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Pools and Saunas – Thermana Park Laško

Find time for yourself in the Thermal Centre Thermana Park, one of the most modern thermal centers in Slovenia. Enjoy endless thermal water relaxations in our soothing thermal water under the magical and unique glass dome, detoxify your body and relax the mind in themed saunas, that tell the story of Laško.

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Thermal Pools

Swimming in the Laško thermal water refreshes, revitalizes and detoxifies. The therapeutic effects of our natural thermal waters are known through history as it works beneficially on the whole body. The main qualities of the Thermal Centre are varied and inspiring water relaxations under the unique glass dome, which multiplies the sun's rays for magical evening moments.

Under the magnificent glass dome you will find:
  • Wave-effect pool (31 °C)
  • Recreation and massage pool with waterfalls and underwater springs (32 °C)
  • Fast river (32 °C)
  • Children's water entertainment park (32 °C)
  • Three whirlpools above the pool area (34 °C)
  • Kneipp area
  • Waterslide
Our outdoor facilities include:
  • Thermal pool connected with the indoor pool (32°C),
  • Recreation swimming pool (26-27 °C)
  • Children’s pool (32 °C)
  • Crystal outdoor whirlpool (32-34 °C)
  • Speed-slide
  • Spray park for children
  • Outdoor water-slide


  • 1.Wave-effect pool (31 °C),
  • 2. Recreation and massage pool with waterfalls and underwater springs (32 °C),
  • 3. Three whirlpools above the pool area (34 °C),
  • 4. Indoor waterslide,
  • 5. Fast river (32 °C),
  • 6. Kneipp area,
  • 7. Indoor children's water entertainment park (32 °C),
  • 8. Recreation and massage pool connected with the indoor pool (32°C),
  • 9. Outdoor Children’s pool with waterslides (32 °C),
  • 10. Recreation swimming pool (26-27 °C),
  • 11. Outdoor Crystal whirlpool (32-34 °C),
  • 12. Outdoor waterslide,
  • 13. Speed-slide,
  • 14. Spray park for children
  • 15. Sauna Centre.


The Sauna Centre spreads on 675 m2. You are welcome to visit seven saunas built in a contemporary style with a touch of the Laško history. Finnish saunas with an element of fire or built in the form of "Kozjansko houses” ("hiše Kozjanskega"), the outdoor Crystal sauna, a steam sauna in the form of a brewers kettle, an infrared sauna in the shape of a train wagon, the Laconium sauna with lime tree aroma and the Sanarium sauna, provide endless possibilities for your relaxation. The rich sauna offer is complete with two swimming pools - a smaller, cooling pool and pool with heated thermal water and massage jets.

Sauna Types
Using a Finnish sauna strengthens the immune system, prevents viral and bacterial diseases, stimulates metabolism, improves mood and provides physical and mental relaxation. The classic Finnish Sauna »Fire« has characteristics of this natural element and the Finnish Sauna “House” has the form of "hiše Kozjanskega" ("Kozjansko houses") – the form of old farm houses of the Kozjansko region. In the large Finnish Sauna »Crystal« our sauna masters implement programs with air whirling, while in the oven of this sauna the "Žadeit" rock is used. This is the rock in which the jade rock is produced. Jade has a very high capacity to store heat, which means that the pouring the "Žadeit" rock with water creates a very fine, high-quality steam. The produced steam is also lighter, breathing a lot easier, and in addition small amounts of ferrite and silicate acids are secreted from the rocks. These have a positive effect on the PH of the skin and the mucus of the respiratory system
  • Classic Finnish Sauna »Fire« (temperature: 85-95 °C, humidity: 10-15 °C)
  • Large Finnish Sauna »Crystal« (temperature: 85-95 °C, humidity: 10-15 °C)
  • Classic Finnish Sauna »Rural sauna« (temperature: 85-95 °C, humidity: 10-15 °C)
The Turkish or steam sauna is very effective in relaxing the muscles and it purifies the skin, as steam opens the pores. Moreover, air humidity has beneficial effects on the respiratory tract and the immune system.
It works deeply and as it warms up our bodies. It reduces fatigue, relaxes the mind, relieves stress, increases vitality, physical and mental balance and improves elasticity of the skin. As a consequence of the deep therapeutic effect of these sauna, injuries of muscles and ligaments will heat faster. Whereas the increase in heart rate and blood flow through the heart is not as pronounced as in the Turkish and Finnish sauna. Therefore the Infrared sauna is more suitable for people with heart problems.
The Laconium sauna is intended for gradual and pleasant warming of the body, which in turn triggers the increased sweating, cleansing and detoxification. The Laconium is a milder form of Finnish saunas, it works on the heart and while encouraging the heart and physical circulation, its ultimate effect is a feeling of freshness and profound mental and physical relaxation.
Sanarium is a sauna with a lower temperature and lower humidity and has beneficial effects on the body, as it opens the pores. It is especially suitable for people who have problems with water retention in their bodies. The Sanarium represents a pleasant mix of Finnish and steam saunas and gives us the feeling of spending time in a tropical forest.
  • Adventure showers (designed for relaxation with various water jets)
  • Cold pool (after using the sauna a cold bath is recommended, this strengthens the body’s resistance)
  • Warm pool with massage elements (relaxation in thermal water)
  • Resting areas (3 indoor resting areas with sun loungers and resting area on the sun terrace at the outdoor pool)


  • 1. Klasična finska “Kmečka savna” (85-95° C, 10-15% vlažnosti)
  • 2. Parna savna “Kotel” (45° C, 95% vlažnosti)
  • 3. Infrardeča savna
  • 4. Sanarium (55-60°C, 10-15% vlažnosti)
  • 5. Laconium (40°C, 10-15% vlažnosti)
  • 6. Klasična finska savna “Ogenj” (85-95°C, 10-15% vlažnosti)
  • 7. Velika finska savna “Kristal” (85-95°C, 10-15% vlažnost)
  • 8. Hladni bazen (15°C)
  • 9. Topli bazen (notranji povezan z zunanjim) (32°C)
  • 10. Notranje počivališče ob bazenu
  • 11. Zunanje počivališče
  • 12. Notranje počivališče
  • 13. Tuši doživetij
  • 14. Tuši
  • 15. Počivališče s čajnico

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Price list - Pools and saunas(Thermal centre Thermana Park Laško)


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Thermal Center offers endless water fun and relaxation under the unique glass dome.

Under the glass dome are various pools, whirlpools, a fast river, a wave pool, a water slide and a children's pool.

During the summer months, we offer aquatic experiences at the outdoor swimming area, where there are plenty of opportunities to sunbathe, swim and slide down the water slides.


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