Baths in Thermana Laško


Beneficial and relaxing baths available in two wellness spa centers of Thermane Laško.

Baths have a lot of positive effects. They improve blood circulation, relax muscle tension eliminate fatigue and stress, and ensure good physical and mental well-being.It is especially nice if we can afford to relax as a couple. For a complete experience, we have added a touch of culinary indulgence in Thermani baths.


THERMAL BATH for 1 person (45 minutes)*

A thermal bath without added etheric is perfect for comprehensive balancing and strengthening of the organismas the composition of our thermal water and the shape of its crystals indicate that our water radiates strong vital energy, has a positive, stimulating effect on humans, and has a beneficial effect on psyche and balance between soul and body. With a combination of water and air nozzles, a body massage is also provided, which further relaxes your body.

HERBAL BATH for 1 person (45 minutes)*

Enjoying thermal water enriched with natural herbal aromas in a combination of water and air bubbles that gently massage the body is perfect for relaxing the body and reducing stress.

HONEY BATH for 1 person (45 minutes)*

The rich tradition of beekeeping in Laško fostered the creation of various honey experiences. Experience the story of honey next to a thermal bath that smells of honey and milk that soothes the body and mind.

SALT BATH for 1 person (45 minutes)*

Add magnesium salt to the bath, which has been traditionally used for salt baths for centuries. These baths are an effective means of detoxification, mitigating inflammation and muscle pain, relieving migraine headachesand combined with a gentle massage of water and air bubbles, they also reduce stress levels and relax the body.

*At the bath we offer you a glass of Laško thermal water, which you can use to help detoxify the body, reduce acidity, improve the biological environment of cells and intercellular communication.

Information and reservations: Reception of the Health and Well-Being Center - 03/ 734 5771,


CHOCOLATE DREAM for 2 people (60 minutes)

The bath is enriched with the etherealness of chocolate, and the pampering is rounded off with a sweet surprise – chocolate cream with cookies and cream liqueur.

COCONUT DREAM for 2 people (60 minutes)

A relaxing bath with the ethericity of coconut, complemented by a sweet surprise – a glass of bubbly and a coconut ball.

ROCK'N'ROLL LOVE for 2 people (60 minutes)

Romantic candlelight, a cocktail and fruit-chocolate skewers conjure up the carefree feeling of relaxation of the fifties.

TROPICAL FAIRY TALE for 2 people (60 minutes)

A bath with the pleasant aroma of juicy mango will take you to distant tropical places. Mango liqueur and fruit with coconut complete the bath in a culinary sense.

GAMBRINUS BATH for 2 people (60 minutes)

A bath that shows the tradition of the place, as it has the aroma of hops added to it, which soothes, relaxes and strengthens our body. Indulge yourself and conjure up the pleasure "after Laško" with a glass of beer and breadsticks with prosciutto.

HONEY HUG for 2 people (60 minutes)

A bath that smells like honey and honors the exceptional beekeeping heritage of Laško. Sparkling bath in the light of candles, with the aroma of honey and milk, accompanied by honey lemonade and unique mini Laška gingerbreads.

Information and reservations: Reception of the Wellness Spa Center - 03/ 423 2045,

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