering is rounded off with a sweet surprise - chocolate cream with cookies and banana drink with chocolate. A pleasant bath is followed by a relaxing full body massage with chocolate oil.

Coconut dreams and lomi-lomi massage

Coconut dream bath and lomi lomi massage

A relaxing bath with the ethericity of coconut and a sweet surprise - a glass of bubbly and coconut balls. The bath is followed by a Lomi Lomi massage to the rhythm of Hawaiian music.

Rock n roll bath for two

A bath of rock'n'roll love

A romantic candlelit bath that takes you back to the fifties with fruit and chocolate skewers and a cocktail.

A tropical fairy tale bath

A tropical fairy tale bath and a cocoa experience massage

A bath with the pleasant aroma of juicy mango will take you to distant tropical places. Mango liqueur and fruit with coconut will complement the bath in a culinary way. The bath is followed by an in-house Cocoa experience massage with 100% natural cocoa butter, which moisturizes, softens and keeps the skin supple.

Beer wellness

Bath of Gambrinus

A bath with the aroma of hops, which soothes, relaxes and strengthens our body, as well as the pleasure "a la Laško" with a glass of beer and breadsticks with prosciutto.

Honey massage

Honey hug bath and honey back massage

A bath that honors the tradition of beekeeping in our area and smells of honey and milk. The bath is followed by a honey massage which strengthens the functioning of the immune system, improves blood and lymph circulation and accelerates the elimination of toxins from the body.

For a perfect end to the day, baths and massages are upgraded with culinary pampering.

Mini and maxi wellness day

For everyone who wants relaxation, time for themselves or just regeneration after a hard day's work, we recommend a daily escape to the Thermal Center of the Hotel Thermana Park Laško, where we have prepared excellent services for you:

Mini wellness day

Mini wellness day

3-hour bathing and 30-minute wellness back massage.

Maxi wellness day

Maxi wellness day

All-day bathing and a 50-minute wellness body massage.

More information and appointment booking: or 03 42 32045.

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We are continuing with the renovation of the Laško Medical Center, the reception point for access to our clinics. Despite the renovation, you can have uninterrupted access to all clinics and desired services.

For additional information regarding the accessibility and work of clinics, you can contact the hotel reception of Zdravilišča Laško or the reception of the Medical Center, where we will be happy to help you.

The renovation will last from June 3 until the expected end of August 2024.

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