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What are the Tastes of Laško in Thermana?

Thermana is participating as a partner in the project »Taste the Rural Diversity«. As part of the project, a collective brand »Taste Laško« was established, which connects local suppliers and buyers and promotes gastronomy that is typical for Laško.
We decided to participate because we have guests from all over the world who we want to impress with nature, experiences and also with cuisine. We advocate sustainable tourism, so in the offer of food and drinks we offer fresh, seasonal and local. We try to get the ingredients as much as possible in our immediate vicinity, so that the path from the field to the plate is as short as possible.
At Thermana, we have created the "Tastes of Laško" menu, which is based on the diversity and variety of products and food from the local environment. We put Laško beer, honey and overheated cream in it.
Food and beverages with certificate »Taste Laško«:
House biscuits Tastes of Laško (honey spelt biscuits, walnut triangles with overheated cream, corn biscuits with raisins)
Homemade apple jam with elderberry
Honey lemonade with mint
Laško honey pie is our house specialty. It is made from top quality ingredients of local origin, from overheated cream, which is a culinary specialty of this part of Slovenia. When tasted, the flavors of honey, cottage cheese, overheated cream and walnuts intertwine. With its taste and creativity, Laško honey pie quickly became a destination dessert.
Vegetarian menu: potato strudel with millet porridge, herbal - vegetable veloute, bean fries, parsley puree, honey glazed vegetables)
Menu »Taste Laško«:
- Foam of smoked trout with horseradish sauce, in beer marinated trout slices, poached trout cannelloni in crispy wrapper
- Herb and potato soup
- The back of a young cattle with spinach and mushrooms wrapped in pork net, dark beer sauce, cottage cheese »kipnik«, beer dumplings, corn »polenta« with mint, vegetables
- Cake made of overheated cream, roasted plums with honey, yogurt, cottage cheese, walnuts
Welcome to try the newly created dishes and drinks at Thermana!
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