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Welcome to Thermani Laško - a family-friendly spa and the perfect place for an unforgettable family vacation! Our thermal destination combines various activities for children, who are never bored here, and more than well-deserved relaxation and rest for parents.

Under our beautiful glass dome, you will find water fun for all family members, and there are many other experiences that will make you want to come back.

Packages & offers for families

Family experiences

Colorful animations

Interesting animation program

Children here enjoy the many water experiences under the glass dome and the company of experienced animators. They playfully create, move, strengthen their brains and motor skills, have fun with the mascots Mr. and Mrs. Kingfisher and lots of fun.

Children's wellness

Children's wellness

Children can relax and be pampered with us. There are special, completely child-friendly wellness pampering for little princes and princesses, as well as pampering for almost grown-up teenagers. Together with their parents, children can treat themselves to a real chocolate massage or enjoy a princess manicure and face care.

Family yoga

Family yoga

Have you tried yoga together as a family? You can experience this fun experience with us during the school holidays. Laughter-filled family yoga is a source of great fun, and no prior knowledge of yoga is required. An authentic Indian yoga master guides you and your children through yoga asanas alongside a fun and educational story about friendship.

Virtual experiences

Virtual Reality Room

There is a VR experience room in the Thermana Park Hotel, where children 8+ and also adults eager for such adventures can play various virtual reality games. They can learn about the colorful Middle Ages, the time of the mighty Counts of Celje and the story of the tragic love of Friderik and Veronika, and in Thermana's original VR game, they help Friderik escape from prison. They can try different sports games, ride the death train and try to escape from the escape room. A fun interactive experience that will blow your mind!

Discovering nature

Exploring the surroundings

Near the hotel complex, only about 100 meters from the Thermana Park Hotel, there is a Zdraviliški park, which offers opportunities for a pleasant walk and wander. The youngest are fascinated by bee puzzles or outdoor fitness. For families, the castle fortress - a complex of environmentally friendly children's playgrounds on the edge of the Zdraviliške park - is perfect for families. The famous dowser Jože Munih also discovered energy points in the park where you can recharge your batteries. The brochure on energy points, which you receive at the hotel reception, will help you.

The destination also offers many cycling and hiking trails, outdoor and indoor adventures - UNLOCK Laško and Escape room Enigmarium, which is located in the house where the first mug of beer was brewed.

Current offer

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we inform you that s on Monday 20 May 2024 we are starting to replace the gates at the entrance to the Zdravilišče Laško facility. The works will probably last until June.

Due to the construction works, it will go through the lock towards the Laško Spa facility IMPORTATION DISABLED FROM THE MAIN ROAD SIDE. There will be access ENABLED AT THE THERMANA PARK LAŠKO HOTEL parallel to the main road. The route will be marked.

Access to the Zdraviliški Park parking lot remains uninterrupted.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thermane team

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