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Is a gentle manual technique by which we accelerate the drainage of the lymph fluid from the parts of the body, where it stagnates.

The goal is to reduce the lymphedema and prevent potential complications. Manual lymph drainage is not a common form of massage. The technique is carried out by therapists with the appropriate knowledge and with the certificate of the Austrian teaching facility Dr.Vodder Academy International. With the help of special, gentle draining techniques (stationary circles, pressing, stretching and pushing techniques, etc.) we remove the lymphatic fluid from the tissues. Because the movements are repeated and in this way they stimulate and drain the lymphatic fluid from the parts of the body, where it stagnates.

Today, the most common cause of lymphedema is operational treatment of malignant tumours by removing the local lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are commonly removed as part of the treatment procedure in the case of breast cancer (armpit lymph nodes), in operations in the abdominal cavity (gynaecological surgery), where the inguinal lymph nodes removed. Lymphedema (swelling) does not necessarily develop overnight, it can occur several years after the operation. If there is no timely and appropriate measures, due to the accumulation of fluid, rich in proteins, cells that produce new connective tissue are activated. This leads to a build-up of "hard" edema, called fibrosis. Lymphedema also weakens the immune system of the skin. In the treatment of lymphedema we need to be aware of the many factors, so we adapt each therapy session. Before therapy begins, the greater the chance to prevent the progression of the disease. The most appropriate approach is combined physical therapy, which involves Manual lymph drainage, skin care, therapeutic exercises and compression bandaging or wearing compression garments.
In conjunction with respiratory exercises daily exercise stimulates lymphatic flow, increases and maintains a range of mobility of a limb, strengthens and maintains muscle strength. Swimming, exercise in water, walking and moderate aerobic exercise are recommended. It is necessary to be aware that this part of the body no longer has the capability to carry out all physiological processes as well as it did before the operation. The body is capable of to compensate the lack of functioning of the lymphatic system only for a limited time, it is therefore necessary to provide correct and timely treatment.

Female patients must receive a preventive and a complex treatment. This can be achieved with the participation of specialized therapist and the female patient, who must adapt her way of life to the tretment. Each lymphedema treatment must be tailored to the individual’s needs. Ultimate success will bring satisfaction to the female patient and her confident return to the social environment.
In Slovenia, there is a growing number of patients with lymphedema. In our surroundings there are many female patients after breast operation. Because we want to help them in the most effective way, the specialized therapists of Thermana decided for a broader approach to treating lymphedema. We have undertaken a course of manual lymphatic drainage following Dr.Vodder’s approach. Manual lymph drainage is carried out in the context of our self-funding therapeutic services.

Brigita Grašič, Senior Physical Therapist, Lymphedema Therapist
Romana Gomilšek, Senior Physical Therapist, Lymphedema Therapist
Marjetka Kugler Frece, Bachelor's Degree Physical Therapist, Lymphedema Therapist
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