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Modern holidays with a motorhome with a view of the magnificent Savinja

Vacationing with a motorhome has become popular in Slovenia in recent years and has more and more enthusiastic followers. Near the Thermana Laško hotel complex, there are two parking lots for motorhomes, which, in addition to all the facilities, also have one of the most beautiful views, a view of the calm stream of the Savinja. But in addition to the exceptional view of the slow Savinja, we offer you many additional activities for younger and older travelers.
There are more and more mobile homes on wheels or motorhomes on Slovenian roads. During and after the epidemic, the number of those who enjoy their holidays in their own way has increased. The pace of life is tiring, so it is recommended to relax and not rush during the vacation. So it is good to stop at some stop for a long time. In Thermana Laško, we offer many interesting things to free, modern vacation seekers.

Parking for motorhomes

The parking lot for motorhomes is located right next to the Savinja river and in the immediate vicinity of the hotel complex Thermana Park Laško. It has 16 parking spaces for motorhomes, 4 power supply units with two connections for drinking water and four connections for electricity. The comfort offered by the stop includes the possibility of water and electricity supply, the disposal of faeces and waste water directly at the stop, the appropriate height of connections and drains, and the possibility of fixed connections for fresh drinking water and waste water. It is just a few steps away from the hotel complex and three steps away from the water fun under the glass dome.

Parkirišče za avtodome s čudovitim pogledom na Savinjo
Another parking lot for motorhomes is near the Hotel Zdravilišče Laško. It has 4 parking spaces for motorhomes. The basic equipment of the supply sanitary unit includes two connections for fresh drinking water, four external sockets, a cabinet with switches, a meter and a fuse, and a siphon with a seal against odors.

Experiences for children

It's really interesting to get to know the world with a mobile home on wheels, but it's good to break up the routine driving with a completely different activity. In addition to your own comfort in the motorhome, you can complement your vacation with the many services of Thermana Laško - from swimming pools, saunas, wellness to children's water experiences, children's wellness offers or VR experiences. We have no doubt that every member of the family will find their favorite way of entertainment.
What do children prefer to antics in swimming pools? Let your days in the motorhome be punctuated by a jump into the swimming pools, which are perfectly located in Thermana Park, one of the most modern thermal centers in Slovenia.

For the youngest, there is a children's water playground, slightly older children will be delighted with the slide and fast river, and for the fearless, the best fun will be the wave pool. Our children enjoy the many water experiences under the glass dome with the company of experienced and qualified animators, who are good company both at the pools and in the evening mini club, where they playfully create, exercise, strengthen their brains and motor skills, of course they are having fun with the mascot Little Kingfisher.
Swimming in the Laško thermal water is also recommended for parents. Movement in thermal water is good for the body, as it stimulates the immune system, relaxes muscle tissue, improves circulation and has an anti-rheumatic effect. We encourage our guests to drink thermal water regularly. Drinking thermal water helps detoxify the body.

Potovanje z avtodomom in otroki

Wellness pampering after a tiring drive in the motorhome

A long drive tires the driver and also the passengers. If you feel tired and have the feeling "as if someone ran over you", in our wellness complex we offer you many massages to heal your tired body, as well as many other options to bring your body back into balance. To eliminate muscle tension, choose a suitable massage from a wide range of diverse massages, for special wellness treatments we have drawn inspiration from our local environment and woven into them the traditions of beekeeping and brewing. We were the first in Slovenia to develop unique honey pampering, as honey not only has a healing effect in the body, but also on it. We are also the first in beer pampering. Ayurvedic wellness treatments, based on traditional medicine originating in India, are also a specialty of our program.
But we have not only prepared a wellness experience for parents, but also for children. We have prepared children's wellness treatments and care for them. You can choose between wellness pampering for little princes and princesses, as well as pampering for almost grown-up teenagers. We especially recommend the chocolate massage, which will not disappoint any of them, as the smell will transport them to the world of chocolate pleasures, and the cocoa extract will nourish their young skin.
For a good balance, a visit to the saunas is also recommended. Our Sauna Center has seven saunas, built in a modern style with a touch of the history of Laško. There are Finnish saunas in the shape of Kozjansko's house, outdoor sauna Kristal, steam sauna in the shape of a beer brewing cauldron, infrared sauna in the shape of a wagon, Laconium with linden aroma and sauna Sanarium. Next to the saunas there is also a smaller cooling pool and a pool with heated thermal water and massage jets.

