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Picnic basket: Discover the magic of flavors in nature

In the shelter of nature, where the river roars, the smell of the green plantations of Laško, where the sun's rays play among the leaves of the trees, we invite you on a magical journey of flavors with the Laško picnic basket. Warm days are made for pampering in nature, for new experiences and new tastes.

In today's world, cuisine is not only a field of eating, but has become a real experience that combines tastes, smells and ambience into one unforgettable experience. The Laško picnic basket in Thermana Laško is an excellent example of how every bite can become part of your journey through local flavors.

The choice between Laško gourmet, Vega je chic or Gretimi romanticom is not just a choice of food, but a choice of atmosphere that you share with your loved ones in the nature of Laško.

Whether it's a trip with the family or a romantic picnic for two, a picnic basket allows you to indulge in the harmony of flavors and moments that you'll be happy to share and dream about for a long time.

A basket for every taste

Under the brand "Okusiti Laško" we present you three unique picnic baskets, which are made with you in mind:

Picnic basket in Thermana Laško

Laksh gourmet

Laški Gourmet is the perfect choice for lovers of the traditional flavors of Laško. It offers homemade dry sausage, young cheese from Kmetije Knez and herbal spread, all accompanied by fresh vegetables, homemade Okusi Laško cookies (walnut triangles with reheated cream), seasonal fruit, homemade bombetta and a refreshing homemade smoothie. The price also includes the rental of one bicycle for up to five hours and a picnic blanket.

Vegi picnic basket

Veggies are chic

Vegi je chic is an excellent choice for those who appreciate vegetarian flavors. The basket includes smoked trout with horseradish, young cheese from Kmetije Knez, herbal spread, fresh vegetables, homemade Okusi Laško cookies (walnut triangles with warmed cream), seasonal fruit, homemade bombetta and homemade smoothie. This option also includes the rental of one bike for up to five hours and a picnic blanket.

A romantic picnic

Hot romantic

Warm romantic is the ideal choice for special occasions and romantic moments. It offers silver Radgonska sparkling wine (0.375 l), seasonal fruit, raw skewers, homemade Okusi Laško cookies (walnut triangles with warmed cream) and heart cookies. The price includes the rental of two bicycles for up to five hours and a picnic blanket.

Each different, each local

Each picnic basket is carefully designed to allow you to enjoy the local flavors of Laško, surrounded by beautiful nature. Reserve your basket and experience how the cuisine becomes a real experience that you will carry in your memory for a long time.

For reservations and additional information, we are available at the reception of the Hotel Thermana Park Laško (03 423 2003).

Discover Laška through flavors that connect tradition with the freshness of nature, and experience a unique experience of a picnic in the embrace of an idyllic environment. Join us on a journey where every bite brings a new experience!

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