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We are well aware of the fact that a good therapist is only one who is constantly studying and acquiring new knowledge and skills, so we follow the novelties in the field of manual therapy and attend a wide variety of courses and workshops. In our work we use a variety of manual and physical techniques and methods of physiotherapy and occupational therapy, which are each a little different, but they all have the same goal – to reimburse the individuals loss of bodily functions due to injury, illness or surgery and to allow him to return as soon as possible in their living and working environment.

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Physiotherapy in Thermana Laško covers all classical procedures of balneotherapy, kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, thermotherapy, phototherapy, hypobaric therapy, lymph drainage, massages, inhalations and special methods and techniques, carried out by therapists with special skills.

Is a treatment with thermal water. Thermal baths raise the temperature in the tissues, improving circulation, relaxing the muscles and joints, soothing pain, improving joint mobility and strengthen the defense mechanisms of the organism.
Is based on individual and group sessions to help patients regain and improve muscle strength, joint mobility of the joints and spine, balance, coordination and body posture.
Includes all techniques and forms of electrotherapy known today, with which weak muscles and nerves are strengthened and pain is eased. To relieve pain and eliminate inflammation we use interferential, diadynamic and anti-pain stimulation (TENS) streams.
Allows excellent results and quickly improves the situation on the surface and also in the depth of the damaged and painful areas. The laser offers an individual selection of the right frequency and power - the minimum frequency is selected for the analgesic effect and the highest for the bio stimulation. In Thermana Laško we use the latest laser devices.
Is recommended for treatment after injury to bones, joints, sinew, muscles, in degenerative joint diseases, non-joint rheumatism, inflamed rheumatic diseases, bedsores, chronic lesions, headaches etc.
Supplies and diverts (cooling) energy heat waves into the organism in for therapeutic purposes soothing pain, improving muscle movement, joints and eases muscle cramps. In thermotherapy we use using wraps with warm bags, paraffin, parafango, heating with heat rays, ultrasound therapy and local hot baths.
Is the discharge of thermal energy from the organism or cooling. It reduces pain, muscle tension and swelling (a sprain, fracture, contusion). It involves the use of cryomassage and cryopack, hylotherm appliance and local cooling baths.
It is a method which uses light for treatment. The body in a controlled manner exposes to light of a certain wavelength in a controlled manner. The treatment is done with the help of lasers and the Bioptron machine.
Is a special curative massage technique intended to improve the flow of lymph fluid in the body following injury and cancer operations. Relieving stress and pain, improving the body's resistance, it can be used in both preventive as well as for cosmetic purposes.
It is therapy, in which by means of the vacuum the individual parts or of the limbs of the body are stimulated and thus it prevents or treats disorders of circulation and reduces swelling.
Has a soothing effect on the muscular system. Strained muscles can relax with a massage, too loose muscles become tense again due to the relaxing and invigorating massage strokes. By restoring a balanced muscle tone the massage also helps blood and lymph circulation.
Has a beneficial effect on respiratory system and delivering tiny, dispersed substances to the organism. It is performed with Laško thermal water, to which, if necessary, we add medication. By inhalation we relieve, prevent and treat diseases of the lungs and airways.

Special techniques of manual therapies:

In Thermana Laško we perform joint mobilization, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, treatment after Cyriax, Maitland and Mulligan, lymphatic drainage, treatment of trigger points, Bowen therapy and Bobath therapy. The listed special techniques speed up the return of the lost function. In our team we have a number of trained physiotherapists and occupational therapists, who are continuously educated and upgrading their skills.

