Vital wellness


Discover the secret of Vital Wellness, a winning combination of mind, body and spirit energy techniques. With holistic support and effective tools based on the energy of thoughts, food for energy and energy exercises, we invite more lightness, relaxation and vitality into our lives, which is the foundation for our health and well-being.

With you is Vita, the first wellness coach of the Energy for Life program in Slovenia, who helps you discover your inner strength with her professional knowledge, personal approach and inspiring guidance. Together we create a space where your wishes and goals are transformed into reality, with daily steps towards a better and more vital tomorrow.


Access Bars treatment (60 min)
55,00 €
Invite more lightness into your life with the Access Bars technique, which with the help of 32 points on the head frees our thoughts and beliefs, has a beneficial effect on the entire body and opens up new possibilities!

Metamorphic technique (30 min)
35 €
Metamorphic massage liberates vital energy with a special technique on the feet, hands and head and acts on the reflex zones of the spine. After the treatment, you will feel reborn!

Energy Facelift (60 min)
55 €
Energy facelift is a natural face and décolleté rejuvenation treatment that erases signs of aging. It is a wonderful way to rejuvenate your face and body completely naturally, from the inside out, and to reverse the aging process. With it, you will shine again in your natural beauty and satisfaction. 

Nutrition counseling (45 min)
55 €
It is an individual nutritional consultation based on the individual's eating habits. Depending on weight, height and age, we suggest dietary guidelines for changing dietary habits and improving well-being.

Food menu 
30 €
Based on the body composition analysis, we determine the appropriate nutritional menu. We also add interesting, modern recipes to the menu to spice up your daily diet.

Individual energy exercises with meditation (45 min)
30 €
Energy exercises are designed to release tension and increase the flow of energy in the body. They have a positive effect on both the physical and mental body of the individual. We end the exercises with meditation.

Energy for Life workshop (120 min)
55 €
A workshop where you will learn how to attract an abundance of energy into your everyday life in a simple way and with the help of tools to strengthen awareness, food for energy, energy balance techniques and energy exercises to ensure health, well-being and the will to make life changes.

Wellness chat (50 min)
55 €
wellness chat is an introductory conversation to create a personalized coaching program that may include awareness tools, nutritional guidance, energy exercises and other vital wellness services.



Wellness back massage + Access Bars treatment (30 min + 60 min)
81 € 

Reflex zone foot massage + Metamorphic
technique (30 min + 30 min)

63 € 

Wellness back massage + Energy Facelift (30 min + 60 min)
81 € 

Aromawickel + Nutritional counseling (45 min + 45 min)
90 €


Reservations on tel. 03 423 2045 or e-mail address:

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The renovation will last from June 3 until the expected end of August 2024.

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