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Sauna Center Thermana Park

Sauna Center Thermana Park covers an area of 675 m2, where you can visit seven saunas, built in a modern style with a touch of the history of Laško.

There are Finnish saunas in the shape of the Kozjanski house, with the element of fire and the Kristal outdoor sauna, a steam sauna in the shape of a beer brewing cauldron, an infrared sauna in the shape of a wagon, a Laconium with the aroma of linden and a Sanarium sauna.

Next to the saunas there is also a smaller cooling pool and a pool with heated thermal water and massage jets.

Finnish saunas

Finnish sauna in Thermana Laško

Classic Finnish sauna Ogenj

Temperature: 85-95 °C, humidity: 10-15 %

Big Finnish sauna Kristal

Temperature: 85-95 °C, humidity: 10-15 %

Classic Finnish Farmhouse sauna

Temperature: 85-95 °C, humidity: 10-15 %

By using the Finnish sauna, we strengthen the immune system, prevent viral and bacterial diseases, stimulate metabolism, improve mood and ensure physical and mental relaxation.

The Finnish sauna Ogenj has the characteristics of this earth element, while the sauna House is made in the form of an old peasant goat house. In the outdoor Finnish sauna Kristal sauna masters perform programs of air swirling.

Steam saunas

Steam sauna in Thermana Laško


Temperature: 45 °C, humidity: 100 %

Sauna Kotel is made in the image of a cauldron for brewing beer, which illustrates the exceptional brewing heritage of Laško. A Turkish or steam sauna is very effective in relaxing muscles and cleansing the skin, as the steam opens the pores. Air humidity also has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and the immune system.

Infrared sauna

Temperature: 45-50 °C, humidity: 10-15 %

It works deeply, reduces fatigue, relaxes the mind, eliminates stress, increases vitality, physical and psychological balance and improves skin elasticity.

Injuries to muscles and ligaments will heal faster due to the healing deep action of heat. The increase in heart rate and blood flow through the heart in this sauna, which is milder in nature, is not as pronounced as in the classical Turkish and Finnish saunas.

Laconium sauna

Temperature: 40 °C, humidity: 10-15 %

It is intended for a gradual and pleasant warming of the body, which triggers increased sweating, thereby also cleaning and detoxifying the body.

Laconium is a milder form of Finnish sauna, it has a stimulating effect on the heart and body circulation, and its final effect is a feeling of freshness and deep mental and physical relaxation.

Sanarium sauna

Temperature: 55-60 °C, humidity: 35-50 %

Sanarium is a sauna with a lower temperature and lower humidity and has a beneficial effect on the body, opens the pores, and is especially suitable for people who have a problem with water retention in the body.

The sanarium represents a pleasant combination of Finnish and steam sauna and gives us the feeling of being in a tropical forest.

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