Laško health resort for pensioners

Laško health resort for retirees: An oasis of pleasure for the art of maturing

Welcome to the magical world of the Laško Spa, where old age is transformed into the art of enjoyment and relaxation. The Laško spa offers pensioners not only a break, but also a real experience - active, fun and extremely relaxing.

We have prepared several packages that will color your golden years with a very special zest and energy, but above all, a break awaits you with us, where you will relax, eat well, enjoy the healing effects of thermal water and an environment that fills the soul and heart.

The Laško spa is a destination for retirees, where everyone can find their own paradise of relaxation and pleasure. Our special offer for seniors combines the best of both worlds - peaceful, relaxing moments and exciting adventures that you will carry with you long after your stay is over.

The peaceful pool complex will allow you to enjoy the healing effects of the thermal water, and swimming in the pool, which leads from the inside to the outside, will be a very special experience. This one is something special - it actually extends into the park, which creates a unique environment for peaceful swimming and relaxation with the sounds of nature.

Laško health resort for pensioners

During your walk in the park, you will also come across a fitness center, where pensioners can maintain their fitness, or go for a relaxed walk along the embankment of the Savinja river and enjoy the picturesque landscape.

If you want a bit of liveliness, the center of Laško is just a few minutes' walk away along the Savinja embankment and in the shade of the trees. In the liveliest part of town, you'll be able to explore the local shops and cafes.

The history of Laško goes back several centuries, to the times of the Roman Empire, when the area was inhabited by the Romans and exploited the healing springs of thermal waters. Over the centuries, Laško has become known for its rich beekeeping tradition, which dates back to the Middle Ages, and for brewing, which has a long tradition.

Today, in Zdravilišče Laško, we are proudly associated with these historical roots, as we have adopted many medicinal products from beekeeping and allow guests to taste local beer, which is popular throughout the country.

After an active day, you will be able to relax in our wellness center. We offer a wide range of massages, baths and therapeutic treatments that will take care of your physical and mental well-being.

Our experts will take care of your every need and desire, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Active senior vacation 60+

Offer Active senior vacation 60+ is designed with the needs of active retirees in mind, who want to maintain vitality and activity even in their mature years. This package includes a variety of activities tailored to the age group of 60 and over.

Guests can enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic effects of the thermal waters, exercise on water aerobics, Nordic walking or yoga. Get ready for a package that will fill your days with colors, smells and sounds of relaxation.

Explore the beautiful natural surroundings of Laško, relax while bathing in healing thermal waters and indulge in experiences that will shape your golden years.

Laško spa for pensioners, including those with possible disabilities

In Thermana Laško, we have been following the guidelines for many years accessible tourism. We strive to provide every guest, regardless of physical and psychological barriers and health restrictions, with comfort, a carefree vacation and uninterrupted access to the infrastructure.

Our special offer for retirees is fully customized, which includes accessibility of all areas, including rooms, restaurants, swimming pools and wellness center.

Disabled rooms are fully adapted for the disabled, and we also provide special adjustments for guests with special needs, such as blind, partially sighted, deaf and hard of hearing guests. So, regardless of possible obstacles, everyone can find a corner and an offer for themselves here.

Otherwise, Laško is known for its rich beekeeping tradition, from which we proudly received many medicinal products in our spa. In addition, you can indulge yourself by tasting the local beer, which is famous for its unique taste and quality.

Spa Laško for pensioners and bees

Our guests also have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of local cuisine, which can be tasted in our restaurant or when visiting local bars.

Zdravilišče Laško offer for pensioners

Some ideas for enjoying the surroundings of the Laško health resort for pensioners can be found in our article, where we wrote something more ideas for trips around Laško.

In our wellness center, pensioners can enjoy various massages and baths that relax body and soul. In addition, we also offer many other therapeutic treatments, which can be checked on our website.

You are in the right place to book your unforgettable vacation, and you can always contact us on our phone number 03 423 2100 or via e-mail

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We are continuing with the renovation of the Laško Medical Center, the reception point for access to our clinics. Despite the renovation, you can have uninterrupted access to all clinics and desired services.

For additional information regarding the accessibility and work of clinics, you can contact the hotel reception of Zdravilišča Laško or the reception of the Medical Center, where we will be happy to help you.

The renovation will last from June 3 until the expected end of August 2024.

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