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Pools and Saunas – Zdravilišče Laško

In Zdravilišče Laško we nurture the tradition of health and relaxation for more than 160 years. Stop time for an hour or two and take a break. In saunas you will detoxify your body and the positive charge of our swimming poos filled with thermal water will fill you with new energy.

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Thermal Pools

Feel the healing and mysterious power of our thermal springs, relax your state of mind and body in the wonderful world of the Sauna Centre. Swimming, underwater massage, water recreation or soaking up the warm sunlight on the terrace of the outdoor swimming pool are moments you can experience when you visit us.

Our indoor facilities include:

  • Therapeutic pool (32 °C)
  • Hydro-massage pool (34 °C)
  • Children's pool (34 °C)
  • Kneipp area.

Our outdoor facilities include:

  • Recreational-massage pool (32 – 34 °C)

Animaiton program at the swimming pools:

  • 11:30 Recreation in the water
  • 17:30 Aqua aerobics


  • 1.Kneipp area,
  • 2. Indoor Therapeutic pool (32 °C),
  • 3. Indoor Children's pool (34 °C),
  • 4. Indoor Hydro-massage pool (34 °C),
  • 5. Outdoor Recreational-massage pool (32 – 34 °C),


The Sauna Center Zdraviliše Laško is a favorite among the experienced sauna visitors. The revitalizing and healing power of the saunas is complemented by air whirling programs and other programs, that add a range of new experiences to your sauna visit.

Sauna Types
In this sauna lights from the Himalayan salt with its gentle apricot light have a very soothing and relaxing effect on us. The lamps create a microclimate which is equal to the air at the mountain streams, or after a spring rain. They are an excellent source of negative ions that improve air quality, and purify the space energy. The effects of negative ions are strong as they remove bacteria, vitalize our cells, increase the capacity of oxygen in the blood, improve the functioning of our metabolism, increase the power of concentration and alertness, prevent fatigue, increase resistance to disease, are a particularly good influence against headache, insomnia, depression, allergies, asthma, and help eliminate many other problems.
Color arises as a result of sunlight, which in its range includes eight colors: red, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple and pink. Colors have an extremely subtle effects on us, and for many years researchers confirm the importance of color in the treatment of various diseases. For example, watching the blue color lowers blood pressure, because it calms the auto nervous system, by contrast, the red color increases the blood pressure. Each of the these colors has a positive effect on our body and health. In the oven of the saunas the "Žadeit" rock is used. This is the rock in which the jade rock is produced. Jade has a very high capacity to store heat, which means that the pouring the "Žadeit" rock with water creates a very fine, high-quality steam. The produced steam is also lighter, breathing a lot easier, and in addition small amounts of ferrite and silicate acids are secreted from the rocks. These have a positive effect on the PH of the skin and the mucus of the respiratory system

The Turkish or steam sauna is very effective in relaxing the muscles and it purifies the skin, as steam opens the pores. Moreover, air humidity has beneficial effects on the respiratory tract and the immune system.

  • Steam Sauna "1001 Night" (temperature: 42-45 °C, humidity: 100 °C)
  • Steam Sauna "Marble" (temperature: 42-45 °C, humidity: 100 °C)
It works deeply and as it warms up our bodies. It reduces fatigue, relaxes the mind, relieves stress, increases vitality, physical and mental balance and improves elasticity of the skin. As a consequence of the deep therapeutic effect of these sauna, injuries of muscles and ligaments will heat faster. Whereas the increase in heart rate and blood flow through the heart is not as pronounced as in the Turkish and Finnish sauna. Therefore the Infrared sauna is more suitable for people with heart problems.
Sanarium is a sauna with a lower temperature and lower humidity and has beneficial effects on the body, as it opens the pores. It is especially suitable for people who have problems with water retention in their bodies. The Sanarium represents a pleasant mix of Finnish and steam saunas and gives us the feeling of spending time in a tropical forest. The sound of rippling water of the waterfall and the singing birds, provides for further relaxation in the sauna.
  • Cold pool (after using the sauna a cold bath is recommended, this strengthens the body’s resistance)
  • Warm pool (relaxation in thermal water)
  • Resting areas (2 indoor resting areas with deckchairs)

Sauna Programs

Daily Programs:

17:00 PEELING - REFRESH YOUR BODY (Turkish Sauna "1001 Night")
18:00 FRUIT TEMPTATION (Outdoor Finnish Sauna)
19:00 HONEY EMBRACE (Turkish Sauna "1001 Night")
21:00 CHOCOLATE DREAMS (Turkish Sauna "1001 Night")

Programs on Sundays and Holidays:

11:00 PEELING – REFRESH YOUR BODY (Turkish Sauna "1001 Night")
12:00 HONEY EMBRACE (Turkish Sauna "1001 Night")

Programs on Tuesdays:

14:00 SEA SALT PEELING (Turkish Sauna "1001 Night")
15:00 HONEY EMBRACE (Turkish Sauna "1001 Night")
16:00 AIR TEMPTATION (Outdoor Finnish sauna)



  • 1. Turška savna “1001 noč” (42-45°C, 95% vlažnost)
  • 2. Rimska savna “Caldarium” (38-40°C, 50% vlažnosti)
  • 3. Klasična finska savna (80°C, 10-15% vlažnosti)
  • 4. Sanarium “Aquavia” (55-60°C, 30-35% vlažnosti)
  • 5. Finska savna “Kristalna” (80°C, 10-15% vlažnosti)
  • 6. Turška savna “Marmorna” (42-56°C, 95% vlažnosti)
  • 7. Finska savna “Barvna terapija” (90°C, 10-15% vlažnosti)
  • 8. Počivališče
  • 9. Počivališče
  • 10. Whirlpool (32-34°C)
  • 11. Hladni bazen (15°C)
  • 12. Topli bazen (notranji povezan z zunanjim) (32°C)

Price List

Price list (PDF)
Service Duration Price Buy gift card
**TPL - Thermana Park Laško, *ZL - Zdravilišče Laško

Children and youth tickets are valid for ages from 5 – 18 years (identification with a valid identity document) and students up to 26 years of age (identification with a student card). Children up to 10 years are allowed to enter the swimming pools only accompanied by an adult person.
*The price is valid only for Thermana Club members. Purchase of a gift certificate is not possible. Price is not valid in time of special events. On this price, the supplement for sauna is not valid in the time of special events in the Sauna Centre (Sauna at full moon, ...). Service cannot be paid with a gift certificate.

Service Duration Price Buy gift card
**TPL - Thermana Park Laško, *ZL - Zdravilišče Laško

*No additional discounts on the service. **Valid for entry the pool up to 1 hour in the time of therapies.

Permanent Tickets
Service Duration Price Buy gift card
**TPL - Thermana Park Laško, *ZL - Zdravilišče Laško

The purchase is possible upon submission of a photograph. The ticket is valid only for the ticket holder. Pupils and students up to 26 years of age (identification with a valid student card).

Wellness Day Package
Service Duration Price Buy gift card
**TPL - Thermana Park Laško, *ZL - Zdravilišče Laško
Service Duration Price Buy gift card
**TPL - Thermana Park Laško, *ZL - Zdravilišče Laško

Pupils up to 18 years and students up to 26 years of age identify with a valid student card.

Rentals / Loss
Service Duration Price Buy gift card
**TPL - Thermana Park Laško, *ZL - Zdravilišče Laško

We reserve the rights to the changes of prices, conditions of sale and opening hours. Prices are in euros and are valid from 16. 12. 2015. The prices are inclusive of VAT according to the applicable law. Printing errors are not excluded.


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