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Laško Thermal Water

In Thermana Laško everything revolves around the water. Our thermal water. We can drink it, bathe in it, or with her help perform various therapies for better health. You can start your journey in the Thermal Water Drinking Hall, where a glass of the Laško thermal water will stimulate and revitalize your body. Under the unique glass dome of the Thermal Centre Thermana Park and in the charming Zdravilišče Laško Swimming Pools a wide range of inspiring water relaxations and pampering awaits you. Since the healing effects of the Laško thermal water also scientifically proven, the thermal water is used as the main healing factor in our programs of Medical Rehabilitation.

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About the Thermal Water

Medicinal properties of the Laško thermal water are demonstrated through decades of use for therapeutic purposes in Balneotherapy. Recent research has shown, however, that the Lasko thermal water is also suitable for drinking.

Water Source

The Laško thermal water springs from a depth of 160 meters, according its mineral content and temperature it is a acrato thermal, alkaline calcium-magnesium, sodium hydrogen carbonate water with a temperature of 32-35 degrees Celsius.

Mineral Content

The mineral content shows that the Laško thermal water runs in the underground for longer periods of time, and on its way dissolves dolomite, calcium, magnesium and silica. The total mineralization of the water content (substances dissolved in water) is 278 to 295 mg / l, which ranks the Laško thermal water as a medium-mineralized water.


The primary purpose of the research was to determine the biological effects of the Laško thermal water, especially such as in water engraved subtle field, or bio field. Research carried out at the Institute Bion has shown that the Laško thermal water has a high quality bio field and this undoubtedly has a positive effect on the bio field of organisms, which is important for the regeneration and healing processes. In parallel, we ordered a thorough chemical analysis conducted by Activation Laboratories (www.actlabs.com), which is headquartered in Canada. According to the method of dr. Masaru Emoto, the Bion Institute photographed the crystals of the Laško thermal water.

The positive charge of the Laško thermal water’s subtitle field is shown by stabile and fine shaped water crystals, photographed by the Bion Institute with the method of the world-known researcher of water crystals and water memory - Dr. Masara Emota. In interpreting the crystals they derived from the findings of dr. Emoto who argued that there is a correlation between the shape of the crystal and the content of the information. Crystals of the Laško thermal water are exceptionally well formed and they form a correct hexagonal structure, which according to dr. Emoto, is essential for the expression of positive information.

Medicinal Properties and the Beneficial Effects

The Positive Effects of our ThermalWater

The composition of the Laško thermal water and the shape of its crystals suggests that our thermal water radiates strong life energy and has a positive effect on the body, works beneficially on the psyche and balances body and soul. With its stimulations it is acting on the balance and strength of the organism. The thermal water helps to detoxify the body, reduces acidity, works as a mild laxative, improves the biological environment of cells as well as the intercellular communication.

The thermal water has a source temperature of 32 to 34 °C, which means that our water does not require a lot of interference in order to reach the body’s temperature, which is the most ideal characteristic of thermal water. With its soothing heat it relieves pain and facilitates movement.

Drinking the Laško Thermal Water

Due to all its positive and stimulating properties, the Laško thermal water, is highly recommend for drinking. Anyone can drink the thermal water at its own judgement. In terms of energy, it is recommended to drink up to 2 liters of water a day. The amount of water should be divided into smaller doses of 2 dcl throughout the day. Drink small sips of water. Before swallowing, hold the water in your mouth for a while.

Thermal Water Drinking Hall
In Thermana Laško you will find two thermal water drinking halls. The first located in the Hotel Zdravilišče Laško next to the Café, the other in the Passage of the Hotel Thermana Park Laško. The thermal water is free of charge, in both halls you will also find disposable cups.

Thermana Bottles and Glasses with Thermal Water
At the Thermana Laško receptions you are kindly invited to purchase glasses and various bottles with the Thermana logo, which will be only yours and will help you remember the days spent in our company. Surprise your loved ones with this thoughtful gift - a source of health in your home - a bottle, filled with Laško thermal water.

Balneotherapy in Thermana Laško

Given the fact that the Laško thermal water helped a number of people on their path to health and well-being through many historical periods, in Thermana Laško we are trying to further strengthen the reputation of its positive effect through many years of experience in the treatment and preservation of well-being. The healing properties of the Laško thermal water have been demonstrated over the last decades through the use of tthermal water for therapeutic purposes in Balneotherapy.

Treatment with thermal water and peloids, which relieves pain, muscle spasms, improves joint mobility and with healing energy strengthens the defense capacity of the organism.

An integral part of the healing procedures with thermal water are:

  • Thermal baths
  • Therapeutic exercises in thermal water
  • Exercising in butterfly baths
  • Underwater massage with jets
  • Pearl baths with added medicinal herbs
  • Kneipp paiths.

Composition of the Laško Thermal Water

Characteristic Balneal Parameters:

In Laško warm water mediates on the surface through Triassic dolomite, which lies on impermeable Early Palaeozoic sandstone and clay schist. The sources of the thermal water on the surface, under quaternary deposits respectively, are in close vicinity in a five hundred meter wide dolomite belt with impermeable sandstone to the north and pseudo-artery schist to the south. By making wells it was discovered that the underground water appears in more horizons and that deep down there is a existing connection between waters on the left and right banks of the Savinja

Cations mg/l mmol/l mmol %
Ammonium NH 3+ 4+
Aluminium Al 3+
Calcium Ca 2+ 53 2,65 49,72
Potassium K+ 1,3 0,03 0,56
Lithium Li+
Magnesium Mg2+ 29 2,39 44,84
Manganese Mn2+ 0,006 0 0
Sodium Na+ 6 0,26 4,88
Strontium Sr2+
Amount 89,31 5,33 100,00
Anions mg/l mmol/l mmol %
Bromide Br-
Flurid F-
Iodide I-
Chloride Cl- 4,2 0,12 2,22
Nitrate NO3- 4,4 0,07 1,29
Nitrite NO2-
Sulphate SO42- 40 0,83 15,34
Hyd. Carb. HCO3- 268 4,39 81,15
Amount 316,6 5,41 100,00
The prime characteristics of the water are given by:
  • Potassium (K + ), Magnesium (Mg 2+ ) and Sodium (Na + ) Cations
  • Sulphates (SO 2- )
  • Chlorides (Cl - )
  • Anions
  • Metaborite (HBO 2 ) and Mestasilicic Acid (H 2 SiO 3 ).


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