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Social service

The decision to go to institutional care represents an important turning point in the life of an elderly person and his relatives. One of the important tasks of the social service is preparation for admission to a home.

The task of the social worker is not only to collect the necessary documentation, but also to conduct the first interview with the applicants, their relatives, guardians or others. It provides them with accurate information about life in the home, acquaints them with the possibilities offered by the home and the cost of care.

The social worker also plays a major role in the integration of the newly admitted resident into home life. It also provides assistance to residents and their relatives in regulating social security rights.

Health care service

Residents are cared for by a professionally qualified healthcare team consisting of a general practitioner, registered nurses, intermediate nurses and medical technicians, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, paramedics and hospital attendants.

The health care service provides health care and care appropriate to the state of health and age 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Employees have plenty of experience and additional expertise.

A specialist psychiatrist, specialist physiatrist and, if necessary, a dentist also come to the home. Residents are also provided with examinations by specialists at the Celje General Hospital according to their needs.


With various methods and techniques of physical therapy, we aim to maintain, improve, establish or slow down the decline of the residents' psychophysical abilities.

We encourage the preservation of the resident's functional abilities, we want to enable as much independence as possible in movement and daily activities, which gives the residents the opportunity to participate in various activities in the Home and outside it.

Physiotherapy activities are aimed at maintaining body functions with the help of group and individual exercises, active rehabilitation after acute neurological diseases, interventions and injuries, pain relief with physical methods - pain-relieving electrotherapy (TENS, IF, US, magnetotherapy, laser, bioptron) and in implementation of relaxation techniques with the help of yoga and meditation.

Participation in other home activities encourages active spending of free time. We also organize trainings, workshops and lectures for staff and relatives of our residents.

Occupational therapy

The main purpose of occupational therapy is to enable residents, through meaningful and purposeful activities, as much and as long as possible independence in performing daily activities and active leisure time. Occupational therapy at home includes:

* self-care - includes learning, maintaining and restoring daily activities, functional mobility, control of the narrow and wider environment, application and use of various aids and adaptations. Through dedicated activities, we try to improve and maintain various physical abilities and functions,

* work/productivity and free time – residents participate in the activity voluntarily according to their wishes and interests. They take care of the wider living environment, home landscaping, flowers, garden, housekeeping, help to roommates. They can spend their free time actively participating in various activities.


We prepare food for the residents that is adapted to older people, we also provide diet food. Residents have the opportunity to participate in the composition of the menu with their suggestions.

We also provide daily snacks and lunches for relatives and external guests. Daily fresh desserts, ice cream and drinks are also served on the pleasantly decorated terrace at home.

Laundry room

Upon admission to the Home for the Elderly Laško, the resident receives a laundry registration number. In the home, we take care of marking, washing, ironing and simple sewing repairs of the residents' personal linen.

It is recommended that residents bring clothes that can be washed and dried in the dryer. We also offer laundry services to external users. We can wash larger items of laundry, quilts, pillows, curtains, etc.


Residents or their relatives can settle payment obligations at the Dom's cash desk every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

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