Bowen therapy for babies

Bowen therapy for babies


Bowen therapy for babies is a gentle manual therapy aimed at at physical and energetic stimulation of the body.Stimulates self-healing processes, reduces pain and relaxes.

The therapist acts on the body through two systems: the connective tissue and the nervous system, with gentle transverse strokes over the muscle-connective tissue in specific areas and in a certain sequence (so-called Bowen strokes). A special feature of the therapy is also the intervals between the movements, because by moving away from the patient, we enable the body to respond to the stimuli introduced into it. Many Bowen strokes coincide with acupuncture points and lymphatic regions in the body, so the therapy accelerates the flow of body fluids and improves the flow of energy to the internal organs. Bowen's interventions can cover the entire body or individual moves can be used only in the necessary locations. Bowen therapy accelerates self-healing processes in the body.

It has a beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system, which is why it often improves digestion, increases mental calm, and improves concentration. Babies and children also respond very well to gentle strokes.

Bowen therapy for babies can effectively eliminate or alleviate the following problems:

  • relieves cramps,
  • reduces restlessness,
  • relaxes muscle tension,
  • problems with sucking,
  • cry for no reason
  • hip failure,
  • damage to the sphincter muscle at birth,
  • erb's palsy (paralysis of the hand after birth),
  • teething problems
  • leakage of urine and stool in children,
  • tics in children,
  • spasticity, cerebral palsy,
  • frequent ear infections,
  • hyperactivity disorder,
  • attention problems
  • soft tissue injuries,
  • bronchitis, laryngitis, asthma.

The therapy has a positive effect on the baby's nervous system, which is not yet developed in the first months.

Bowen therapy for babies is one of the few therapies for those suffering from a traumatic birth experience. In this case, we suggest Bowen therapy for babies immediately after birth.

Also, this therapy can have a positive effect on the baby's problems with feeding, sleeping, respiratory system, hip defects and teething.

If you are not sure whether Bowen therapy for babies can help your child, you can contact us via email or phone number. Based on the described problems, we will be able to advise you on the best therapy.

Bowen's therapy is performed on the baby in those places where there is tension or a certain restriction that we want to eliminate. Most often, therapy is performed on the back, abdomen and neck of babies (can also be on other points). The therapist focuses on those parts of the body where the baby has tensions or restrictions. Bowen's strokes are specific and extremely gentle.

Bowen's therapy for babies can be performed even with newborns. It is recommended for those who had a traumatic birth, as we help the baby immediately after birth.

The main advantages of Bowen therapy for babies compared to other therapies and treatment techniques:

  • quick and good response of the baby to therapy,
  • relaxation of stiffness and muscle tension in the body,
  • activation of digestion,
  • elimination of hiccups and reflux,
  • stimulation of digestive and respiratory functions,
  • without negative effects.

We can rarely see that after Bowen's therapy for babies, the child bursts into tears, which is the reason for somato-emotional relaxation. As with adults, signs of short-term malaise may also appear in babies (during the first treatments).

How often should a baby visit Bowen therapy?

Bowen therapy for babies is performed at least three times. Babies are also different, so the number of treatments needed for the same problem may vary. If you are interested in additional information about Bowen therapy for babies, you can contact us via email or phone number.

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