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Diverse family vacation in Slovenia and Thermana Laško

Family holidays are a time to connect, relax, have fun and create memories. At Thermana Laško, we have ideas and possibilities on how to combine these different sensations into one family experience and one unique family holiday, regardless of the holiday season. With its offer, Thermana Laško has repeatedly proven that we are a family-friendly thermal center, as we offer everything: from family-friendly accommodation to family-friendly activities. A visit to our spa is for those who, in addition to swimming in the pools under the unique glass dome, want to complement their family thermal holiday with relaxation or attractive experiences.
  Thermana Laško is certainly one of the most famous and desired Slovenian health resorts and a frequent choice for family holidays, in all seasons. The resort is tailored to the modern way of life and modern ways of vacationing especially for families. Modern swimming pools in Thermana Laško are so numerous and diverse that they are suitable for all ages and for the whole family.

Pool slides for children under a large glass dome

The first necessary task of our guests is to jump into the pools, which are splendidly located in Thermana Park, one of the most modern thermal centers in Slovenia.

For the youngest there is a children's water playground, slightly older children will be thrilled with the slide and the fast river, and for the fearless the best fun will be a pool with waves. All pools are pleasant temperatures. For those who need a quiet rest, there are also three whirlpools above the swimming pool and a quiet Kneipp corner.
The main feature of the Thermal Center is not only diverse and inspiring water relaxation, but also the placement under a glass dome. Under it you can warm up in the pleasant sunshine, listen to raindrops or admire the starry sky. On Fridays, night swimming under a glass dome is available until 10 pm.
Swimming in the thermal water of Laško revives or calms and in the hectic pace of life also relaxes.
Children can quickly get hungry when visiting swimming pools. Do not worry, both quick snacks and delicious lunches are available at the swimming pool, and we especially recommend Vodomček's menus for children.


Wellness and animation for children

Every step at Thermana Laško is adapted for your little ones. In our health resort, we offer programs that will really help take full advantage of family holidays. The children's spa offers daily children's animations, where our animators prepare interesting activities inside and outside of the pools. This way, your children will experience unforgettable moments every day, and perhaps even make new friends.
Children love to visit Vodomček and Vodomka, our children's mascots, made in the image of the kingfisher, one of our most colorful birds, which nests only in the cleanest areas. We are very proud that he chose the riverside of the Savinja as his home. Sustainable operation will continue to be our priority, so the kingfisher can stay our friend for a long time.

In addition to the fact that children have access to special pools, playrooms, animations, parties and various adventures, we also have a special surprise at Thermana Laško for slightly older children. After strenuous school and sports activities, children also need relaxation and pampering. That is why we have prepared children's wellness treatments and treatments especially for them. Chocolate massage is specifically popular among children - the smell of chocolate will soothe them, and cocoa extract will nourish their young skin.


Attractive dicovery of history

So that the holidays won't be only filled with water fun, slightly older children as well as their parents can learn about the important history of Slovenia in a modern and youth-friendly way. We offer a VR experience where you can get to know the history of the mighty Counts of Celje, with the help of virtual reality. The Counts of Celje were the most influential noble family of all time, especially for the Slovenes they are known for the forbidden love between Friderik Celjski and Veronika Deseniška. With the award-winning author's VR experience, you can enter the colorful medieval times and experience the image of the Old Castle of Celje as it was then. Interactive virtual reality turns you into Friderik Celjski, who is waiting in prison. Will you be able to save yourself?

Relaxation for parents

Children are happy, but what about their parents? So that the parents can also enjoy children's water parties, they can gather new strength with relaxing pamperings. The entire philosophy of the Thermana Laško wellness center is based on relaxation and pampering programs. Sauna Center offers seven saunas, built in a modern style with a touch of the history of Laško. Available are Finnish saunas in the shape of the Kozjansko house, the Kristal outdoor sauna, the steam sauna in the shape of a beer boiler, the infrared sauna in the shape of a wagon, the Laconium with linden aroma and the Sanarium sauna. In addition to the saunas, next to the saunas there is also a small cooling pool and a pool with heated thermal water and massage nozzles.

