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Dear guests, welcome to us, in the company of well-being.

Many options for pampering, relaxation and services to strengthen your health can be found at Thermana, which boasts a 170-year tradition. Our mission is to strengthen health and restore well-being.

In this way, we will offer many current offers from the fields of wellness, cuisine and medical offers. On this site, you will also be able to read information about events and special occasions to which we will invite you.

Take a well-deserved break and join us in the company of well-being.


Check out the current monthly offer of selected wellness treatments, a special wellness offer for Thermana club members and exclusive events that will help you feel great. Welcome to pampering with us.


In our cuisine, we include local foods marked by the Okusiti Laško quality certificate. You are invited to check the A la carte offer of the Thermana Park restaurant and the excellent offer from the hands of our pastry chefs, which you can taste in our cafes.


"Disease comes on horseback, but leaves on foot." An old saying that holds a lot of truth and emphasizes the power of preventive action. Based on more than 70 years of medical rehabilitation, we are a real companion to your stronger health with our knowledge and many experiences. Check the current offer in the field of medical programs and services.


You are invited to the events that we prepare with you in mind. Welcome to enjoy the selected offer and the hospitality of our Thermana team.

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Dear guests,

we inform you that s on Monday 20 May 2024 we are starting to replace the gates at the entrance to the Zdravilišče Laško facility. The works will probably last until June.

Due to the construction works, it will go through the lock towards the Laško Spa facility IMPORTATION DISABLED FROM THE MAIN ROAD SIDE. There will be access ENABLED AT THE THERMANA PARK LAŠKO HOTEL parallel to the main road. The route will be marked.

Access to the Zdraviliški Park parking lot remains uninterrupted.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thermane team

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