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In May, Thermana Laško, a well-being company, celebrates its 165th anniversary. 165 years have passed since the supervisor of the Vienna–Trieste railway construction in Laško accidentally stumbled on thermal springs and immediately recognized a great story.
The hot springs had previously been known only by the locals, and this man used them to create a resort for wealthy Viennese. The resort boasted the emperor’s name – Kaiser Franz Josephs Bad. During the period of both World Wars, a new meaning was given to the spa. This was the beginning of a fast rise of medical rehabilitation, which was regarded as the driving force of the spas for many years.
Today, the spa is a modern medical rehabilitation centre, specialized for diseases, such as: conditions following injuries and orthopaedic surgeries, neurological diseases, injuries and diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, including cerebrovascular insults and neuromuscular disorders; conditions following a stroke, etc. Today, rehabilitation teams use an individual and professional approach, trying to achieve or at least get as close as possible to the level of health, as it was before the disease or injury. The medical rehabilitation centre focuses on the treatment of the locomotor system diseases, therefore appropriate medical programmes have been prepared, which can be adjusted to each individual based on their medical condition.
In addition to rehabilitation programmes, the spa has expanded its portfolio of services in the recent decades, and it now offers services also to guests who come to Laško for wellness vacation, sports trainings, business meetings, etc. For those guests, coming to business meetings, a Thermana Park building with a unique glass dome, a hotel and a conference centre was built. It was given a new name – Thermana d. d. – and last year it celebrated its 10 years anniversary of offering a varied and wide portfolio of services.
The company Thermana d. d., once known under the name of Zdravilišče Laško, has a rich tradition and is today one of the most important Slovenian spas and tourist centres, which offers the quality of life and culture of a healthy lifestyle for all generations.
It is also a hotel-tourist company, established both in the domestic as well as the foreign markets, constantly seeking new opportunities for growth and expansion of programs.
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Archive of latest news

14.05.2019 In May, Thermana Laško, a well-being company, celebrates its 165th anniversary. 

28.01.2019 Until the end of June 2019, we are planning to be renovating part of the Zdravilišče Laško hotel.

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03.07.2018 We are happy to announce that we have won an excellent 2nd place in the category of the best thermal resorts at the European Health & Spa Award.

16.05.2018 In a well-known survey of the most trusted brands and personalities of Reader's Digest Slovenia, which has been running for its 12.year, we received the prestigious title in the SPA category.