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Let the next holiday be just for the two of you!

For those who would like to surprise their better half, we have prepared a unique offer of pampering for two.

Don't miss our bestseller - the Romantic Getaway For Two package.

Champagne, breakfast in bed, a romantic bath and a culinary pampering with JRE's " Count" - Chef Mark Pavčnik - are just some of the highlights of this romantic stay package, which you can enjoy all year round.
The Time for Us package is also available, breakfast in bed, champagne, dinner in the a la carte restaurant, a romantic bath and endless water pleasures and relaxation in the soothing thermal water.

Check details:
- Wellness and romantic bath for two,
- Gourmet pampering.

Getaway for two

Treat yourself to a unique experience with our new authentic programmes, enriched with the traditions of the local environment, the flavours of our exquisite cuisine and numerous relaxation options.
- Beer Wellness Programme
- Honey Wellness Pampering
- Gourmet & Wellness.

Our most frequently purchased gift hint: Bathing under the magnificent glass dome - buy in the online shop >>
Special wellness programme only for women: Ladies Day or Relaxation with your girl friends >>
Picnic basket with bike rental - view and purchase the Laško Gourmet, Hot Romantic and Vegi is chic baskets >> (available in summer).

There is also a wide range of wellness treatments for two, such as baths and massages, which can be enhanced with a culinary indulgence.
Choose from:
CHOCOLATE DREAMS BATH AND CHOCOLATE BODY MASSAGE (The bath is enriched with chocolate essential oil and the pampering is completed with a sweet surprise - chocolate cream with biscuits and banana drink with chocolate. The pleasant bath is followed by a relaxing full body massage with chocolate oil.)
COCONUT DREAMS BATH AND LOMI LOMI MASSAGE (Relaxing bath with coconut essential oil and a sweet surprise - a glass of sparkling wine and coconut balls. The bath is followed by a Lomi Lomi massage, set to the rhythm of Hawaiian music.)
ROCK 'N' ROLL OF LOVE BATH (A romantic candlelit bath that takes you back in time to the 1950s with fruit and chocolate skewers and a cocktail.)
TROPICAL FAIRYTALE BATH AND COCOA EXPERIENCE MASSAGE (This bath with a pleasant aroma of juicy mango will take you to faraway tropical places. Mango liqueur and fruit with coconut will culinarily complement the bath. The bath is followed by a Cocoa Experience house massage with 100% natural cocoa butter, which moisturises, softens and keeps the skin supple.)
GAMBRINUS BATH (A bath with the aroma of hops, which soothes, relaxes and strengthens the body, and a glass of beer and grisini with prosciutto.)
HONEY EMBRACE BATH AND HONEY BACK MASSAGE (A bath that honours the tradition of our region's bee-keeping and smells of honey and milk. The bath is followed by a honey massage which strengthens the immune system, improves blood and lymph circulation and speeds up the elimination of toxins from the body.)

Romantic bath

Welcome to pampering and well-deserved relaxation in the company of well-being.

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