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Slovenia is a green country, dotted with rich green forests, large meadows, fertile vineyards, and green hills, from which clean springs flow. At Thermana Laško, we are aware of the green story and sustainable development, which is why our concern is focused on the preservation of natural and cultural treasures. We proudly demonstrate responsible tourism with many certificates we obtained and the selected and varied offer we prepare for our guests.

Just as sustainable tourism is a fundamental orientation of Slovenian tourism, so too is a long-term balance between the impact of tourism on the environment, tourism employees and the local community a goal that Thermana Laško has been pursuing for many years. Fast, unplanned and reckless tourism has left many negative consequences in Slovenia and worldwide. This awareness has led to an increasing tendency towards less environmental impact, so-called green or sustainable tourism.

Sustainability principles relate to the environmental, economic and socio-cultural aspects of development. There must be a balance between all three pillars to ensure that eco-tourism is green in the long term, and only this kind of sustainable tourism will be competitive in the future.

Thermana sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourist accommodation

At Thermana Laško, we are aware of global trends and views on tourism, which is why we follow the principles of modern and responsible tourism from the very beginning. We are proud of our many certificates.

Hotel Thermana Park Laško bears the EU Daisy symbol, which since 2003 has been the official symbol of the European Union for environmentally friendly tourist accommodation facilities. Companies that obtain the environmental mark are officially considered environmentally friendly. With this certificate, we have committed to strive for lower air and water pollution, more economical use of energy and other natural resources, less pollution of the environment and surroundings, and the use of organically produced food. By obtaining the environmental daisy, our ecological spas are included in the group of eco hotels in Europe - Eco label. With the sign, we are not only ecologically efficient, we are sure that we are much more interesting for guests for whom protecting the environment is one of the main reasons for their trip.

Green destination with a sustainable approach

Laško has won the Slovenia Green Platinum title in the development of sustainable tourism, which is the highest certificate of the Green Scheme, and the hotel Thermana Park Laško boasts the Slovenia Green Accommodation sign. More than 100 Slovenian destinations and tourist providers have successfully obtained the Slovenia Green label. The environmental mark reflects our sustainable approach and responsibility towards the environment. We can offer our guests the opportunity to discover nature and get to know the natural and cultural heritage. Therefore, it is very important to preserve it green.

a green destination

A bee-friendly eco hotel

Slovenia is a country of bees and hard-working, conscientious beekeepers. Laško is one of the places with the longest tradition of beekeeping. The awards we have received show that we have an exceptional responsibility towards the place where we live and work. Laško is a bee-friendly municipality and Thermana Laško is the proud holder of the Bee-Friendly Company award. The commitment to sustainability in the destination is also reflected in Laško's highest award, the platinum Slovenia Green award.

The obtained certificates are an added value and a competitive advantage for us in the growing market of tourist service providers. At the same time, we are extremely satisfied that we can host our guests in a modern, friendly and informed environment.

beekeeping lasko

Eco tourism - wellness enriched with the tradition of beekeeping

Sustainable tourism must be based on people coming from the local environment. At Thermana Laško, we draw stories from the local environment, and just as every environment is something special, so is our wellness and cousine.

As we have already mentioned, in addition to thermal water and beer, the beekeeping heritage is extremely important in our destination. We are proud of the good cooperation with the hardworking beekeepers of the Laško Bee Association and the professional colleagues of the municipality of Laško and the Center for Sport, Tourism, Information and Culture Laško, with whom we have designed many successful projects. Honey wellness is definitely one of them.

Honey pamperings are our specialty and we were the first to develop them in Slovenia. We have enriched our face and body care programs with honey, developed honey massages, added honey baths and prepared a sauna program with honey. We are aware that honey has a healing effect not only in the body, but also on it. Honey is the oldest face and body care product, and it has been used both for medicinal purposes and for skin care. Honey treatments use natural flower honey without chemical additives, which absorbs well into the skin, pampers and nourishes it.

honey wellness

The heritage of brewing in wellness pampering 

The rich brewing heritage that distinguishes the region has been translated into our wellness and culinary program. The unique beer wellness pampering is done with a special beer butter, based on ingredients that also make great beer, such as grain and hop cones. In addition to a special back or body massage, the Beer Wellness also includes a beer-enriched bath. This rich treatment restores the skin, vitalises it and has a beneficial effect on its structure. For a complete experience, we suggest finishing your beer wellness indulgence with a mug of beer.

