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In Zdravilišče Laško we realized years ago that with the back pain patients it is extremely important not only to learn the proper implementation of the exercises, but to be also aware of the causes of pain and above all learn a different, the proper way of life. Therefore, we designed health education and prevention program for healthy back - School against back pain, which will soon celebrate 25 years of operation.

Program is being developed all the time, complemented by innovations and new techniques in learning the exercises and is successfully carried out even today. It is designed for those who have already experienced pain and perhaps even experience it at the moment and for all those who want to do something today so that tomorrow they can live their life in high quality and without pain. Usefulness of School against back pain has already been identified by a number of employers who allow their employees to attend the school and thereby show concern for their employees well-being in the workplace and thus also enhance the performance of the company.
A growing number of satisfied participants through the program demonstrates that School against back pain is the right decision:
  • to acquaint the patients with the basic anatomy and physiology of the spine,
  • to acquaint themselves with prevention in everyday life at home and in the workplace (see the correct posture when sitting, standing and walking and the use of proper beds)
  • learn correct breathing, relaxation techniques and pain relief situations,
  • learn proper lifting and carrying of loads,
  • learn to stretch specific muscles responsible for back problems,
  • learn to strengthen and to properly tense the deep muscles responsible for the stability of the lumbar spine,
  • learn the proper implementation of exercises in different positions of the body.
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