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Where to go on a trip: A relaxing break in Thermana Laško

Every once in a while, each of us needs a day to disconnect from the daily hustle, to calm the confusion in our heads, and to recharge our batteries for new life challenges. We are increasingly aware of how important the days of revitalization are, as this is the only way to make it easier to see or realize our meaning in life. Our suggestion is a one-day wellness pampering. At Thermana Laško, we have enough offers, with the help of which our guests can safely escape far from their daily worries and find their way among the thousands on offer.

We have many different ways to escape the day. The first of these is sauna. The tastefully designed and planned Thermana Park Wellness Center is a place for intimacy and romance, a place for a pleasant evening for two or socializing with friends. We have enough opportunities in our premises to pamper your body and mind, it's up to you to set a day off.
Why choose a day in the sauna? Experts recommend sauna, as this relaxing activity is effective for the skin, it cleanses and accelerates blood circulation to all tissues. It has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, especially steam saunas have a beneficial effect on respiratory diseases. All types of saunas stimulate metabolism, strengthen the immune system and have a good effect on mental well-being. Women also love the sauna because it has been proven to prevent cellulite. The heat reduces tension in the muscles and joints, so it is especially good to step into the sauna after sports effort. Also a big plus of the sauna is that you can warm up well on cold days.


Sauna Center offers seven saunas, built in a modern style with a touch of the history of Laško. There are Finnish saunas in the shape of the Kozjansko house, the Kristal outdoor sauna, the steam sauna in the shape of a beer boiler, the infrared sauna in the shape of a wagon, the Laconium with linden aroma and the Sanarium sauna. In addition to the saunas, there is also a small cooling pool and a pool with heated thermal water and massage nozzles.


On a trip with girl friends to the Spa Center

When was your last time hanging out with girl friends in a quiet and intimate space where everything is available to take you away from daily worries? How many times have you thought it would be better if instead of chatting in loud cafes you chose something where you will calm your thoughts, head and indulge in the scents of wellness pampering? Our wellness facilities offer everything for great relaxation - sauna, massage, jacuzzi and healthy snacks.

You can choose from the following daily experiences in the Wellness Spa. Ladies Day lasts two hours and offers pampering in the company of friends with a jacuzzi, massage and wellness snacks. Alternatively, you can choose a sauna instead of a jacuzzi and extend your wellness pampering by half an hour. You can choose from a wide range of massages for relaxation and new experiences.


Romantic holiday for two

When you feel that your relationship needs a day without thoughts of tiring work, children's afternoon activities, thinking about preparing dinner at the last minute, then it's time to accept one of our wellness offers. In our wellness facilities, you can easily leave your thoughts of the daily routine at the door and enter a new day of disconnected thoughts. Every period of life and every relationship has opportunities for romantic pampering. Every man should know that a romantically seduced day is the first step to a woman’s heart, at the beginning of a relationship or in a long-term marriage. We offer you many options; from swimming in pools under a glass dome, saunas, massages to a romantic dinner. 

If you decide to swim in Thermana Park Laško, you two will have a double effect. Swimming in Laško thermal water invigorates, revitalizes and detoxifies. The therapeutic effects of our natural thermal water have been known since history, as it has a beneficial effect on the whole body. The main feature of the Thermal Center is not only diverse and inspiring water relaxations, but also their placement under a glass dome. Under it you can warm up in the pleasant sunshine, listen to raindrops or admire the starry sky. On Fridays, night swimming under the glass dome is available until 10 pm.


Mini in maxi wellness day

Unfortunately, a stressful and fast-paced lifestyle is also evident on our bodies. Sitting in an office all day and sitting inappropriately at a computer can lead to back pain over the years. Pain, however, is the first sign that our body is telling us that something is not right and needs to be listened to.

When you need a quick regeneration after a hard day's work, we suggest you jump to the Thermal Center of the Thermana Park Hotel Laško. With you in mind, we have prepared two packages. A 3-hour swim and a 30-minute wellness back massage are available. The maxi package includes a full day of swimming and a 50-minute wellness back massage.
We decided to do a back massage because it is an easy way to eliminate pain in the back, neck and lower back. Back massage speeds up blood circulation throughout the body and increases blood oxygen flow. In doing so, our friendly therapists will show you which regular exercises are good to do to stretch your back muscles. Massage is one of the urgent tasks of a modern human who spends a lot of time sitting in an office environment.