Eco hotel that uses locally produced food

In Slovenia, a good snack is a well-established fact. In Laško, we are among the pioneers in the development of sustainable gastronomy in Slovenia. We can prove that we really care about top-quality food and local food producers with the quality label of the collective brand Okusiti Laško, which we have acquired and are proudly putting into practice. We strive to buy as much food and foodstuffs as possible locally, so that the journey from the field or the stables to the plate is as short as possible. We incorporate locally produced food into our dishes and menus as much as possible. We have been awarded the Taste Laško quality certificate for a number of these. We serve dishes and drinks that bear the Taste Laško quality label, such as Laško House Soup, the "Taste Laško" menu, honey lemonade with mint and Laško honeycake. You can't go without tasting this dessert!

Dessert with honey and cream

Laško honeycake is a confection made from overheated cream, a special secret ingredient known only in our region. In addition to the overheated cream, this most Laško dessert combines locally produced honey from Laško beekeepers, and is enriched with walnuts, giving it a unique rich flavour. Laško honeycake, which also carries the Taste Laško quality label, is the queen of desserts, being both our house speciality and a typical Laško dessert. We invite you to taste it.

laska medenka copy 2

Laško picnic basket

Cycling is one of the most sustainable forms of sport, recreation and tourism. We have included a little of this in our Laško picnic basket offer. To brighten up your day and clear your mind, we suggest you take a bike ride to a picnic. In Laško and its surroundings you will find many places to picnic and enjoy the divine peace and unspoilt nature. The three flavours of the Laško picnic basket have been put together from the delicacies of local food providers. Each basket has its own tempting taste and is made from certified local delicacies that carry the quality label of the collective brand Taste Laško.

laska picnic basket

Quality tap water

Water is our greatest wealth, and Slovenia has many water resources and ranks among the top in Europe in terms of quality and quantity. Despite the fact that we have healthy and high-quality drinking water in Slovenia, it often happens that many people prefer prepackaged water, i.e. water in bottles and other packaging, which burdens the environment much more than tap water. In our company, we have the Water from the tap certificate, which first of all proves the quality of the water, and among other things, the certificate obliges us to encourage our guests, as well as our employees, to drink water from the tap. This is another step by Thermana in the direction of reducing the amount of waste, preserving natural resources, reducing the carbon footprint and promoting the health of employees in a society of well-being.

We also offer tap water in glass jugs and glasses at public events or congresses organized by our company. As the only hotel provider so far with this certificate of quality water, we also raise awareness among participants of various events. In Slovenia, we have extremely high-quality drinking water, which is too often taken for granted. Foreigners who attend events in Thermana Laško appreciate running tap water much better than Slovenians. Excellent tap water is not such a given for them. We are aware of this wealth, so we accept the responsibility to treat water resources with all the respect they deserve.

Healing thermal water

Delicious drinking water and proven healing thermal water, which is a source of well-being, has been springing up under the green hills in the vicinity of Laško since ancient times. Due to the special shape of the crystals, the unique Laško thermal water radiates strong life energy. Drinking fountains of thermal water are available in the thermal baths. There are no plastic glasses available at the drinking fountains, as we encourage our guests and visitors to pour the healthy thermal water from the drinking fountains into their own water bottles.

As part of sustainable tourism, we regularly raise ecological awareness among our guests and have combined eco tips under the slogan #respect. You will notice these hints everywhere in the Hotel Thermana Park Laško, as well as in our wellness areas.

drinking thermal water 1

One of the cleanest areas of Slovenia

We live green, sustainable tourism because we believe in it. We value beautiful green surroundings and love to share them with those who value sustainable behavior and development. The kingfisher - a type of bird that only lives in the cleanest areas - proves that we are environmentally friendly. But even if it is one of the most colorful birds, it is rarely seen. That is why we are all the more proud that, as a resident of the banks of the Savinja river, he is our frequent visitor. Otherwise, it is considered a rather timid and cautious bird. Most often, it can be seen flying in a straight line low above the water surface.

We are aware that the obtained signs and certificates are not just written words, but we follow responsible behavior towards the environment on a daily basis with the desire to preserve the green treasures of nature for our descendants.

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