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Hotel reservations 

T: 03 423 2100, 03 423 2200
E: info@thermana.si

Medical reservations 

T: 03 734 5772, 03 734 5130
E: medical@thermana.si


Sabina Antloga Žuna
Sales manager, Balkan and other foreign markets

T: 03 423 2070
E: sabina.antloga@thermana.si

Valerija Kufner
Medical tourism, medical products and associations

T: 03 734 5248
E: valerija.kufner@thermana.si

Tjaša Randl
Italian market

T: 03 423 2076
E: tjasa.randl@thermana.si

Katja Bračko
German markets and Benelux

T: 03 423 2074
E: katja.bracko@thermana.si

Jure Cvetko
Sports tourism

T: 03 423 2071
E: jure.cvetko@thermana.si


Nina Pader Topole
Head of Marketing

T: 03 423 20 73
E: nina.pader@thermana.si


Lea Cizeus
Personnel department

T: 03 734 5119
E: lea.cizej@thermana.si


Marko Kotnik, MD
Professional medical manager

T: 03 734 5136
E: marko.kotnik@thermana.si

Damjana Damis
Nursing Manager

T: 03 734 5710
E: damjana.damis@thermana.si

Polona Rozoničnik, B.Sc. physiotherapist
Therapy manager

T: 03 734 5142
E: polona.rozonicnik@thermana.si

Dear guests,

we inform you that s on Monday 20 May 2024 we are starting to replace the gates at the entrance to the Zdravilišče Laško facility. The works will probably last until June.

Due to the construction works, it will go through the lock towards the Laško Spa facility IMPORTATION DISABLED FROM THE MAIN ROAD SIDE. There will be access ENABLED AT THE THERMANA PARK LAŠKO HOTEL parallel to the main road. The route will be marked.

Access to the Zdraviliški Park parking lot remains uninterrupted.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thermane team

This will close in 20 seconds