Sauna rules in Thermana Laško

Sauna rules: Enjoy the therapeutic effects of saunas in Thermana Laško

In Thermana Laško, we have created more than just a place to relax - we have created a real paradise for the soul and body, where every visitor can indulge in the charms of the therapeutic effects of the sauna.

As recognized guardians of tradition and health, we realized that the correct use of saunas is the key to the full benefit and pleasure of this experience. That is why, from the depths of our heritage, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to the rules of the sauna, which will act as a map to guide every traveler through this journey to inner peace and health.

Sauna rules

A sauna is more than just a place to warm the body - it is a sanctuary where we can lose ourselves in the weightlessness of heat and reconnect with our inner selves.

In this warm shelter of natural materials - wood, stone and towels - we can discover the secrets of our inner world, while the therapeutic heat gently renews every cell of our being.

For those who are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or want to pamper yourself, a gift certificate for our saunas is a great choice.

With this gift, you are giving more than just an experience - you are giving an opportunity for deep relaxation, care of body and spirit, and renewal of inner energy.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a sauna veteran, this guide will be your reliable companion on the path to well-being and transformation.

So come with us and surrender to the charms of the sauna to discover your inner strength, strengthen your health and ascend to the heights of inner peace.

Let the sauna rules be your guide to guide you through this journey of pleasure, health and renewal.

Sauna rules

 1. Footwear: Enter the sauna barefoot or in your flip flops.

2. Release: Take off your shoes during the sauna and indulge in the therapeutic effects of the heat. If possible, stretch your legs and allow yourself a moment of complete relaxation. We also recommend lying on your back, as this keeps the blood flow under control.

3. Moving: The temperature is different between the lower and higher benches. Depending on how you feel, move between the different temperature zones of the sauna.

4. Dressing: We are naked in the sauna, draped with a towel if desired. Bare skin is easier to clean, which is what the sauna is for. The use of swimsuits is prohibited, as this prevents the multiplication of bacteria on the swimsuits and the evaporation of chlorine from them.

5. Seats: In the sauna, sit on wooden benches on towels.

6. Choosing a sauna: Saunas differ from one another in terms of temperature, humidity, heating methods and effects, so it is recommended that you choose the one that suits you best.

7. After Saunaj: We recommend that you wrap yourself in your bathrobe after the sauna to maintain optimal body temperature and privacy for a longer period of time.

8. Rest: Rest and adequate hydration are recommended after each visit to the sauna. For best results, we recommend resting for at least X minutes.

9. Cooling down: After leaving the sauna, it is recommended that you first refresh yourself under the lukewarm water and only then cool down in the pool with colder water. This prevents excessive shock and activates circulation. After visiting the IR sauna, it is not recommended to immediately cool down under the water, as this negates some of the effects of the sauna.

10. Listen to your body: During the sauna, it is important to listen to your body and leave the sauna if you feel discomfort or dizziness.

11. Regular visit: For best results, we recommend visiting the sauna at least X per month to maintain physical and mental balance and strengthen your immune system.

12. Respect privacy: During the sauna, we respect the privacy of others and do not disturb the other visitors by talking loudly.

13. Limitations: The age limit applies to those under X years old. The Soulness program, which is prepared at Thermana Laško every second Tuesday of the month, is intended exclusively for women.

Types of saunas

In Thermana Laško, you can immerse yourself in the world of saunas, as there are seven different ones designed for complete relaxation and body care. These combine modern comfort with a touch of the history of Laško.

Finnish saunas

Finnish sauna in Thermana Laško

Finnish saunas are a popular choice for their therapeutic properties, which include improving blood circulation, boosting metabolism, and strengthening the immune system.

In Thermana Laško, you can visit classic Finnish saunas, such as the Ogenj sauna, which symbolizes the earth element, or indulge in the Hiša sauna in the shape of a peasant goat house.

In the outdoor Finnish sauna Kristal sauna masters perform programs of air swirling.

Steam sauna or Turkish sauna

A steam sauna or a Turkish sauna is an excellent choice for those who want deep skin cleansing and muscle relaxation.

Sauna Boiler, designed in the image of a cauldron for brewing beer, illustrates the rich brewing heritage of the Laško area and provides a unique experience.

Temperature: 45 °C, humidity: 100 %

Laconium sauna is intended for a gradual and pleasant warming of the body, which stimulates increased sweating, thereby also cleaning and detoxifying the body.

As a milder form of Finnish sauna, it has a stimulating effect on the heart and body circulation, which ultimately creates a feeling of freshness and deep mental and physical relaxation.

Temperature: 40 °C, humidity: 10-15 %

Sanarium with its lower temperature and humidity, it has a beneficial effect on the body, opens the pores and is especially suitable for people who face problems with water retention in the body.

This pleasant combination of a Finnish sauna and a steam sauna makes you feel like you are in a tropical forest.

Temperature: 55-60 °C, humidity: 35-50 %

Infrared sauna

The infrared sauna has a deep effect on the body, reduces fatigue and eliminates stress, increases vitality, physical and mental balance, and at the same time improves the elasticity of the skin.

The deep action of the heat in the sauna helps to speed up the healing of muscle and ligament injuries, while the slight increase in heart rate and blood flow in this sauna does not cause such pronounced effects as in classic Turkish and Finnish saunas.

Temperature: 45-50 °C, humidity: 10-15 %

Sauna rules in an infrared sauna

In addition to the saunas, Thermana Laško also has a smaller cooling pool and a pool with heated thermal water and massage jets, which complete the overall experience.

Sauna rules are always available before entering the sauna center. And so, when you immerse yourself in the heat of the saunas, the door to not only physical, but also spiritual detoxification opens.

Each of us finds peace in the embrace of these sources of heat, where the smell of wood, the touch of real stone and the softness of towels intertwine.

At Thermana Laško, we believe in the power of these traditional rituals, which connect us to the past and at the same time prepare us for the future - our health, our inner strength and our eternal search for balance.

For each of us, a sauna can be more than just a place for physical purification; it is a sanctuary where we tap into our inner silence and find our way to a renewed mind, body and spirit.

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