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Sports Preparations & Training Camps

Laško, the town of beer and thermal water, captivates with nature and hospitality. Each year it attracts a larger number of athletes and sports groups, as the quiet environment and the professional care offer the perfect setting for improving their physical condition.





High-quality sports preparations of individuals or teams are the key to achieving top results and maintaining physical and mental fitness throughout the entire competitive season. In addition to the conducted high-quality training sessions, the key factors for achieving the best end result during intensive preparations are optimal conditions for the practice, suitable accommodation and meals.

During your accommodation in Thermana Laško, the immediate and wider surroundings offer a number of sports facilities for training in various sports disciplines. The hotels are located ate the banks of the Savinja River, surrounded by hills. This makes them an excellent starting point to conduct part of the sport preparations or trainings in nature. The sports facilities in the immediate surroundings, offer the most to competitors in indoor sports, but with a little flexibility, we can carry out high-quality preparation for all sports teams.

In our hotels you will find a complete sports offer in one place:

  • optimised diet for athletes,
  • rooms for video analysis,
  • laundry service for sports jerseys,
  • massage rooms and massage tables,
  • physiotherapists,
  • medical centre,
  • prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries,
  • thermal swimming pools, sauna and wellness services for regeneration and relaxation,
  • excellent jogging, hiking and cycling trails for outdoor workouts.

Sport Infrastructure

Sports halls

The halls are suitable for ball sports (handball, basketball, soccer, volleyball), martial arts and gymnastics. They are accessible to athletes with disabilities, suitable for sports preparation or organization of sports competitions.

Technical characteristics of the hall:
  • 2.800 seats,
  • parquet,
  • size of the hall 36 x 55 m,
  • 4 dressing rooms for 25 people,
  • fitness centre on 50 m2,
  • special, separate space on the stand,
  • division of space into two or three parts, parterre and the tribune,
  • press centre,
  • stage size of 90 m2,
  • accessible for athletes with disabilities.
Technical characteristics of the hall:
  • 4.594 - 5.154 seats,
  • 500 standing places,
  • parquet,
  • 1,826 m2 sports area,
  • 16 m height,
  • 4 dressing rooms for 20 people,
  • fitness centre on 50m2,
  • 1 main course or 2 cross-courts (stacked tribunes),
  • modern newsroom and attractive VIP room,
  • accessible for athletes with disabilities.
Technical characteristics of the hall:
  • 2.500 -3.200 seats,
  • parquet,
  • without a fitness centre,
  • 4 dressing rooms for 16 people,
  • accessible for athletes with disabilities.

Football Stadiums:
Technical characteristics of the hall:
  • natural grass,
  • 13.600 seats,
  • dimensions 105 x 68 m,
  • 7.140 m2 sports area (football field with heated surface),
  • lighting,
  • without a fitness centre,
  • 2 dressing rooms for 20 people,
  • modern media centre and attractive VIP room,
  • arranged according to UEFA standards.
Technical characteristics of the hall:
  • natural grass,
  • dimensions 104 x 67 m,
  • without lighting,
  • without a fitness centre,
  • 2 dressing rooms for 15 people,
  • the object is registered as a training centre of the Football Association of Slovenia.
Technical characteristics of the hall:
  • artificial grass,
  • lighting,
  • without a fitness centre,
  • 2 dressing rooms for 20 people,
  • the field is particularly suitable for training.

Athletic Stadium
The stadium is exclusively athletic (without a football field), and also features an Athletic Hall:
  • suitable for all athletic disciplines,
  • complete racing equipment: obstacles, cushions for height and a bar (outside and in the hall), two jumping grounds with fine sand, one outside and one in the hall, disc and hammer throw cage with safety net, two shot put areas, javelin throw area,
  • 2 male and 2 female locker rooms,
  • fitness centre on 60 m2

Tennis Courts
  • 2 sand courts at Pension Park and 2 sand courts in Marija Gradec,
  • lighting,
  • without a fitness centre,
  • 1 male and 1 female wardrobe,
  • open from March to October.
  • 6 sand courts,
  • lighting,
  • without a fitness centre,
  • 2 wardrobes,
  • open all year round.
  • 2 tennis courts with hard surface and 4 golf courses with a sandy substrate,
  • lighting,
  • without a fitness centre,
  • 2 wardrobes,
  • open from March to October.

