Taste Laško: Culinary enjoyment in Thermana Laško


»Taste is like an invisible link between memory and the present, which always brings us back to the places of our most beautiful experiences"

In Thermana Laško, where 170 years of tradition and global hospitality come together, the culinary experience becomes more than just food - it becomes a journey through the flavors of Laško. Under the collective brand "Okusiti Laško" we are committed to sustainable gastronomy, where every bite represents discovering local flavors and stories.

Taste Laško - An experience of flavors

The importance of locally produced food is growing tremendously, as people are increasingly aware of the value of fresh and high-quality ingredients. At Thermana Laško, a proud platinum Slovenia Green destination, we are committed to sustainable gastronomy and emphasize the purchase of produce from local suppliers.

Our menus include the best of the surrounding area, ensuring that the path from field to plate is as short as possible. In this way, we not only support the local economy, but also offer our guests unforgettable culinary experiences characterized by the authenticity of the flavors of Laško.

The "Taste Laško" certificate represents the pinnacle of the culinary offer of our place, as it combines the best that Laško has to offer. This prestigious mark of quality ensures that the ingredients on our plates are of the highest quality, grown locally and with respect for nature.

Our commitment to the shortest path from field to plate allows the freshness and authenticity of flavors to remain intact. At Thermana Laško, we strive to make every bite an experience that reflects our commitment to quality and love for local cuisine.

An initiative for our guests

At Thermana Laško, we actively encourage our guests to try certified dishes and drinks and to explore destination experiences that have received the "Taste Laško" quality certificate.

Our menus are designed to highlight local specialties, and every meal becomes an opportunity to discover the unique flavors of Laško.

We prepare special tasting events, culinary workshops and themed dinners in order for our guests to experience the richness of our gastronomic heritage.

With this, we not only satisfy their taste buds, but also invite them on a journey through the stories and traditions of our place.

Certified Jedi in Thermana Laško

Laška Medenka

Laska gingerbread

Laška medenka is our house specialty, which hides superheated cream, local honey, walnuts and cottage cheese. This unique destination dessert reflects the rich culinary heritage of Laško and provides an unforgettable sweet experience.

Lemonade with mint

Homemade honey lemonade with mint

The refreshing homemade honey lemonade with mint is the perfect drink to refresh and enjoy. The combination of local honey and fresh mint creates a harmony of flavors that will delight you with its natural sweetness and aroma.

Cookies Taste Laška

Homemade cookies

Our homemade cookies are baked with love and carefully selected local ingredients. Each cookie is crunchy and full of flavor, making them the perfect sweet treat at any time of the day.

The main course for me

Menu Taste Laško

The "Okusi Laško" menu offers a varied selection of dishes that represent the best of the local culinary tradition. Each dish is prepared with fresh, locally grown ingredients that guarantee top quality and authenticity of flavors.

Vegi Laška Južina

Vegetarian dish Laška Južina

Laška južina is a vegetarian dish that combines millet porridge, potatoes, beans and local vegetables. This dish reflects the grain tradition of Slovenia and brings a modern touch with its honey glaze, which adds a unique culinary experience.

A picnic on a blanket? Why not …

Under the "Okusiti Laško" brand, every visitor can also discover the experience of an exceptional picnic basket. Regardless of your desire and taste, the Laška picnic basket offers you three different options, adapted to your wishes and needs.

For lovers of cuisine, there is Laški Gourmet, which offers top-quality local delicacies. For those who adhere to a vegetarian diet, Vegi je chic is available, just as rich and appealing to all lovers of the flavors of nature.

For warm romantics, there is a Warm Romantic picnic basket with sparkling wine and everything you need for a fabulous picnic for two.

Picnic basket in Thermana Laško

An experience that cannot be forgotten

At Thermana Laško, we not only host, but create memories. Our diverse culinary offerings allow you to taste Laška in the best possible way - through food that we love and respect, as we connect nature with culinary art.

You are invited to join us at Thermana Laško and experience how tradition, quality and hospitality come together in a unique culinary experience.

Thermana Laško - a company of well-being, where every meal is an opportunity to discover new flavors and create lasting memories.

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