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Laško is a honey destination that takes care of the bees and the tradition of preserving beekeeping. The tradition of beekeeping in Laško is among those with the longest tradition in our country, Laško is a bee-friendly municipality, and Thermana Laško is a bee-friendly company.

There are many bee-related gifts - propolis, pollen, royal jelly, beeswax, but among all of them, honey is the most recognizable and widely used.

Honey is one of those gifts of nature that are forever in fashion and always have a beneficial effect on the body. This extremely rich natural sweetener, produced by bees, contains many vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. Hippocrates used honey to heal wounds, Cleopatra bathed in a honey bath, and today it is recommended for anaemia, during pregnancy and physical stress. It reduces pain, soothes and relaxes.

At Thermana, in accordance with the bee-friendly philosophy, we were the first in Slovenia to develop unique honey treats. Honey has a healing effect not only in the body, but also on it.

It is a true treasure of health, so supply your skin with vitamins and minerals, and treat it to unparalleled pampering. We developed honey massages and detoxification with honey, added honey baths and prepared a sauna program with honey.

Natural flower honey, without any chemical additives, gently absorbs into the skin and nourishes and pampers it. Honey treatments contribute to detoxifying the body, improving blood circulation, strengthening the immune system, and calming your body and mind.

Honey-made products are recommended for anyone struggling with allergies, rheumatoid diseases, chronic rhinitis, chronic fatigue, sleep problems, depression, headaches and cardiovascular problems.

Honey lovers can treat yourself to a special honey menu at Thermana Laško, and we also remind you of our house specialty - Laško honeycake, which consists of walnuts, overheated cream and honey.

Not far from the hotel complex, in the Zdraviliške Park, you can take a walk through the Garden of honeydew plants or solve one of the bee puzzles located in the immediate vicinity of the garden.

You can expand your knowledge about bees and the benefits of their bee products by visiting Laško beekeepers, where you can learn some of the secrets of bees, decorate gingerbread hearts, make candles from beeswax and taste honey with additives of various flavors, honey drinks and other honey delicacies.

For the finishing touch, go for the Beerflower hike around Laško, which includes a honey fairy tale with a honey picnic in the middle of unspoiled nature.

Visit our honey destination and enjoy the exceptional beekeeping tradition, honey gastronomy and pampering that nourishes your skin and improves your well-being.

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