Ice Rink
Technical characteristics of the rink:
  • 1.800 m2 ice surface,
  • 400 seats,
  • 1 men's and 1 women's locker room,
  • suitable for training of artistic and speed skaters and hockey teams.

Bowling Alley
Technical characteristics of the bowling alley:
  • 10 automatic lanes,
  • 200 seats,
  • open from October to June,
  • suitable both for recreation and for greater competitions at European level.

Swimming Pools
  • 25-meter swimming pool,
  • 4 lines,
  • open from May to October.
  • 25-meter indoor swimming pool,
  • 8 lanes,
  • open from October to June,
  • hosting national and other swimming championships.
  • 50-meter swimming pool,
  • 8 lanes,
  • open from June to September,
  • the swimming pool area also features playgrounds for beach volleyball, basketball, mini football, table tennis and badminton.


Haj Bhania - GB Men’s Coach

It was good to meet you and I wanted to thank you and your staff for hosting us at our training camp last week. It was a very productive week and enjoyed by all. In particular –
- Both of you and all your staff were welcoming, friendly and helpful
- The hotel and rooms were clean, comfortable and spacious
- Catering was varied and high quality
- Access to the meeting room, spa and gym was useful
- Location of the hotel relative to the airport, sports hall and shops was convenient
- The travel arrangements with the separate collection and returns and accessible transport was very helpful

Christian Åhman, Teamleader/Equipment of Swedish National Men´s U20 Handball team:

I´ll want to thank for the very good service that we had all the days we stayed at your hotel, perfect rooms, nice and attentive staff, good service, good and varied food, perfect handle of our landry during our time at your hotel

Vanja Brodnik, Alpine Skier:

I'm happy for this cooperation and I like that I had professional guidance each step of the way, because only in such a professional way results are generated. With the physiotherapist Urška we worked on the physical preparation of the body, individual treatment, additional exercises to stabilize the back, which must be strengthened, especially with skiers. I was familiar with yoga, but Pratheep, the Indian Yoga Trainer, has that positive energy, which makes the exercise more authentic. In swimming trainings I first learned the proper swimming technique, which now allows me to swim easier and faster and it is more fun all together. I'm very satisfied with the comprehensive treatment of the body. Each team member contributed their knowledge, energy, vision and help me gained a wider knowledge.

Vir: Siol.net
Stane Kokalj, Futsal Manager at the Football Association of Slovenia:

The Slovenian Futsal Teams are frequent guest of the town by the Savinja River, either for preparation or qualifying tournaments. We like the proximity to the Three Lilies Sports Hall, which is just a few 100 metres distance away from the Thermana Laško hotels. We are pleased with the available hotel infrastructure, because they have everything we need. The professional attitude of employees, who are able to adapt to the athletes and their needs, adds the finishing touch.

Branko Tamše, Head Coach of the RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko handball club:

In August we conducted the preparations for the new season in Thermana Laško. For me personally, as well as for some of my boys, it was the first time in this complex. Given that we see a lot of hotels both in Europe and around the world, I have to admit that we were very satisfied with our accommodation and all the hotel services (from wellness to the kitchen). I must also commend the friendliness of the staff. Despite the fact that at the time of our preparations the hotel had an occupancy of 100 %, the quality of services was not affected. The conditions could not have been better. Laško is a very friendly town, that I saw from a different perspective. It is also the town of our sponsor the Pivovarna Laško brewery, and it is famous for their Beer and Flowers Festival. Besides this, the town also offers an enormous amount of running trails, of which we successfully took full advantage during our preparations, as well as including running on the Hum Hill.