It is one of the most renowned and sophisticated methods in the field of manual therapy. On the basis of functional tests of structures in the affected part, the therapist decides on the Cyriax technique, which will be carried out in the exercise. The method is used in conditions following injuries to joints, soft tissue injuries, low back or neck pain and or joint wear or the replacement of joints with totally or partially endoprosthesis.
Bowen therapy is non-aggressive, gentle therapy, which helps improve muscular-skeletal problems and is furthermore an excellent relaxation technique. The therapist with a gentle but strong enough pressure on certain positions stimulates the receptors in the muscle and connective tissue, and thus begins a process of self-healing. The therapy quickly and effectively reduces muscle - connective tension and helps to establish balance in the neurological, hormonal, lymphatic and energy system. In Thermana Laško we also perform Bowen therapy for babies.
Is an neurological treatment, focused on the positive approach to the patient, the transfer of the therapy to the daily life and the exploitation of the patient's ability to maintain and strengthen the weaker parts of the body after injuries or conditions that affect the nervous system. Is an approach that solves the problems of individuals with disturbances in function and movement caused by brain damage (stroke, tumor, head trauma).
Is a form of manual therapy for the reduction of excessive tension in the muscles. Using a special technique of grips and pressures it achieves the release in tense and painful areas on muscles. The technique is suitable for acute and chronic problems. It is used in the state of pain and limited range of motion in the spine, after surgery (Achilles tendon, knee, shoulder), after injuries, headaches and various pains of the locomotor system.
It based on an interview with the patient and the implementation of specific tests to determine the functional status of the patient. With the patient we set short-term goals, which are oriented to maximize independence in the narrower and broader living environment. Therapy includes activities to improve muscle strength, mental activities, promotion and preservation of social skills, learning everyday activities and actions to improve oral-motor control.

In addition to the continuing education of physiotherapists in Thermana Laško we follow the technological innovations in the field of physiotherapy. The newer and more powerful appliances can significantly shorten the time of the rehabilitation and increase its effectiveness. On the Physiotherapy Department of Physiotherapy in Thermana Laško, we pride ourselves with top-quality appliances, with which we carry out the following therapies:

Technological innovations:
The shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a highly technically perfected non-invasive therapy that uses shock waves which build and strengthen healing processes and quality regeneration in the tissue. The therapy is highly effective in different subacute and chronic disorders of the musculoskeletal system, such as pain due to degenerative changes and calcium deposits tendons (shoulder, Achilles tendon, heel, foot, elbow, knee, hip) or chronic muscle pain in the neck or back pain (muscle knots).
Is a therapy which immediately increases local blood circulation, reduces pain, improves elasticity and mobility through deep heating. The heat stimulates the nerve fibers, accelerates the transfer of nerve impulses and relieves pain. It is mainly used for acute, subacute and chronic injuries to muscles and bones.
Is characterized by a high energy density, peak power, short duration of therapy as well as easy and safe to use. Therapy with the K-laser helps in faster healing of damaged tissue, has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, stimulates metabolic processes and improves vascular and nerve functioning.
Is an anti-pain therapy, which has a direct impact on cellular metabolism. It significantly relieves pain in a way that has not yet been achieved with conventional electrotherapy. It is suitable for patients suffering from knee and hip wear, patients with lumbar or cervical syndrome and frozen shoulder syndrome.
Is exercise on a vibrating plate, which stimulates the body's natural response to vibration. Training on the HyperVibe device causes instability in the body and therefore with each vibration forces the body into reflexive muscle action. The vibrations activate more than 90 % of the muscle fibers, which means that the muscle-stabilizers, which are otherwise difficult to activate, are also activated.

Outpatient Physiotherapy

In Thermana Laško we perform outpatient physiotherapy for the local area and the wider surroundings. You can make an appointment on the basis of orders issued by your general practitioner or a medical specialist of physiotherapy, traumatology, orthopedics ... When ordering the degree of urgency that is written on the work order, is taken into account.


  • In person: you bring the work order to the reception of the Physiotherapy.
  • By mail to the following address: send the work order by mail with all the necessary information that we need to inform you about the date of the beginning of the therapies (telephone number, address, e-mail).

The current waiting period:
  • Degree of urgency VERY FAST: 10 weeks,
  • Degree of urgency ROUTINE: 35 weeks.

Physiatric Therapy's reception desk working hours:
Monday to Friday: 7:00 to 15:30.
Saturday: 7:00 to 15:00.

Physiotherapy working hours:
Monday to Friday: 7:00 to 19:30.
Saturday: 7:30 to 15:00.

If you want to use accommodation in our health resort during the outpatient physiotherapy therapies, you need sign up to the physical therapy first following the instructions above. You can book your accommodation after we determine the beginning date of the therapies.

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Self-funding Physiotherapy

For the process of rehabilitation to be successful it is extremely important that the procedures of physical therapy and / or occupational therapy begin as soon as possible after an injury, surgery, diseases or the occurrence of acute and chronic problems, which is due to the long queues in the context of the Slovene primary health care often impossible. Self-payment physiotherapy is one of your options to receive help from our professional trained therapists as soon as possible. It is implemented in the new premises, equipped with superior technology.

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