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Boutique »craft« beer of Thermana


In cooperation with the "craft" brewery Clef from Savinjska valley in Slovenia, we present you the boutique Thermana "craft" beer, prepared from carefully selected hops and with proven brewing procedures.
There are light and dark versions available in Thermana's offer. The beers got their names from a pun on the name of our company - Thermana. These are:
THE MAN – Blonde Ale
A light golden yellow craft beer with a taste of mild hop bitterness and the pleasant sweetness of orange peel, brewed from two new types of Slovenian hops Stryan Dragon and Stryan Fox, which is an excellent refreshment on hot summer days.
4,5 % Alc./Vol.
A stronger dark craft beer with a creamy beer foam and a fuller taste will please even the most demanding drinkers. In the beer, the flavors of two types of hops are intertwined: Savinjska Golding and Cardinal. The final touch will be roasted barley malts, which will give the beer a touch of chocolate, caramel, and coffee.
6 % Alc. /Vol.
Already available in coffee bars of Thermana.

"The Minister of Health warns: Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to health!"
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