Wellness tretmaji po naporni vožnji z avtodomom

An excellent catering offer made from local delicacies

Everyone is their own boss in the motorhome, but sometimes different food, prepared by experienced culinary chefs, is a need. In our thermal complex, we have an offer for various demanding eaters. On our plates, you can find indigenous dishes from the Laško area and, above all, taste seasonal food produced by local farmers. We are proud of the Tastes of Laško quality mark, which proves the top quality of food from local producers. The "Tastes of Laško" menu is based on the diversity and variety of produce and foods available in the local area. We have woven into it foods that are included in the food pyramid of Laško, such as Laško beer, honey and heated cream, which is a culinary specialty of this part of Slovenia.
You should not leave Laško without trying Laško honey pie, our house specialty. When tasting homemade honey pie, the flavors of honey, cottage cheese, overheated cream and walnuts intertwine. With its deliciousness and creativity, the Laško dessert quickly found its way to the hearts of our guests and became a destination dessert. In it, you will feel respect for the foods that make it up, the high quality of which requires a lot of time and patience.
In addition to local and homemade food, you can try something completely different in our kitchen, that is, Ayurvedic cuisine with the scents of India. In the ancient Indian treasury of health, food is considered the most important medicine. According to tradition, in addition to what we consume, how we consume it is also very important. A true ayurvedic balanced meal is enriched with herbs and spices that improve taste, stimulate metabolism, improve digestibility and absorption of ingredients.
We will surely impress your children with refreshments by the pool. Special Kingfisher menus are available in the pool restaurant. For those days when it is allowed to eat something fried and quickly prepared.

Izvrstna gostinska ponudba na poti

Vacations with a motorhome allow full contact with nature

Due to the busy working hours and the rhythm of life, we are all too often not in contact with nature. Nature is abundant around Themana Laško. There is a spa park near the parking lot for motorhomes, there are wonderful hiking trails along Savinja, and longer mountain trails are available for those with more fitness. If you stay with us for a longer time, we invite you to walk the Rečiška mountain path, which leads along the peaks that surround the nearby valley.
If you stay in the valley, you can experience a particularly lucky coincidence by the river Savinja. With a little patience and a lot of luck, you will be able to see the kingfisher, one of our most colorful birds, which only nests in the cleanest areas. We are proud and happy that he chose the banks of the Savinja as his home.

Pohodniške poti v bližini parkirišča za avtodome

Possibilities for outdoor play

On the edge of the Zdravilišče park in Laško stands a castle fortress, which, with the first spring sun, is waiting for knights and princesses to conquer it and strengthen their motor skills on it. Children's toys are made from environmentally friendly materials and according to the highest standards. Towers, slides, catwalks and climbing frames await the youngest. When the children are tired and you want a good cup of coffee, visit the Park cafe.

Počitnice z avtodomom so primerne za otroke

A walk around the city and its surroundings

Laško is a city that offers a diverse cultural, sports and touristic pulse. In addition to numerous hiking trails, there are also natural and cultural attractions. The city center is only a few minutes away from the motorhome parking lot. Take a walk through the old city center, admire the old buildings with a rich history, stop at the Laško Museum or the Laško Library. For a special cultural and sacred experience, take a trip to the picturesque Rečiška valley, where there is a beautiful church designed according to the plans of Janez Valentinčič, the assistant of the famous architect Jožef Plečnik. Its influence can be seen, among other things, in the shape of the bell tower with balconies and domes that direct the ringing across the valley. The church, built in 1939, was the first in Slovenia to be dedicated to Blessed Anton Martin Slomšek in 2000.

Odlična destinacija z postajališčem za avtodome

An attractive discovery of history

When the children have had enough of water antics, we invite them to the VR experience room, where they can learn about the history of the Counts of Celje in a different and interactive way with the help of virtual reality. The experience was also awarded by the Slovenian Tourist Organization. We recently upgraded the VR center with new experiences. In addition to discovering history, we have added interactive sports experiences such as billiards, table tennis, bowling, basketball, golf and other sports, with the death train they can step into the darkness of space, the world of dinosaurs and canyons. For those who like to solve enigmatic puzzles, a VR escape room will be an excellent choice. Even if we suggested the entertainment for teenagers, parents will also enjoy VR experiences.

Soba VR doživetij za popestritev po naporni vožnji

Discounts in Thermana Laško for all guests of the motorhome parking lot

In addition to all the listed experiences, a motorhome stop at Thermana Laško offers another very important additional benefit. We offer various discounts on tickets for swimming pools and saunas within the pool complex to the guests of the motorhome parking lot.
May your vacation at the lower reaches of Savinja remain a wonderful memory for a long time!

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