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In the philosophy of our wellness centres, we return to nature. We want to share with you our unique wellness programs, upgraded with a high-quality and skin-friendly line of cosmetic products. As everywhere, even in our wellness offer, we are going back to the roots. The environment from which we draw, serves as an inspiration to many of our wellness stories. Our highly trained therapists use high-quality local cosmetic products in their work, which provides for an authentic wellness experience done the “Laško” way.  

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Beer Wellness

Want to try something different? Would you like to enjoy pampering, that you can experience only in Laško - a town known for its brewery? In Thermana Laško you can enjoy unique Beer Wellness Pampering!

About Beer Wellness

The town of Laško. The first association connected with it is beer. The Laško beer, which tradition dates back to the yr. 1825. The consumption of beer, in moderation, of course, has a beneficial effect on the body, since beer contains B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. It has a diuretic effect, it prevents the formation of kidney stones and the hops in beer has a relaxing and soothing effect on the body. A glass of slightly warm beer can be an excellent sleep-inducing agent. In Thermana Laško, we have developed our own story about beer. A kind of story which nourishes and pampers the skin, fills it with vitamins and retains its vitality. A kind of story which relaxes, soothes and helps to prepare us for the challenges of everyday life. Treat yourself to the unique Beer Wellness Pampering, wellness treatments you can experience only in Thermana Laško.

Products used in Wellness Treatments

In our Beer Welllness treatments we use beer products based on the material obtained in the renowned local brewery, Pivovarna Laško. The material arises as the product or the residue of beer production. Our locally crafted Beer Wellness treatments have been developed in collaboration with the Lekos Company and upgraded with the knowledge and experience of local therapists. Our wellness therapists customize Beer Spa Pampering treatments to different skin types. Some treatments intensively moisturize the skin, others nourish it, our treatments are suitable for both younger and mature skin, for men and women. Pamper yourself with the Beer Wellness treatments and feel good in your skin.

GRAIN – is the basis of the quality Laško beer and is a rich source of vitamin E, which restores and protects the skin.
ICELANDIC MOSS and MALVA SILVESTRIS – their extracts protect the skin against irritation and infections.
ECHINACEA PURPUREA – the extract promotes the renewal of the epidermis.
HOPS CONES – contain phytoestrogens, and at the same time have an antiseptic effect, which is beneficial to the vitality of the skin.
OILS – high quality oils are a natural source of omega-3, -6 and -9 acids, beneficial to the vitality and the structure of skin, in addition oils are a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, lecithin and plant hormones.

Beer Wellness
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**TPL - Thermana Park Laško, *ZL - Zdravilišče Laško

Honey Wellness

Laško is the city of honey, where bees and the beekeeping tradition are devoted a lot of attention. Honey is one of the gifts of nature that never goes out of fashion and the effect on the body is always beneficial. The exceptionally rich natural sweetener produced by bees, contains a number of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. Hippocrates used honey for wound healing, Cleopatra bathed in honey baths, and today its healing effect is used in case of anemia, during pregnancy and by physical strains. At the same time honey reduces pain, soothes and relaxes.

About Honey Wellness

In accordance with the »bee-friendly philosophy« of Thermana Laško, we were the first in Slovenia to develop unique Honey Spa Pampering programs. Honey has a healing effect both in the body and when used on the skin. It is a real treasure trove of health, so take care of your skin with vitamins and minerals, and enjoy the unique Honey Spa Pampering. With honey we have enriched our facial and body care programs, developed honey massages and honey wrappings, added honey baths and prepared a honey sauna program. We upgraded the Honey Spa Pampering with Apitherapy consultations, which help to strengthen health and prevent and alleviate health problems with apicultural products or products from them.

Products used in Wellness Treatments

In Honey Spa Treatments, natural flower honey without any chemical impurities is used, which is easily absorbed into the skin providing nourishment. Honey Spa Treatments help to detoxify the body, improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system and have a soothing effect. We recommend them to all those who are prone to allergies, rheumatoid diseases, chronic rhinitis, chronic fatigue and problems with sleeping, depression, headaches, and cardio-vascular problems.

Massages and Massage Packages

Classical Massages
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**TPL - Thermana Park Laško, *ZL - Zdravilišče Laško


Baths & Dinner for 2 Persons
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**TPL - Thermana Park Laško, *ZL - Zdravilišče Laško
Baths & Dinner for 2 Persons
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**TPL - Thermana Park Laško, *ZL - Zdravilišče Laško
Baths & Wellness Treatments for 2 Persons
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**TPL - Thermana Park Laško, *ZL - Zdravilišče Laško
Baths & Wellness Treatments & Dinner for 2 Persons
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**TPL - Thermana Park Laško, *ZL - Zdravilišče Laško

Kids' Wellness

As well as adults, kids also require relaxation and pampering, especially after school and sports activities. This is why we designed our kids’ wellness services and treatments. You can choose among wellness pampering treatments for small princes and princesses, as well as pampering treatments for teenagers and teenage girls. We especially recommend the Chocolate Body Massage, which will most certainly meet the expectations of every guest, as the smell of chocolate will lead them into a world of chocolate delights, while the cocoa extract will take care of their young skin.
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Kids' Wellness
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**TPL - Thermana Park Laško, *ZL - Zdravilišče Laško

Other Services

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One-time purchase of 50 or more services 15 %
One-time purchase of 100 or more services 20 %
One-time purchase of 500 or more services 25 %
Thermana club - Gold Card*** 10 %

Wellness Rules

Reservation of Services
The services can be booked by phone, email or in person at the Wellness Spa Centre reception desk. We advise you to book your service at least three days in advance.

Arrival to the Wellness Spa Centre
Please arrive to the Wellness Spa Centre 15 minutes before the start of your service. If you are late, unfortunately, we will not be able to extend the service.

Cancellation of Services
The service needs to be cancelled at least 12 hours before the beginning. If the booked service is not canceled, it will be charged by the full price.

Payment can be made by cash or credit card. Guests staying at the hotel are kindly requested to make the payment before the start of the service.

Gift Certificates
Threat others to what you would want to treat yourself – a gift for body and soul. Gift certificates can be bought by telephone orders, online or in person at the reception of both hotels.


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