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Video surveillance

We kindly inform you that Thermana d.d. uses video surveillance near its buildings.

Video surveillance is done by Thermana d.d., represented by president of the management board Mojca Leskovar and member of the management board Dejan Balmazović. Personal data are also managed by the company.

Video surveillance is used to protect people and assets on Thermana d.d premises.

All information about video surveillance can be obtained via e-mail .

Video surveillance data is stored at the company.

Purpose: Entry and exit surveillance to ensure people and asset safety.

Data protection officer contact:  e-mail .

Legal background for managing personal data: data handling is necessary due to legal interests of the company (General Data Protection Regulation chapter 6(1) article (f)).

Legal interest: The data manager's interest is to make employees and visitors feel safe. Video surveillance is implemented to ensure this. Established video surveillance prevents vandalism and theft. Entry and exit of people from the company is also supervised with video surveillance.

Users or personal data user categories if they exist: personal data collected via video surveillance are handled by representative workers, video surveillance provider Coting d.o.o., law enforcement, if needed, and other institutions, that prove legal reasons to access personal data.

Information about special effects, especially further processing: the company processes personal data exclusively for video surveillance purposes to protect people and assets.

Video surveillance enables live video watching where sound intervention is not possible.

Information about sending personal data to third countries or international organisation: personal data is not sent to third countries.

Information about individual's rights to demand access to personal data and correction or deletion of personal data or limitation or existence of right to appeal of processing and right to transfer data: individuals can exercise the rights about personal data protection via email: .

Information about the right to revoke consent, when data processing is based on consent: consent/statement can be revoked anytime and it will not affect legality of data processing, that was happening up until the consent was revoked, via email: . In this case the legal foundation for video surveillance is General Data Protection Regulation chapter 6(1) article (f)) and not consent.

Information about the right to lodge an appeal to municipal bodies: Appeal can be submitted to Data protection officer (address: Dunajska 22, 1000 Ljubljana, e-mail: phone: 012309730, website: www.ip-rs.si).