A beer story


The rich tradition and brewing heritage of Laško, which dates back to 1825, has led Thermana Laško to look at beer from a different perspective. We have intertwined the brewing tradition with exceptional beer cuisine and wellness indulgences. For the perfect combination, Laško has also developed a number of experiences with a touch of its brewing history over the years.

In Thermana Laško, we have developed our own story about beer. One that nourishes and pampers the skin, fills it with vitamins and preserves its vitality, while at the same time relaxes and soothes it.

In our Wellness Spa Centre, we have joined forces with Thermana's experts to develop unique beer indulgences tailored to different skin types. Some treatments intensively moisturise the skin, others nourish it, and are suitable for both younger and mature skin, for both men and women.

We offer beer baths and beer massages, which use a nourishing massage oil infused with hops and made from ingredients that are also the hallmarks of the excellent Laško beer.

In addition to beer delights and beer wellness services, Thermana Laško also offers exceptional gourmet experiences with beer flavours. Our cuisine in the a la carte restaurant of the Thermana Park Laško Hotel, where we ensure a perfect harmony of flavours with the beer menu, is sure to indulge your taste buds.

The latter includes dishes where the main ingredient is beer, prepared and incorporated in a variety of imaginative ways. Have you tried a beer cake? We definitely recommend it.

In the cafes of Thermana Laško, a variety of snacks await you, which go perfectly with our boutique "craft" beer, which is available in two versions - light and dark.

Laško has developed many experiences based on an exceptional brewing tradition. As soon as you arrive to Laško, you will see the king of beer, Gambrinus, by the river, watching over the entire town devoted to brewing.

From May to October, Laško offers a guided Beer and Flower Tour, which is a great idea for a tour of Laško, taking you from the thermal spring water to the legendary Laško beers. A great experience for gourmets and culinary enthusiasts, where you can learn about the brewing story of Laško while enjoying delicious snacks and a variety of beers.

In the centre of Laško, there is also a brewery-themed escape room, the Enigmarium Laško Escape Room, which is the only escape room in the world that involves all the senses. Even taste!

It was on the site of the escape room that the first mug of beer was once brewed. This original and entertaining ordeal is based on real historical events. Only teams that work together and use all their senses can escape!

Every year in July, the streets of Laško become the most entertaining place in Slovenia, as the traditional Beer and Flowers Festival has been taking place here for many years. The event is accompanied by numerous musical performances and great beer flavours. The festival is a great opportunity to socialise, have fun and get to know Slovenian culture.

Thermana Laško offers the perfect combination of exploring the brewing heritage, pampering the body and enjoying excellent food. If you're looking for something different and unique, this is an experience that takes you on a true brewing journey and is sure to stay with you forever. 

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