Just an afternoon without obligations

Sometimes just a free afternoon is enough and the batteries in the body are already charged. Our wellness pampering offers selected treatments, a variety of massages, body and face care. We are proud to praise our special in-house relaxation rituals created by educated and experienced in-house therapists with the well-being of our guests in mind. In creating unique wellness treatments, we drew from our local environment and imaginatively woven the traditions of beekeeping and brewing into our own wellness treatments.

We have already mentioned that massage is extremely important for eliminating or relieving pain in muscles and joints, stimulating digestion and stimulating the functioning of the lymphatic system. Massage is known to relieve stress and tension and consequently insomnia. Massage stimulates the nerves that relax in the body, which inhibits the production of stress hormone, adrenaline.


One glass and one bath per day to revival the body

The ancient Romans wrote about the healing effects of the thermal water that originates under the Laško hills. In the Middle Ages, water was used by medieval missionaries, and in 1854 the first thermal baths were built in Laško. For almost 170 years, Laško thermal water has been healing spa visitors and maintaining their well-being. The healing water, on which the offer of Thermana Laško is based, originates from a depth of 160 meters and has a temperature of 32 to 35 degrees Celsius. In addition to minerals, it is distinguished by an exceptional biofield, which is important in regeneration and healing.

Movement in thermal water is good for the body, as it stimulates the immune system, relaxes muscle tissue, improves circulation, speeds up metabolism and has an anti-rheumatic effect. It is recommended to bathe in thermal water several times a day for a few minutes, and you will notice positive effects on the body after only a couple days.
Visitors can bathe in the thermal water, and above all we encourage our guests to regularly drink thermal water. Drinking thermal water helps to detoxify the body and has a beneficial effect on the balance between soul and body. They say that in addition to improving your well-being, you can revitalize and rejuvenate a little with its power.
Within Thermana there are two tabs for thermal water, the first in the hotel Zdravilišče Laško right next to the café, and the second in the passage of the hotel Thermana Park Laško.


With a bike on a picnic

We have another suggestion for your question: "Where to go on a trip?" Can you imagine the smell of nature, the singing of birds, the rustling of leaves, the movement of grass plants and the noise of the calm Savinja river? Anything is possible with our bike picnic idea. So you can imagine the day by cycling to the picnic area around our spa. You are sure to find pleasant corners to lie down, read a book, meditate or talk to your chosen company. You choose a sunny day, we choose your bike, prepare a picnic basket with local delicacies, a picnic blanket and romantic pampering for two can begin.

Today, Laško is an attractive tourist area with health and brewing traditions. Since 2013, it has been proud of its title of European Destination of Excellence, which it has won with its development of accessible tourism for all. It is developed according to the principles of sustainable tourism and bears the golden sign of Slovenia Green Destination.


Tasty dinner to finish

For wellness pampering a good finish is needed to top it off. Let this be a delicious dinner. If you have planned the day by eliminating excess toxins and kilograms from your body, then our suggestion for the end is delicious light food. We offer you a special menu “Laška južina”, in which we have combined the specialty of modest eating of previous generations with modern supplements. With an animal welfare in mind and a lighter tummy, we designed a vegetarian menu. It combines millet porridge, potatoes and beans as a taste of traditional dishes of this environment, vegetables from local gardens with honey glaze becomes a special culinary experience. If you are more for meat, we have also prepared the Taste of Laško meat menu for you.

At the end of the day, Laško Medenka will offer you the perfect finish and the obligatory royal seal. Honey, walnuts and overheated cream are combined in the typical Laško dessert. As our waiters say, the recipe for Laško gingerbread is not a secret, the secret is where and how they serve it to you. We are the best in serving and telling stories in the café at Thermana Laško.


As the Persian poet and Sufi mystic said, health does not always come from medicine, most often it comes from a calm mind, a calm heart and a calm soul. Health comes from laughter and love. At Thermana Laško, we know how to make sure that you leave us with a calm heart and love.

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