Vir: Dnevnik
Alenka Škreblin, Director of female national teams at the Basketball Federation of Slovenia:

The Basketball Federation of Slovenia and the company Thermana Laško, d. d., started their collaboration at the time of the EuroBasket 2013 event, which was until now the biggest sports event in Slovenia. The men's national team members from the first part of the competition, who had their matches in Celje, were staying at the Hotel Thermana Park Laško and were given all the conditions for the perfect accommodation and preparations for the matches. We then continued our cooperation in 2015, when we hosted the European Championship for girls up to 18 years. In the facilities of Thermana, d. d., 14 teams were accommodated. With the joint cooperation, assistance and mutual understanding in providing all the necessary services, the organisation of this championship has been marked to being at the highest level. Due to the positive feedback and understanding of the sport, our cooperation still continues. The women's national team, which is only a step away from the premiere rankings to the European Championship, has excellent conditions for accommodation. The staff is always smiling and is willing to help contribute to this goal. Also, our teams of the younger categories enjoy their stay in Laško. The good reputation has gone abroad, and this summer some men's basketball teams will complete part of their preparations for the big competitions in Laško.

Miran Kranjc, Director and Owner of Condor Travel Agency

We have been cooperating with Thermana Laško in the field of sports tourism for many years. Throughout the past 7 years we have successfully carried out the Judo World Cup as well as our training camps for basketball, soccer, handball players ... we have also collaborated in the organization of our international handball tournament for young players, which is partly held in Laško. So far we have been very satisfied with the flexibility and responsiveness of the Thermana Laško staff. It can be said that the Hotel Thermana Park Laško is one of the best prepared hotels to accommodate athletes. All members of the staff who worked with us from the receptionist, chefs, waiters and other people in the background, can only be praised. We are certainly looking forward to further joint projects in the near and distant future.

Dr. IGOR ZELINKA, Karate zveza Slovenije

In the Karate Federation of Slovenia we're receiving praise from all sides for the organization of the Karate1-World cup, which we organized in Laško with the help of Thermana Laško. The contestants, as well as the coaches, judges and supporting staff were impressed by the location, the proximity to the sports hall and the accommodation capacities. Our guests highly praise the professional attitude, friendliness and hospitality of the Thermana laško staff, the rich culinary offer, which covers both the appropriate nutrition for athletes as well as a wide selection of food and diets, and the wide selection of services of the Wellness Spa Centre. As a result of all the activity in the last few years, Laško has become well known in the Karate community, as an excellent venue for organizing competitions.

Sports Teams and Events

In the framework of competitions, athletes travel a lot and it is important that the accommodation facilities offer them the most optimal conditions for their stay. Numerous references suggest that the Thermana Laško hotels are very suitable for shorter and longer stays of athletes, along with the friendly staff, which is always ready to listen to their wishes and requirements.

During tournaments, matches, championships and preparations we accommodated the following teams:
  • The Futsal teams of Slovenia, France, Czech Republic and Norway,
  • Football Club Slask Wroclaw,
  • Lithuania national under-21 football team,
  • RK Celje Pivovarna Laško handball club,
  • PPD Zagreb handball club,
  • Paris Saint-Germain handball club,
  • SG Flensburg-Handewitt handball club,
  • Qatar, Kuwait and Oman national handball teams,
  • France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and the US Canoe Kayak Federations,
  • Basketball Federation of Slovenia,
  • Slovenian national basketball team in wheelchairs,
  • Handball camp of the RK Celje Pivovarna Laško handball club,
  • EHF Handball Champions League,
  • SEHA League (South East Handball Association League).
We proudly hosted athletes during the following tournaments and championships:
  • EuroBasket 2013,
  • European Deaf Championships in Bowling 2013,
  • European Basketball Championship for girls U-18 in 2015,
  • Finals of the European Youth League in shooting with air rifles and air pistols,
  • Slovenian Basketball Cup finals in 2000, 2009 and 2015,
  • Adriatic Basketball League for women,
  • Basketball competition Alpe Adria Cup 2015/2016,
  • Karate Tournament Slovenia Open 2012 2016,
  • Thermana Open, table tennis tournament for athletes with disabilities (2004-2016).


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