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Pampering for two

It takes a lot of understanding, patience, love, acceptance, and a lot of time spent in two to be able to talk about a good partnership or marriage. At Thermana Laško we have many ideas on how to enrich, consolidate and revive love between partners. Our first ace card is pampering for two. With the help of romance, intimacy, relaxation and peace, light an even stronger flame of love.
  What do you do when you feel that daily commitments are tiring your relationship? Are you pretending that this is not the case and that tomorrow will be better, or are you going into action and choosing a romantic getaway for two? At Thermana Laško we are for the latter. Love is the key that opens the door to happiness and let happiness begin in our premises, in pampering for two.


A romantic getaway for two

In two, everything is easier, but the duality must have strong bonds. Romance is always welcome to rebuild ties that rust over time. The package, with which we were thinking mainly of you, includes a lot, but by no means too much, so that not everything is too much.
First, the daily impatience needs to be calmed down with a romantic bath. On our list we have a thermal bath with hydromassage, which is recommended when back pain, neck and shoulder pain, as well as other chronic pain occur. However, it has a beneficial effect on mental well-being, as it additionally helps to alleviate stress.
The Coconut Dream Bath is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The sweet smell of coconut calls for a break. We complemented the relaxing bath with a glass of sparkling wine and coconut balls. In addition to Coconut Dreams, we offer another tropical surprise, a mango-scented bath. We also offer mango liqueur and fruit.

We must not miss the special wellness treatments, for which we drew inspiration from our local environment and weaved the tradition of beekeeping into them. The most suitable for relaxing and invigorating the body is a salt bath.
In addition to a romantic bath for two and unlimited visits to the pools, a special pleasure is a romantic dinner in our restaurant overlooking the peaceful Savinja river.
The price of the package already includes an exceptional dinner at the Pavus restaurant at Tabor Castle above Laško. This is one of the best Slovenian restaurants run by chef Marko Pavčnik. Restaurant Pavus - Tabor Laško Castle is the owner of the Michelin plate award, which rewards fresh ingredients, carefully prepared and good meals. Is this a strong enough hint to taste dinner in a restaurant above Laško in a more than 1000-year-old mansion?
After a night of love, breakfast in bed is a must. We will serve you breakfast with Tastes of Laško and we are sure that with new energy you will get the motivation for a better day with the thought that peace in heart, a full stomach and a happy relationship are easier to tackle daily challenges.

Time for us

In Thermana Laško we offer a special package Time for us, which is colored with wellness and cuisine. It offers a basket full of romance to spice up your daily routine. First of all, there should be a romantic bath for two, conceived as a time machine in the past, in the fifties. A romantic candlelight, a cocktail and a fruit-chocolate skewer conjure up a carefree feeling of relaxation. Treat your better half to an unforgettable experience.
This can be followed by a visit to many pools in our Thermana Park Laško, in one of the most modern thermal centers in Slovenia. Enjoy relaxation in our soothing thermal water under a magical and unique glass dome and detoxify your body and relax your spirit in themed saunas.
Swimming in Laško thermal water invigorates, revitalizes and detoxifies. The therapeutic effects of our natural thermal water have been known since history, as it has a beneficial effect on the whole body. The main features of the Thermal Center are diverse and inspiring water relaxations under a beautiful glass dome, which has a special magic in the evenings. On Fridays, night swimming is available until 10pm and we have no doubt you will find some lucky star in the sky for your solid relationship.

This is followed by a romantic dinner in the A la carte restaurant of the Thermana Park Hotel Laško. We offer premium, selected and top quality food for which the ingredients are produced by local food producers. We are proud of the Taste of Laško quality mark, which we proudly implement. We serve you dishes and drinks with Laško specialties, such as Laško house soup, Menu "Tastes of Laško", Laško gingerbread and Honey lemonade with mint.
After serving breakfast in bed, which also includes local culinary features, including walnuts, apples and honey, we suggest a few minutes of lying in bed. You can leave the room later than usual. Before leaving home, we recommend a short walk in the park near the hotel, where you can improve flow of energy in the body with the help of six energy points. All with the desire that good energy lasts even after leaving our premises.



Romantic getaway with beer pampering

And let's not forget the Beer Wellness programme, where we've combined the brewing tradition of the region, wellness pampering and exceptional cuisine. It is a unique package full of romance, enriched with a beer body massage and a beer-themed culinary experience in the A la carte restaurant of the Thermana Park Laško Hotel.

The icing on the cake is a real beer surprise and relaxation under the magical glass dome, where you can enjoy unlimited pampering, swim in the soothing thermal water and enjoy the view of unspoilt nature.

For the perfect weekend for two, head to our natural surroundings for a beer and flower tour of Laško, leading from the thermal spring water to the legendary beers of the Laško Brewery and the excellent cuisine of the Pavus Restaurant at Tabor Castle.

Pivovsko razvajanje

Honey pampering for two

In line with our bee-friendly philosophy, Thermana Laško was the first in Slovenia to develop honey-based body and facial care programmes. Honey is also the basis for our unique package for a getaway for two - Honey Pampering, which is intertwined with wellness and culinary experiences.

To brighten your daily routine and rekindle your love, the package offers a honey menu in the A la carte restaurant of the Thermana Park Hotel Laško and a honey massage, which effectively detoxifies the body, relaxes and improves immune resistance.

Honey is an integral part of a healthy diet, and in Laško it is included in various dishes and desserts. Thus, as a honey surprise in the package, we offer you Laško honey pie, a destination dessert made from honey, heated cream and walnuts, which is the proud holder of the quality certificate "Taste of Laško".