For even better relaxation, strengthening the immune system, for improved blood circulation and metabolism, and to eliminate muscle tension, choose a suitable massage from a diverse offer. For special wellness treatments, we also drew inspiration from our local environment and weaved the traditions of beekeeping and brewing into them. At Thermana, we were the first in Slovenia to develop unique honey pampering, as honey has a healing effect not only on the body but also on it. We developed beer pampering in honor of the exceptional brewing heritage of the town. Would you try a beer massage made from the same ingredients as a mug of excellent Laško?

A special feature of our programs are also Ayurvedic wellness treatments performed by wellness therapists from India.

Hotel with indoor pool and excellent cuisine

Enjoyment under a glass dome and revitalizing in thermal water is complemented by the offer of the Hotel Thermana Park Laško **** Superior. The modern family hotel will meet your expectations, as it meets all the needs of the modern guest. In addition to family-friendly rooms, its advantage is internal connection to the thermal centre, which is a big advantage in the colder part of the year and especially with small children "on board", right?
In addition to immaculate family rooms, it is necessary to mention the varied offer of food for all tastes. On our plates you can find the stamp of autochthonous Slovenian dishes from this area, you can taste seasonal food produced by local farmers. That we really care about the top quality of food, for local food producers, for sustainable gastronomic tourism, indicates the quality label Taste of Laško, which represents the local origin of top quality food ingredients. The Taste of Laško quality label is also worn by our house dishes and drinks, which we especially recommend when visiting. These are the Laško house meal, the "Tastes of Laško" menu, honey lemonade with mint and house dessert, and the destination dessert - Laško gingerbread.

The demanding palates can be soothed with a varied buffet at the Thermana Park Hotel for breakfast and dinner. Even more, we prepare a special Slovenian corner for breakfast, where walnuts, apples, local Šolarjev honey and many other local delicacies are available.

If sleep is too sweet or the night was too short, we recommend choosing breakfast in the room. Breakfast with Tastes of Laško will provide your body with a good amount of energy for an exceptional vacation day.
In addition to local and homemade, we tried something completely different in our kitchen, Ayurvedic cuisine. Try a slice of exotic spices and flavours to experience a piece of India recreated by Ayurvedic chef Soni. Our chefs also master many other dishes, so allergies or a different way of eating are not a problem. Just point this out to the staff, who will kindly accommodate your wishes.
For a sweet end to the holiday in Thermana Laško, a visit to the café and a tasting of Laško gingerbread, local specialities and destination desserts are mandatory. It is made by dedicated house confectioners from top ingredients of local origin, among which it is worth mentioning overheated cream - a culinary speciality of this part of Slovenia. Honey and walnuts from the Laško hills provide additional flavour.

To the park for good energy

The health resorts are an excellent centre for family vacations and every season, in addition to the basic thermal offer, also brings pleasant experiences outdoors.

Just a few steps away is the Spa Park of Thermana Laško, where you can improve the flow of energy in the body with the help of six energy points. Energy points have a beneficial effect on physical and mental well-being, each individual feels improved performance in their own unique way.
Laško is a town that offers a diverse cultural, sports and tourist pulse. There are many hiking trails, natural and cultural attractions, and visits to tourist farms are also interesting.
On the edge of the Spa Park in Laško, a few relaxing steps toward the city, stand an ecological playground in the form of a castle fortress, waiting for young conquerors. The playground is made of environmentally friendly materials and meets the highest standards. The park has bee puzzles for the youngest, as well as a Garden of honey plants that bees love to visit. Would you know the answer to the last riddle? It walks poor through the door, returns home rich. Who is this?

The beneficial effect of water

Since ancient times, delicious drinking water and proven healing thermal water, which is a source of well-being, have been springing under the green hills in the vicinity of Laško. Due to the special shape of the crystals, the unique Laško thermal water radiates strong life energy. Research at the Bion Institute has shown that Laško thermal water has a very high quality biofield, and its healing properties have been proven for decades for therapeutic purposes in balneotherapy. Due to its positive and stimulating properties, it is also recommended for drinking
As the thermal water in Laško has been scientifically proven to have a beneficial effect on well-being, a holiday at Thermana Laško has a calming and definitely relaxing effect in addition to sports entertainment. This is also the goal of every holiday, isn't it?
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