Thermal water


The beneficial effect of Laško thermal water is confirmed through its long-term, positive effect on health and well-being. It originates from a depth of 160 meters, and its temperature is between 32 and 35 degrees Celsius.

Thermal water contains many minerals, which indicates that it stays underground for a long time and dissolves dolomite, calcium, magnesium and quartz on its way. The total mineralization of the water (content of dissolved substances in the water) is from 278 to 295 mg/l, which ranks the thermal water in Laško among medium mineralized waters.

Many thermal water studies have been carried out in Laško. The basic purpose of the research was to determine the biological effects of Laško thermal water, especially such as the subtle field imprinted in the water, or the biofield.

Research carried out at the Bion Institute has shown that Laško thermal water has a very high-quality biofield and thus undoubtedly has a positive effect on the biofield of organisms, which is important for regeneration and treatment.

In parallel, we performed a thorough chemical analysis by Activation Laboratories (, which is based in Canada. According to the method of dr. Masara Emot at the Bion Institute, they made and photographed the water crystals of the thermal water of the Laško Spa.

The positivity of the subtle field of water is also shown by the stable and beautifully shaped crystals that were analyzed at the Bion Institute. The interpretation of the crystals was based on the findings of Dr. Emot. He feels that there is a connection between the shape of the crystal and the content of the information.

The crystals of our water are extremely beautifully designed and have the correct shape, which is typical for the expression of positive information.

The composition of Laško thermal water and the shape of its crystals indicate that our thermal water radiates strong vital energy, has a positive, stimulating effect on people, and has a beneficial effect on the psyche and the balance between soul and body.

With its stimuli, it works to balance and strengthen the organism. Water helps detoxify the body, reduces its acidity, acts as a mild laxative, improves the biological environment of cells and intercellular communication.

Thermal water has a temperature of 32 to 34°C at the source, which means that our water does not need much intervention to reach the body temperature that is most ideal for thermal water. With its beneficial heat, it alleviates pain and enables easier movement.

Considering that the thermal water from Laško has already helped many people on their way to health and well-being throughout historical periods, we try to confirm its effectiveness in Thermana through many years of experience in treatment and maintaining well-being.

The healing properties of Laško water have been proven over the decades in the use of water for therapeutic purposes in balneotherapy, as thermal water relieves pain, muscle spasms, improves joint mobility and strengthens the body's defenses with healing energy.

An integral part of therapeutic procedures with thermal water are:

  • thermal baths,
  • therapeutic exercises in thermal water,
  • exercise in the butterfly bath,
  • underwater jet massages,
  • pearl baths with added healing herbs,
  • Kneipp water paths.

Due to all the mentioned positive and stimulating properties of Laško thermal water, we also recommend it for drinking. Everyone can drink Laško thermal water at their own discretion. In terms of energy, we recommend drinking up to 2 liters of water per day.

The amount of water should be divided into smaller doses of 2 dl throughout the day. Drink water in small sips and hold it in your mouth for a while before drinking it.

There are two thermal water pubs within Thermana, the first in the Hotel Zdravilišče Laško right next to the cafe, and the second in the passageway of the Hotel Thermana Park Laško. Water is free.

As we advocate sustainable tourism and value our natural source of thermal water, we urge you to avoid plastic packaging and fill the water in your own bottle, made of environmentally friendly materials.

At Thermana receptions, you can buy glass glasses and lovely bottles with Thermana logo, which will be yours only and will remind you of the days spent with us. A set of elegant bottles and glasses can also be a beautiful and useful gift for your loved ones.

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