Medeni wellness

A getaway for two with a unique culinary experience

What's better than magical moments for two? Add to that good food by candlelight and it's the best choice for those who are food lovers and want a weekend full of romance and new experiences.

In the Gourmet & Wellness package, we have prepared exceptional culinary experiences for couples, enriched with relaxation in the Wellness Spa Centre of the Thermana Park Laško Hotel and pampering under the unique glass dome. It is suitable for all those who like to indulge their taste buds and discover new flavours. The package includes dinner in the Pavus restaurant at Tabor Castle Laško and in the modern Galerija okusov restaurant in Novo Celje.

Both restaurants offer unforgettable experiences and exceptional culinary creations. When you enter the castle ambience of the Pavus Restaurant, you are ready for cuisine with wild elegance. One of Slovenia's best restaurants is managed by Chef Marko Pavčnik, who loves to add wild food, herbs and local ingredients to his culinary creations. Here, you will be served a 5-course menu in the cosy ambience of the castle's scenic courtyard or in the warm shelter of the castle tower.

A completely different ambience awaits you in the modern restaurant Galerija okusov, set in the middle of a beautiful baroque park. The 4-course menu will be made up of local ingredients and rich flavours you won't be able to resist.

Kulinarično doživetje na gradu in v sodobni restavraciji z vrhunsko kulinariko

Free afternoon for love

When there is no time for a free weekend, all day or weekend pampering for two, it is good to choose at least a free afternoon. We have mentioned to you many options for swimming under a glass dome in times when it is cold outside, or in the outdoor swimming pool in the warmer parts of the year. If you are a fan of the sauna and its healthy features, then jump to our saunas, of which we have as many as seven, built in a modern style with a touch of the history of Laško. If you come to us just in time for the full moon, then a visit to the sauna is a must. The sauna has a good effect on the human body, as it flushes out all waste products and toxins from the body, but during the full moon, the power of the moon is even stronger and the effect is even greater.
Experts recommend sauna also because this activity is effective for the skin. The heat widens the pores and sweat removes dead cells and dirt. Sauna stimulates metabolism, strengthens the immune system and has a good effect on mental well-being. Many people also choose sauna because they sleep better after it. Also a big plus of the sauna is that you can warm up well on cold days.

Body balance massage

In our Wellness Spa Center Thermana Park we offer many massages to eliminate the restless spirit and calm the spirit. We offer shorter and longer massages with a touch of exoticism or local specialties. We are proud of the two-hour house ritual, which we named the Spring of Youth. Pampering relaxes muscles, eliminates fatigue and stimulates blood circulation. Your skin will become supple and moist again, digestion will be stimulated and energy balance will be created. This is really the best therapy for mental and physical relaxation, for the vitality of body and mind.

But if two hours is too much for you, choose shorter massages. Currently popular is Maderotherapy, massage with wooden waltzes. With it, we influence the acceleration of circulation and lymph in the body. It also has an effect on breaking down cellulite and improving the appearance of the skin. We offer sports massages, massages for future mothers and the ever-popular lymphatic drainage, which is an indispensable part of detoxifying the body. It is a preventive method that speeds up the removal of waste products and fluids from the body. But if you stay with the classics, then choose a classic massage.


A touch of India

The Western world is increasingly open to Eastern wisdom. Among them is Ayurveda, which has helped many with its comprehensive approach to health. He says our thoughts, diet and lifestyle affect our physical condition.
In our center, in addition to advice on Ayurvedic nutrition, we also offer Ayurvedic massages. Massages are available for relaxation, rejuvenation, as an aid in weight loss diet, to improve blood circulation, for more toned skin, treatment of insomnia and anti-fatigue. Also in our Ayurvedic center we offer individual yoga exercises to adapt to each individual. All for calming the spirit and emotional balance.

Sit on the bike ...

The sentence above is a bit adapted from the famous song of a Slovenian group and, similar to the one that celebrates youthful mischief, we have a suggestion in our spa for an afternoon picnic escape by bike. To set the day, take a bike ride to a picnic in the surroundings of our health resort. You are sure to find pleasant meadow or forest corners for a picnic. You choose a sunny day, we prepare a bike, a picnic basket with local delicacies, a picnic blanket and pampering for two can begin.

Thermal water to revitalize the spirit

Love without food and without water cannot do. The ancient Romans wrote about the healing effects of our thermal water, which originates from +under the Laško hills. For almost 170 years, Laško thermal water has been treating visitors to the spa and maintaining their well-being. The healing water, on which the offer of Thermana Laško is based, originates from a depth of 160 meters and has a temperature of 32 to 35 degrees Celsius. Movement in thermal water is good for the body, as it stimulates the immune system, relaxes muscle tissue, improves circulation, speeds up metabolism and has an anti-rheumatic effect.

We advise our guests to drink this healing water more often in addition to exercising in thermal water. Drinking thermal water helps to detoxify the body and has a beneficial effect on psychophysical balance. They say that in addition to improving your well-being, you can revitalize and rejuvenate a little with its power.

We put together all our packages and vacations for two with the thought that Valentine’s Day, day of love would not last just one day and only once a year. We want you to awaken love in yourself and your partner every day of the year. You know, in fairy tales everything looks so easy, you meet a prince or a princess and everything turns into magic. In real life, however, you have to conjure the magic yourself. Maybe with weekend pampering for two or easy pampering for two. Let us help you with the services of Thermana Laško.
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