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Pools and Saunas – Zdravilišče Laško

In Zdravilišče Laško we nurture the tradition of health and relaxation for more than 165 years. Stop time for an hour or two and take a break. In saunas you will detoxify your body and the positive charge of our swimming poos filled with thermal water will fill you with new energy.

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Thermal Pools

Feel the healing and mysterious power of our thermal springs, relax your state of mind and body in the wonderful world of the Sauna Centre. Swimming, underwater massage, water recreation or soaking up the warm sunlight on the terrace of the outdoor swimming pool are moments you can experience when you visit us.

Our indoor facilities include:

  • Therapeutic pool (32 °C)
  • Hydro-massage pool (34 °C)
  • Children's pool (34 °C)
  • Kneipp area.

Our outdoor facilities include:

  • Recreational-massage pool (32 – 34 °C)

Animaiton program at the swimming pools:

  • 11:30 Recreation in the water
  • 17:30 Aqua aerobics


  • 1.Kneipp area,
  • 2. Indoor Therapeutic pool (32 °C),
  • 3. Indoor Children's pool (34 °C),
  • 4. Indoor Hydro-massage pool (34 °C),
  • 5. Outdoor Recreational-massage pool (32 – 34 °C),


We added a smaller Sauna Center with three saunas to the completely renovated thermal pools. The Sauna Centre is completely adapted and accessable for disabled guests. The entrance is arranged from the pool area, and also includes a rest area and showers. In the Sauna Centre you will find the following saunas:

Sauna Types
is most suitable for fans of high temperatures, as the temperature in it is around 90 ° C. The air is very dry, the relative humidity does not exceed 15 %. If necessary, you can increase it by pouring water over the heated stones on the stove, and you can also add aromatic oils. In such a heated space, we trigger a similar response as in the heat state, with which the body naturally defends itself against various infections. By using the Finnish sauna, we alleviate stress and detoxify the body and strengthen the heart and blood vessels.
is one of the newer derivatives of the traditional Finnish sauna. In addition to the classic Finnish stove, it also has an additional water tank, which brings additional moisture into the room and thus increases the effect of sweating. Bio sauna is most suitable for people who do not tolerate high temperatures, as the temperature in it is between 40 and 60 ° C, and the humidity is 60-65 %. Humidity and temperature can also be adjusted.
is becoming popular among users due to its many positive features. It works on the principle of direct heating of the body with infrared light, so the temperatures in the sauna are lower (25–55 °C). A lower temperature is safer for people with cardiovascular problems, for children and the elderly. With regular use of IR sauna, the following effects are shown: relief of arthritis and mild rheumatic diseases, relief of pain after injuries (fractures, sprains and dislocations), elimination of inflammation and swelling, reduction of fatigue, elimination of stress, mental and physical relaxation, increased elasticity and skin elasticity, increased blood circulation and improved vitality.
  • Resting areas (indoor resting areas with deckchairs)

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Monday - Saturday, Slovenian holidays: from 9.30 to 21.00
Sunday: from 7.00 to 21.00 (indoor swimming pool)

Swimming Pool Opening Hours
Monday, Wednesday - Saturday: from 16.00 to 22.00
Sunday: from 8.00 to 21.00
Tuesday: from 12.00 to 22.00
Slovenian Holidays: from 9.00 to 21.00
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