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It has been Thermana’s desire to offer something new to our guests, therefore our spa therapists devised spa treatments that are performed with oil made of industrial hemp. They created a series of new services with the common feature of using biological products of industrial hemp.
Industrial hemp was already grown 2.800 years BC, but it has only gained recognition in the recent years. Hemp oil has a positive effect on the body. The healing effects of hemp help in preventing several diseases due to its composition. The usefulness of hemp is very diverse, ranging from fibre, edible seeds and edible oils to the use in medicine.

Did you know?
Hemp is interesting in industry because of its rapid growth, the quantity of produce as well as its quality and versatility. In addition, hemp thrives in over 50% of the Earth’s soil. Hemp has the strongest known plant fibre, which is why it can be used in various areas. From its stems, fibre is obtained for the production of textile, ropes, construction materials, plastics and biodiesel. Even in the past, hemp seeds were known not only as food for animals, but also as a supplement to the human nutrition, as they contain more protein than beef.
In order to accommodate various desires, we offer the following treatments:
Massage with hemp bundles (70 min.)                                         
The massage with hemp bundles includes a combination of massage movements by the therapist who uses heated hemp oil and a massage with hemp bundles. The content of the bundles is released with the help of steam and is applied to the skin as a blend of essential active ingredients, thereby softening and soothing the skin and improving its elasticity. The massage is recommended for alleviating problems with dry and chapped skin and has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. At the same time, it soothes the body and mind, relaxes muscle tension, stimulates blood circulation as well as having a positive effect on the elimination of toxins and excess water from the body.

Detoxification with hemp (60 min.)                                                
With a mild body scrub, dead skin cells are gently exfoliated and at the same time, skin pores are opened for better absorption of the active ingredients of hemp oil. The skin is nourished, beautiful, smooth and soft.

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