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Are you looking for a thermal spa in Slovenia with a comprehensive range of accommodation, a variety of thermal pools, wellness spa treatments and experiences for all generations? Here you will find all important information about one of the best Slovenian thermal spas - Thermana Laško.

Thermana Laško, a well-being company, has a rich tradition and is one of the most important Slovenian spas, which in its offer emphasizes the quality of living and the culture of a healthy lifestyle for all generations.

During your stay, you will find yourself in a pleasant and comfortable environment, where you can pamper yourself in the embrace of thermal water, in the land of themed saunas and with a wide range of relaxing massages.

With the help of an attractive offer in the Slovenian thermal spa Laško, you will continue spending your free time with unlimited access to all our swimming pools. In addition, during your stay in carefully prepared packages, we offer you unlimited free access to gyms, a modern fitness center and unlimited use of the Wi-Fi. Upon arrival at the spa, you will also receive a special discount card from our hotel, which you can use to redeem additional benefits.

Endless water experiences under the magical glass dome

Thermana Laško is the right choice in all seasons. It offers 2 swimming areas - lively and calm! Thermana Park Thermal Center provides water experiences and fun under the glass dome, which makes it very popular among families and children, while the Zdravilišče Laško Thermal Spa with its calmer atmosphere is a real oasis of peace and relaxation.

The Thermal Center covers 2,200 m2 of outdoor and indoor surfaces and is ideal for both families and individuals. It offers pools for relaxation and recreation as well as pools for your little ones. All adrenaline enthusiasts will be delighted by the fast river, wave pool and indoor and outdoor slides.

Pampering in the relaxing ambience of the Wellness Spa Center and Sauna Center

To switch off your thoughts, relax and calm down, we recommend jumping into the calmer and pleasant atmosphere of our Wellness Spa Center or Sauna Center, where you can choose from a wide selection of wellness treatments and themed saunas.

Since Laško is famous for its rich tradition of brewing and beekeeping, we have developed unique honey and beer wellness pampering at Thermana, and added a touch of Laško's history to our saunas.

Excellent culinary experiences

Culinary is becoming an experience. Awareness of quality food that is fresh from locally grown ingredients is growing. Culinary trips are on the rise and gastronomy is increasingly coming to the fore in the development of tourist destinations.

That is why in Thermana Laško we offer delicious and varied cuisine with the stamp of indigenous Slovenian dishes from this area. You can taste seasonal and locally produced food with the quality mark, Tastes of Laško, or indulge in the flavors of India with our Ayurvedic menus.

When you visit, we especially recommend: Laško homemade lunch, the "Taste Laško" menu, honey lemonade with mint, and our house specialty and destination dessert - Laška medenka made from overheated cream, walnuts and honey.

Rich animation and active experiences in nature

A rich leisure program will ensure that you will never be bored, and you will also be able to participate in activities organized by our animation staff.

Laško offers you an excellent starting point for cycling trips, hiking, getting to know Slovenian culture, fishing and many family-oriented experiences.

The team at Thermana Laško hotel always strives to offer its guests something new. One of the latest innovations is the outdoor fitness center, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel complex and the spa park.

An excellent starting point for discovering Slovenia

Thermana is only a quarter of an hour away from the highway and is an excellent starting point for discovering the hidden corners of Slovenia, while at the same time it is far enough from the city centers and the city bustle to offer a place for complete relaxation and regeneration.

If you like to discover new, unexplored parts of the world, we recommend that you go on a wander around Slovenia during your stay. Slovenia is small, but diverse enough to find something for everyone.

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