Bowen therapy

Bowen therapy


Bowen therapy is a gentle manual therapy aimed at physical and energetic stimulation of the body. It stimulates self-healing processes, reduces pain and relaxes.

Bowen therapy comes from Australia and is named after the local therapist Tom Bowen. In Australia, this form of treatment is also the most widespread and is even included in the program of the health insurance companies.

It developed in the second half of the 20th century, and due to its many positive effects, it later made its way around the world. It first spread to New Zealand, then to North America and later to Europe.

What is Bowen's move?

The therapist acts on the body through two systems: the connective tissue and the nervous system, with gentle transverse strokes over the muscle-connective tissue in specific areas and in a specific sequence (these Bowen strokes). The special feature of the therapy is also the intervals between the movements, because by moving away from the patient, we enable the body to respond to the stimuli introduced into it. Many Bowen strokes coincide with acupuncture points and lymphatic regions in the body, so the therapy accelerates the flow of body fluids and improves the flow of energy to the internal organs. Bowen's interventions can cover the entire body, or individual moves can be used only in the necessary locations. Bowen therapy accelerates self-healing processes in the body.

One of the main differences between Bowen therapy and other forms of therapy is certainly the possibility of treatment regardless of your age. It is such a gentle manual therapy that it is even suitable for babies. The therapy can also be performed on newborns who have post-natal trauma.

Bowen therapy is a gentle treatment technique. The therapy is performed with hands on bare skin (without oils) or over thin clothes on different parts of the body.

Why do they recommend it?

It is effective in eliminating lymphatic congestion, problems with the elbow or knee (pain, injury, tennis elbow), is often part of a rehabilitation program after a stroke, relieves pregnancy problems such as lower back pain, leg swelling, nausea. The effectiveness of the method is extremely broad. Bowen therapy is increasingly being used to relieve the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome and other systemic diseases.

It has a beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system, which is why it often improves digestion, increases mental calm and improves concentration. Babies and children also respond very well to gentle strokes. Bowen therapy for babies relieves colics in babies, reduces restlessness, relaxes muscle tension. . .

During the therapy, it is common to feel the flow of energy throughout the body, a feeling of weightlessness and floating. Some movements can also be felt in other parts of the body where the therapist does not perform the movements.

Bowen therapy for babies

Bowen therapy for babies is one of the few therapies that we can perform on our youngest. If your baby has a traumatic birth experience, we suggest that you decide to perform Bowen therapy for babies as soon as possible. We recommend it for all babies who have problems with feeding, sleeping, respiratory system, hip defects...

In infants, Bowen therapy is used to correct or alleviate the following problems:

  • relieves cramps,
  • reduces restlessness,
  • relaxes muscle tension,
  • helps in the development of the digestive system,
  • problems with sucking,
  • crying for no reason,
  • hip defects,
  • damage to the sphincter muscle at birth,
  • teething problems,
  • leakage of urine and stool in children,
  • tics in children,
  • spasticity, cerebral palsy,
  • frequent ear infections,
  • hyperactivity disorder,
  • attention problems
  • soft tissue injuries,
  • bronchitis, laryngitis, asthma.

By clicking on Bowen therapy for children, you can read the entire article that we have prepared just for this topic.

Bowen therapy price list

At Thermana, we have prepared various Bowen therapy packages for you.

Bowen therapy for adults in Thermana Laško takes 55 minutes.

Bowen therapy for babies takes 30 minutes.

Bowen's therapy and reaction to it

Your body will react to Bowen therapy with different reactions already during the therapy itself. Due to the different stimuli of your body, the sensations may be different. The strongest reactions can be expected after the first and second therapy.

These are positive changes in the body that help us establish our internal balance. Various reddish spots may appear on the skin during and after therapy. Your muscles will become softer, you will feel tingling and warm, and in some cases cold and will experience muscle spasms.

After Bowen therapy, some people experience mild muscle soreness and an increased need for hydration. It is also possible to urinate or pass stool more often, and unusual emotional reactions may occur. Each body tries to eliminate toxins from the body in a different way.

Bowen therapy has no negative side effects, so it is suitable for all people, regardless of their age.

Bowen therapy and infertility

Bowen therapy also helps you with infertility problems. Infertility problems present an additional burden for couples. According to the latest data, as many as one in five couples in Slovenia have problems with infertility. Since we are not aware of this problem before planning children, the whole process of creating their family is psychologically very stressful for many couples.

Bowen's therapy may be the right solution for you, in which both the expectant mother and father must participate. With its help, you will discover the causes of infertility and eliminate them.

Bowen therapy:

  • balances the hormonal system
  • stabilizes and balances the pelvic area
  • regulates the menstrual cycle
  • improves male and female fertility
  • relieves emotional and psychological stress
  • has a positive effect on the central nervous system

Bowen therapy and depression

Bowen therapy can also help with depression problems. Research has proven that Bowen therapy has an immediate effect on our autonomic nervous system.

It is a part of the nervous system that works independently of our consciousness. With the help of Bowen's therapy, you will balance the autonomic nervous system, so we recommend it to anyone who has problems with depression.

How to get the best effect from Bowen's therapy

As a well-being company, we at Thermana Laško want to offer the best services in this area as well.

To achieve the best results, your body needs to be well prepared, so don't forget to hydrate before the treatment. We recommend that you start taking care of your hydration intensively a few days before the therapy, but do not overdo it with drinking water.

After the therapy, some people feel tired and sleepy, while others are full of energy. We suggest that after Bowen therapy you listen to your body and monitor your feelings and note down the signs of change that you have noticed in yourself.

Adequate hydration is also required after Bowen therapy. In Thermana Laško you can drink some of our healing thermal water. Since the healing effects of the Laško thermal water have also been scientifically proven, water is used as the main healing factor in medical rehabilitation. By clicking on - thermal water - you can read all about our healing water.

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