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Department of Rehabilitative Care

In Thermana Laško we perform nursing care at the Department of rehabilitative care at the Hotel Zdravilišče Laško. It is intended for patients who need care and help with daily activities while recovering from injuries and surgeries on the locomotor system, and patients with functional impairments and rheumatic diseases of the locomotor system.

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About Rehabilitative Care Department

Thermana Laško has a long tradition in rehabilitation of diseased and disabled patients. Part of the Hotel Zdravilišče Laško is arranged as a nursing department. It is designed for guests who need care and assistance in daily activities.

Continuous 24-hour nursing care is provided by a qualified team of nurses, medical technicians and paramedics. In the department we also employ a general practitioner, who conducts 4 hour-daily rounds from Monday to Friday with patients in which we observe a deviation or deterioration in health status.

We receive guests for:

  • Health Spa Medical Treatment
  • Continuation of Hospital Treatment
  • Regenerative Rehabilitation
  • Health Spa Medical Treatment

At the Nursing Department of Rehabilitative Care we perform quality and professional health care, which provides users with security in all life activities. The proof of our good work are people who during their prolonged absence, leave their relatives to our care.

About Rehabilitation Nursing

In the process of rehabilitation of each guest, we strive to maintain and improve the guest's level of self-sufficiency. On the basis of identified problems we implement a health care plan, where we encourage and the patients and help them carry out activities that they cannot do alone. The nursing care is based on an individual approach and realistic objectives. With expertise, competencies and skills, our nursing staff can affect the change of lifestyle habits of the guests and consequently, the quality of their lives and the lives of their families in the home environment.

We put a lot of emphasis on the continuous health education within the needs and abilities of each guest.

The rooms at the department are modern and well furnished, air-conditioned, equipped with mechanized hospital beds, without architectural barriers, and adapted to the movement of disabled guests. The beds have fitted mattress to prevent bedsores, which provide patients with quality sleep and rest. Each bed unit is connected to the central call system that allows us to see the response times and monitor the quality of health care.
The patients can dine in the dining room along with other guests of the hotel or at the department where the dietary meals are served, providing assistance in the selection of food and eating. If the guests have significant problems with movement and are installed in the nursing room, meals can also be served in the room.
In Thermana Laško we have also created shorter or longer self-funding programs for people who need help and care from medical personnel. You can trust us with your loved ones when you're on vacation, on a business trip or when you have other obligations
Information on the health status of the guest who stays at the department can be received by a person listed on the form "Consent of the patient for the delivery of healthcare and the provision of information on the health situation", namely:
  • a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation: from Monday to Friday in person or by phone from 14:00 to 14:30,
  • a specialist in general medicine: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, in person or by phone from 10:00 to 10:30, Wednesday and Friday in person or by phone from 14:30 to 15:00.
Evidence-based health care and continuous professional development are of the utmost importance in our environment. We pride ourselves on excellent cooperation with external institutions for the training of employees, and the implementation of mentoring students, trainees and students We work with the Celje General Hospital, High Medical School in Celje, Medical Faculty in Ljubljana and Central Medical School in Celje. We cooperate with the Celje General Hospital, College of Nursing in Celje, the University of Ljubljana's Faculty of Health Science and Celje Secondary Medical School.


S seboj prinesite: zdravila, ki jih redno jemljete, ortopedske in ortotske pripomočke, če jih uporabljate (bergle, hojico, opornice, očala, slušni aparat, …), pribor za osebno higieno, stabilno obutev, pižamo, kopalke in trenirko, dovolj oblačil in spodnjega perila, saj ga v nasprotnem primeru pri nas operemo – pranje zaračunavamo po rednem ceniku.
Če ste prišli na zdraviliško zdravljenje po možganski kapi, jih ne potrebujete, v ostalih primerih pa jih prinesite s seboj.
Obiski na Oddelku za rehabilitacijsko zdravstveno nego so neomejeni, a so zaradi pestrega urnika terapij priporočljivi po 14. uri.
Od ponedeljka do petka od 7:30 do 15:30 in vse sobote od 8:00 do 13:00 je na medicini Zdravilišča Laško stalno prisoten zdravnik. V popoldanskem času in dežurstvu so stacionarni zdravniki v pripravljenosti, nujne primere pa krije dežurni zdravnik z ekipo iz Zdravstvenega doma Laško.
Če ste pripeljani z reševalnim vozilom na zdraviliško zdravljenje k nam, potem boste z njim tudi odpeljani. Če pa so vas pripeljali svojci, prijatelji ali znanci in želite, da bi odšli domov z reševalnim vozilom, je to izvedljivo le po presoji upravičenosti do reševalnega vozila s strani našega zdravnika.


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