Excursion to Laška

Discover hidden gems: Adventures and experiences around Thermane Laško


In a magical place by the river Savinja, where nature intertwines with relaxation, Thermana Laško offers more than just an oasis of thermal pampering.

Our destination is the ultimate starting point for exploring the stunning surrounding world, full of hidden gems that will fill your heart with excitement and captivate your mind with their beauty.

Regardless of your interests, age or physical fitness, experiences await you that will satisfy all tastes - from relaxing walks to adrenaline adventures.

Green, I love you green

For lovers of nature and hiking, the Rečiška mountain circular route is available, which connects ten peaks and three mountain huts and offers stunning views.

Trip to Hum

Discover the many hiking trails that lead to interesting vantage points, such as the charming harp sculpture at the top of Hum, which spreads the sound of its strings throughout the surrounding hills and valleys, creating a magical musical backdrop that offers visitors an unforgettable experience.

For cycling enthusiasts, there are well-maintained routes that lead through the picturesque places of Laško and the surrounding area and offer both family trips and adrenaline challenges for experienced cyclists.

Adrenaline, gourmet experience, beer and underground world

For those who yearn for extreme experiences, a world of adrenaline challenges opens up in Laško and its surroundings! Paragliding from first-class airstrips in Malič, Kopitnik and Lisca offers the opportunity to open up to the heights and experience freedom like never before.

Fishing on the Gračnica river or in the Marof fishing pond invites you to relax by the water, where a new story is revealed with each catch.

Discovering the mining heritage in Polhova Jama or a beer-flowering wander around Laško offer unique insights into the history and tradition of the place, which will take you back to the times of the distant past.

The beer flower tour of Laško is a unique experience that takes you on a path between spring thermal water and legendary beer, where tradition and modernity intertwine.

Culinary arts in Laško

At every step, a magical mixture of refreshing sips of premium beer and fragrant honey bites, prepared by renowned chef Marko Pavčnik, awaits you.

While exploring the hidden corners of Laško, discover the stories of the place along the unique Orion's path, which takes you among many churches and linden trees and the area of megalithic sanctuaries.

Every step on the beer-flowering tour is an opportunity to feel the pulse of the place and indulge in the charms of the thermal town, which has been loved by both locals and visitors.

Do not forget to visit the Polh Cave in Padež, where you can step into the shoes of the miners and discover their life and work in the 18th century.

Immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere of abandoned tunnels and discover the stories hidden underground.

And when it's time for thermal pleasure...

And when a day full of explorations and experiences ends, you Thermana Laško, expected as a loyal oasis of peace and luxury. Here you will find your place for relaxation, pampering and complete regeneration.

Relax in the thermal springs, pamper your body and soul with a massage or sauna, enjoy the rich animation program, if you still have some energy left, spend it in the hotel's fitness center, the wave pool, the rapid river or on the slides before the rich dinner.

But you can just indulge in peace and quiet. With us, everyone can find their own corner for well-being.

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