Sports events and preparations

In Thermana Laško, every year we organize many sports preparations, championships and competitions at the international and national level. We also organize many events that are specially adapted to athletes who face various challenges on their sports journey.

Laško - European destination of excellence

The Laško destination boasts the title of European destination of excellence - EDEN and is therefore a suitable location for all athletes with physical and mental limitations and special needs. There are accommodation facilities without architectural barriers and the Tri Lilije sports hall, which is specially adapted for the disabled.

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Organization of sports events

In cooperation with sports event providers, we organize sports events with a high degree of professionalism. The surroundings offer high-quality sports facilities and sports surfaces, and at the same time, accommodation facilities are available, where we offer athletes optimal conditions for living. 

We held the following sports events:  

Sports training and camps

Thermana Laško is an excellent starting point for carrying out part of the preparation or training in nature. Of the sports facilities in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, we can offer the most to competitors in indoor sports, and with a little flexibility, all sports teams can prepare well here. 


I want to thank you for the very good experience we had throughout our stay at your hotel. You have excellent rooms, friendly and attentive staff, delicious and varied food, and an excellent sports laundry service.

Christian Åhman,
team leader of the Swedish national handball team U20


Phone: 03 423 2071

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we inform you that s on Monday 20 May 2024 we are starting to replace the gates at the entrance to the Zdravilišče Laško facility. The works will probably last until June.

Due to the construction works, it will go through the lock towards the Laško Spa facility IMPORTATION DISABLED FROM THE MAIN ROAD SIDE. There will be access ENABLED AT THE THERMANA PARK LAŠKO HOTEL parallel to the main road. The route will be marked.

Access to the Zdraviliški Park parking lot remains uninterrupted.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thermane team

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